Season 2 Episode 19

Joey and the Critic

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • In Friends Joey got to be friend with a child and here he does it again with a slightly older kid.

    It suits Joey though, to be friends with a teenage girl. If they get along, why not? Alex has broken up with Dean and wants Joey to be her friend and suport her. I can not see that she's upset about the break up, and I really can't see much of the chemistry Alex and Joey used to have either. Only Joey saying that he really wants to be with her (not to Alex, but to others).

    Joey starts a new production company and hires Jimmy who proves himself having a lot of great working qualities. But maybe he doesn't fit so well into I'm A Bird Productions, Oa Oa Oa. Still funny!
  • Simply great; very funny!

    Classical episode! Joey hires Jimmie has executive producer for his new production company. Jimmie as a workaholic having al those crazy outbursts again : hilarious! and Joey constantly forgetting who Trent is ..

    Most funny scene ever was Michael replacing a water bottle on a water machine and in doing so splling almost all the water. I couldn't stop laughing !

    Another nice part was the end when Joey was gossiping with an 11 year old like as if he was still in school.

    Alex breaks up with Dean and I think she and Joey will end up together again....

    Great episode overall; I laughed all the time!