Season 2 Episode 19

Joey and the Critic

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC



  • Trivia

    • On Joey's Magna Doodle: Two guys shooting guns at each other with planes flying over head (Possibly from Joey's movie Captured).

    • Joey says that the places in the collage were ones that he'd really like to go someday. One of them, according to Alex, is London. Joey has already been to London for Ross and Emily's wedding in the season 4 finale of Friends.

    • Warner Bros. (which owned the rights to Joey) bought the web rights to before the airing of this episode. It redirects to the Warner Bros. Home site.

    • How did Jimmy know that the interviewer's name was Trent?

  • Quotes

    • Customer: Excuse me, how do I look in this?
      Jimmy: Is it for work or leisure?
      Customer: It's for work.
      Jimmy: What's your job? Are you a fat prostitute?!

    • Jimmy: (about his new job) This is the first job in 20 years where I haven't had to wash something, or fold something, or swallow something and get on a plane.

    • Trent: I'm Trent... from the studio... senior VP of development.
      Joey: Oh, hey, great to meet you.
      Trent: We've met 30 times.
      Joey: Oh, I'm sorry. But don't take it personal, yesterday I had a meeting with a guy who said he had met me like 29 times.

    • Joey: (to Jimmy) I wanna be lazy and hang out, okay. I wanna waste all the studios money on expensive lunches and ridiculous gifts. I wanna squeeze this place for as much as possible and do as little as I can get away with. (to Trent) Hey, don't tell Trent about this, that guy's a real tool.
      Trent: (as he is leaving) Okay, another great meeting. By the way, I'm Trent.
      Joey: What, is everybody at the studio named Trent!

  • Notes

    • International Air Dates:

      - Ireland: June 6th, 2006 on RTE2.
      - Norway: August 8th, 2006 on TV2.
      - New Zealand: June 14th, 2006 on TV2.

  • Allusions

    • Joey says that Bobbie closed a three picture deal with Warner Bros.

      Warner Bros. is one of the largest producers of hit film and television in the world. They were founded in 1918 and are owned by Time Warner Inc.

    • Jimmy tells the person on the phone they aren't going to be able to go there, and he tells Joey he is referring to space 'The final frontier'.

      'Space, the final frontier' was made popular by the Star Trek franchise. It is the opening line of The Original Series and The Next Generation as well as several of the movies.

    • Jimmy says that it would be an honor to work for Warner Bros. (the company who owned the rights to Joey) with its rich history of films like Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon.

      Casablanca is a love story starring Humphrey Bogart that takes place in unoccupied Africa during World War II.

      The Maltese Falcon also starred Humphrey Bogart as Detective Sam Spade, about a search for a priceless artifact.

    • Jimmy says that he blew off work to go see Capote.

      Capote is an Oscar winning biographical film about the life of Truman Capote starring Philip Seymour Hoffman.

    • When Joey goes to Kaley's house for the second time, he makes fun of her bedspread and calls her "Holly Hobbie". Alyson Stoner voiced Holly Hobbie in 2 direct-to-DVD films before and after this episode was released.

    • The poster in Joey's office is a reference to the movie "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" from 1953.
      This poster is the same that Jamie offered Paul in the "Mad About You" episode 23 of season 3 - Up In Smoke.

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