Season 1 Episode 19

Joey and the Fancy Sister

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2005 on NBC
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Joey and the Fancy Sister
Joey and Gina's sister Mary Theresa is coming for a visit, and Gina can't stand her because she thinks the world revolves around her. When Mary Theresa discovers that her engagement ring is fake, she decides to call off the wedding and stay in California, leaving Joey and Gina to try to find a way to get her to return to New York. Meanwhile, Michael is oblivious of a girl's interest in him.moreless

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  • If the writers can't make this show funny could they at least deal with continuity problems?

    I loved Joey on Friends and whenever his sisters showed up it was a great way to know that you were going to have some laughs but this show has killed it. First of all Joey doesn't have a sister called Mary Theresa, he has a sister called Mary-Therese. Secondly he does not have a sister called Veronica - that was Chandler thinking that Monica was one of his sisters when he was drunk and depressed about Janice. Thirdly - none of his sisters are that short - they are all taller than Monica and Christina Ricci was way too small. Also some of the comments that they made about how thick Joey and his sisters were, were just scraping the barrel for something to laugh about - I have watched Friends for 10 years and I know that Joey is not thick, he is just a bit slow.moreless
  • I don't know how to get to the right department. To show you a better way to inprove the show Joey.I would like to reach the writers. I will get as much as a summary as I can in the space elotted.moreless

    This is the reason that I don't watch the show.

    When I see Joey in that large apartment, It makes me unconfortable. When he is shown driving a car on the free way. That also makes me feel joey your in the wrong place atb the wrong time. I am use to see joey in a small place An apartment, Or coffie shop. I think one of the reasons for the suggest of friends is they always seem to be protected. Where no one could invade their turrf. I'm going to lay out the best that I can. The changers that shoulkd be made.

    Start by Burning Joyes appartment down.

    Joey will need to find a place to live.

    This will allow you to reset the show.

    Friends and cheers had that same close quarters'

    Joey starts to look for a place for himm to live. He has very little time to achieve this.

    Here is thre new set. There is a run down night club, with all of 6the windows boarded up. There is an apartment over it. And it is totalily a reck in side. The apartment is liveable,wich allow Joey a roof ove his head. The club.

    You can introduce new cast members. Also make room for guest.

    The people that will help joey to fix it up will be want to be actors, just like JOey. When It's ready. People will start to go to joey to help them with their lines Etc. The sister can do their hair. Also bar tend. You ill need a place for them to practice. Joey will get his PAD ready for his web for the ladies. They can change their cl;othes in his place. He will run lines with his ladies and friends in his apartment. There will be the standard guestion Where is Joey. Of course he has a laddy in his pad. As far as his nephue I can't find a place for him, at this time. I was think of sending him away to school for buiness atminastration. Have him come back as a very different person. He can drive Joey crazzy. Spending to much money,that he doesn't have.he become the one that will drive the buiness to making money.

    I'm so sure that this will be as big as Fr.Ch,If not bigger. You will be able to bring in as many guest as you want.You can at to the cast,as you see fit. Put stage in. music guest etc.

    All of my life Ihave always wanted to meet the writers in stead of the stars. I think that your Idear for this will be a great hit. I can't wate.

    I write and spell like a doctor LOL

    My name is Steven.

    I think it will catch you all. If you feel it. it want fall.moreless
  • Great great guest star Cristian Ricca

    Well this was a better episoide of Joey, i really like Christian Ricca guest star as Joey sister, she really did look like his younger sister, she did play a spoilt brat well. Joey revealing that her sister diamond ring was fake, but i don't get how they introduce black-light?, why would u want one for a fish-tank?.

    Finally, Micheal got a good a story-line, that girl was hot, i got to admit i can understand why he think she was out league but kissing Alex, now that's was amusing. The end with the phone-call was a little obvious he would mess it up. Joey, know Micheal quite well 'he going to invite Seth' and the end 'he's getting better'.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Nitpick: Mary Teresa teases Gina about the fact that their father was holding the back of 'his' neck forcing him to propose. Joey says that 'Dad's face was pretty red', indicating that he saw it and knew who the father was. However, it is later revealed that Jimmy (Adam Goldberg) is Michael's father and Joey had no idea at all.

    • It is revealed that Alex speaks Spanish.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Michael: (calling) Okay, I got her machine, that's good. Okay. (clears throat) Hi Joelle, this is, uh, this is Michael. So, look, my neighbor was just telling me that I was missing a few signals earlier, and that you wanted to go out with me. So, I think we should do it! Uh, I mean, go out, not have sex. Uh, well that would be nice 'cause I'm a virgin. Ummm, I mean I'm not a virgin, I... I've just never been with a woman. Not that I've been with a man!
      (Alex hangs the phone up for him)
      Joey: He's actually getting better.

    • Joey: Oh, you went shopping again?
      Mary Teresa: Yeah, here's your credit card. Thanks for letting me use it.
      Joey: Oh, thanks for taking it out of my wallet while I was sleeping.

    • Alex: I just wanted to let you know that I won't be hanging around anymore. Mary Teresa fired me as your maid.
      Gina: What?
      Alex: Yeah, she found silverware in my purse and accused me of stealing it. It was mine; I was taking it back. I don't even know how it got here.
      Joey: Oh, we borrowed it for British Night. Glen dressed up as a butler, and we made him speak in an accent. (gasps, to Glen) You hate that too?!

    • Alex: Where's Mary Teresa? I have her laundry.
      Joey: You did her laundry?
      Alex: Well, she thinks I'm the housekeeper. I don't like conflict. Just please don't tell her that I speak English.

    • Mary Teresa: You're right. I don't need a rich husband.
      Joey: There you go!
      Mary Teresa: I have a rich brother! (hugs Joey)
      Gina: There you go!

    • Gina: Wait a second? Does that mean her diamond is fake. (looks up) Oh God, please let me have this. I never asked your or anything!
      Joey: (in a deep voice, imitating God) You always ask me for stuff.
      Gina: Don't do that! You sound just like Him.

    • Joey: (about Michael) No, no, no, I've tried. Every time I get involved, I put too much pressure on him, and he blows it. I need to just leave him alone.
      Alex: But he's your nephew.
      Joey: Look, Alex, the best thing I can do is just live my life in a sexual manner, and hope he learns by example.

    • Mary Teresa: Joey, my celebrity brother! And Michael, what a good-looking man you've grown up to be. And Gina… are you okay?

    • Gina: No, Mary Teresa is the fancy one. She thinks she is so much classier than me.
      Joey: Gina, she's family. She'll stay here with me. It'll be fine, okay? I know how to control the Tribbiani women. There's a trick with each one of them. Veronica, food. Dina, shoes. Cookie? Four, maybe five, police officers.
      Gina: Oh yeah? What trick do you use on me?

    • Gina: l it serves her right. Maybe she'll learn not to fall for guys just for their money. Her whole life she has gone from Walter to Walter.
      Joey: Wasn't there a David in there?
      Gina: Ah geez, you are worse than Tina. I was speaking metamorphically.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Rachel Blanchard (Joelle) and Paulo Costanzo (Michael) previously starred together in the movie Road Trip.

    • Rick Fitts (The Ring Salesman) also played the role of The Professor on the Friends episode The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance.
      Interestingly enough, he was also in four episode of Days of Our Lives; the show in which Joey played the role of Dr. Drake Ramoray in various episodes of Friends.

    • Jennifer Coolidge (Joey's agent) does not appear in this episode.


    • When Glen is complaining to Joey about Mary Teresa, he says that Betty White put a cigarette out on his arm.

      Betty White is a hugely successful actress who has won five Emmy awards. She is beloved and best known for her roles on Golden Girls, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mama's Family, and Boston Legal. She is also known as being a pet lover and animal rights activist.

    • Gina insults Mary Teresa by saying that at least she's not dating someone who looks like one of The Three Stooges. Mary Teresa responds by saying he looks like the best looking one, Moe.

      The Three Stooges was a comedy group best known for their film shorts and slapstick humor. Though various other actors joined the act at various times, Moe was one of the core group for their entire career. Moe was played by Moe Howard until his death in 1975.