Season 2 Episode 15

Joey and the Dad

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • Joey flies his dad our first class to LA to attend the big premiere of Captured but his Dad doesn't seem at all interested in Joeys career or success. Also Joeys big billboard on Sunset blvd is right beside one featuring a near nude Carmen Electra much to


    this episode was broadcast on irish tv on RTE 2 last night the 11th of april 2006. Unfortunately it was a little too laugh free and played up too much of the schmaltz factor in Joeys relationship with his dad. his dad seems very unimpressed by all of Joeys recent successes. in fact he cant name a single thing that happened in deep powder or the name of the character joey played in Days Of Our Lives. Alex thinks this is terrible and keeps relating this to events in her own life which leads to a running "3 seconds" joke through the ep.

    Meanwhile Joeys first big billboard on Sunset Blvd. ends up right beside a near nude billboard of Carmen Electra. This means she gets all the attention. Joeys attempts to seduce her are sidetracked by the fact that he can see her billboard from outside her window and he keeps imagining her as his dad!

    All in all semi-enjoyable episode but far from a series best. New eps will continue to air in Ireland for the time being.