Season 2 Episode 13

Joey and the Christmas Party

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 15, 2005 on NBC

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  • now wait a sec. didn't i see this one already? oh no, it was friends!

    Looks like they pulled open the can that said:"ideas from 'friends' that might actually be useful for a 'joey' episode." Let me take you back to season one of 'friends' and to show the things that are identical I will put the names of 'joey' behind the names from 'friends'.
    Ross (Alex) has a crush on Rachel (Joey) for quite some time. Ross (Alex) buys a very expensive gift, a broche (Snow in California). when Rachel (Joey) gets this gift, she start to realise that she might have feelings for Ross (Alex). Then she decides to go for it, goes to the airport (Alex' apartment), only to see Ross (Alex) with another girl (man).
    Coincedence? You tell me!
    Oh and just to be clear, I didn't think that this episode sucked, I'm just saying it was pretty familiar.