Season 1 Episode 8

Joey and the Dream Girl (1)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2004 on NBC
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Joey and the Dream Girl (1)
Gina's high school friend Donna comes to town, separated from her husband. Joey had a huge crush on Donna for years, and is happier than ever when they start going out. However, Donna confides in Gina that her husband wants to reconcile, and begs her not to tell Joey. Meanwhile, Michael is startled to discover that he was a great baseball player when he was younger.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • Gina says that when Michael was 5 she was 20. However, it was previously established that Gina gave birth when she was 16, so she would have been 21 when Michael was 5.

      • Time Index 4:26 and just a few seconds thereafter. When Donna comes up behind Joey to cover his eyes, he starts to tilt his head back and says 'Oh!' just a moment before she actually gets her hands over his eyes.

      • On Joey's Magna Doodle: a cowboy riding a bomb through the air (scene from Dr. Strangelove).

      • Goof: When Joey is making the omelette for Donna, we see Joey breaking the eggs and then put the bowl on the table, then when the shot changes, they are no longer there, then come back again in a later shot.

      • Goof: Young Michael bats right-handed on the videotape, while Older Michael bats left-handed at the batting cage. While it's possible that he's a switch hitter, it's probably more likely that there was a mistake made in the casting department.

    • QUOTES (15)

      • Alex: Oh, look at you. You look so happy. Are you in love?
        Joey: No.
        Alex: Are you on the way to being in love?
        Joey: No.
        Alex: Are you on the way to "on the way to being in love"?
        Joey: I think I might be!

      • Joey: What, you think I'm just going to sleep with her and then lose interest?
        Gina: No. I think you're going to marry her like all the others.

      • Gina (about Donna): We used to have some fun. She taught me a lot. How to dress, how to drink, how to pick up guys...
        Joey (to Michael): Yeah, she's basically the reason you're here.

      • Joey: My experience with Donna is the reason I do not make fun of yow when you get all weird around girls.
        Michael: You make fun of me every time.
        Joey: Come on! You are ridiculous!

      • (Michael and Joey are playing baseball)
        Michael: Think I'll still be good at this?
        Joey: It's like having sex on a bicycle, it'll just come back to you.
        Michael: How's my swing look?
        Joey: Like you're good at science.

      • Gina: When I made that decision, I was just a kid. I mean, when you were 5, I was 20. That's how old you are now.
        Michael: Well, if I look at it that way, I can forgive you for anything.
        Gina: Good, cause I also might have bathed with you longer than was appropriate.
        Joey: See? You've got scars... on the inside!

      • Donna: I forgot to tell work I was leaving town. I'm supposed to be in a bikini jumping up and down on a trampoline right now.
        Gina: What are you selling?
        Donna: Blenders.

      • Joey: (about Donna) She's everything you could ever want in a girl. Pretty? Yes. Funny? Yes. Smart? No!

      • Joey: So, I was thinking for tonight, I thought maybe we could have dinner at this great little place in Marina Del Rey. Then after that, we can go to this desert only place I heard about in Newport, and after that I thought maybe we could go for a walk on the beach in Malibu.
        Gina: That's like five hours of driving.
        Joey: Really? Why can't they make maps the size things really are? Alright, I'm gonna go change some of our reservations.A minute later: Ok, I couldn't change the reservations, so we gotta haul ass!

      • Joey: Oh man, this is one good gumball. Still flavorful, you know? I mean, when it came out yellow, I was all like "WHAT?"

      • Joey: I got hurt all the time when I was a kid. Yeah I got some scars, but each one taught me an important lesson. Don't touch the stove, don't run with scissors in your mouth, don't lick peanut butter off a steak knife.

      • Gina: There are plenty of other women out there. Just stay away from this one!
        Joey: Okay, fine.
        Gina: Promise?
        Joey: I promise.
        Gina: Swear on Grandma's life?
        Joey: Yes.
        Gina: The living one...
        Joey: Damn it! Okay.

      • Gina: Oh my God, that is so strange. From the neck down I thought you were a boy!
        Alex: Oh, from the neck down I thought you were a Hooter's waitress.

      • Joey: It's ok, Michael. My mom partied when she was pregnant with me and I turned out pretty uh - I uh.. (looks out of the window) That's the pigeon that took my sandwich!

      • Joey (about Gina): She thinks you're in a weird place.
        Donna: I'm not in a weird place. I'm in your apartment...
        Joey: Oh God, you are the perfect amount of dumb!

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Alex tells Joey that her husband played Billy Joel's She's Always A Woman.

        Billy Joel is a famous singer, song writer, and composer. He has won 6 Grammy and is listed as the 6th best selling American artist of all time. He has had 33 top 40 hits over his long career, one of which was She's Always A Woman.