Season 2 Episode 15

Joey and the Dad

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

Episode Recap

Joey has got a big movie premiere this night, and he's bringing Michael, Gina, his father Joey S.r and Bobbie. Joey has got VIP cards, and he thinks they're great memorabilias. Bobbie wants to wear a Dolce & Gabbana. To fit into this dress she hasn't had anything solid to eat for a week. Bobbie: "This dress costs more than Gina makes in a year". Joey continues the joke about how much money Gina makes, and he says: "I paid more for my dad's plane ticket than Gina makes in a month".

Dean is away on a trip, and he has been sending presents for Alex, but she hasn't gotten any of them. When she asks Joey about the presents, he's got them all.

Joey S.r greets Michael by saying: "Gina passed on her good looks to this one. I guess you make the girls go crazy". Michael: "They do tend to get agitated around me".

Joey S.r doesn't think Joey has got a career. Alex is concerned about their relationship, and she thinks he should be proud of Joey. Joey doesn't know anything about this, and he thinks his father is proud of him.

When Joey and Michael are going to take a look at the billboard ad for the movie, they meet Carmen Electra. She has been turned down by Joey before, and he wants to make up for it. She's about to unveil a billboard of herself almost naked right next to Joey's. She asks him over to her place after the premiere. When Joey is calling Bobbie to complain about the billboard, she's grumpy because Gina is eating for her. Bobbie has noticed Carmen's billboard too, and didn't see Joey's at all. Joey's friend, Howard, is the only one who'll help Joey to get rid of the billboard of Carmen. His protest isn't well received by the public though.

Alex and Joey S.r don't get along, he treats her like they were in the 50's. Alex tells Joey she doesn't like the way Joey S.r treats him, and that he hasn't told Joey he's not proud of him. Joey still thinks his father is enthusiastic about his work, but when he asks him about it he understands that he doesn't care for his acting career.

Joey and Gina: "Tree seconds". Because Alex uses tree seconds to make something matter about her, instead of anyone else.

Joey complains to Gina about their dad not caring for his career. Gina then gets angry at Alex for telling Joey about that. Alex: "You're just as white as I am". Gina: "I'm from Sicily. It's right next to Africa".

Joey then regrets flying his father in from the city, since he doesn't care about his career at all. Gina tries to convince Joey that his father will change his mind tonight. When he goes to the premiere he'll get excited about Joey's career. Joey falls for it, and gets all worked up about changing his fathers mind.

Joey S.r looks bored and tired when watching the movie. Bobby is getting "killed" by not eating anything solid. Joey then offers her popcorn, and she starts eating like she's nuts. Then her dress rips. Joey S.r is not impressed by the movie, and he goes to the toilet before the movie is over. The toilets impress Joey S.r, but nothing in the movie did. Joey gets angry at him, and asks him to care for his work. Can he name any other movies or series that Joey has been in? Then his father starts to ask him if Joey can name any of the buildings that he's worked on. Joey S.r has the impression that his work isn't good enough for Joey, and that he brought him over to show his father his perfect life. Joey throws his father's VIP pass in the toilet, and then leaves.

Joey goes over to Carmen's and they make out. He can see the billboard from her apartment, and he gets distracted. They start making out again, and then Carmen's father calls and leaves a message about her great billboard. After that Joey sees his father at the billboard and he gets distracted from making out with Carmen.

Joey S.r is still in the toilets getting his VIP pass out of the toilet, because now he wants it as a memorabilia. Joey S.r asks Joey questions about the movie, and they talk about plumbing too. It seems that Joey S.r always dreamt about Joey going to work for him, but they agree that their life as they are is the best. Joey S.r congratulates Joey for the movie part with a hug.
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