Season 2 Episode 11

Joey and the High School Friend

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2005 on NBC

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  • If this still should be a pure comedy show, then they lost track!

    Seriously, when this show still should be only about comedy, like it’s intended the producers lost track. There were a lot of jokes around, sure. But the show has more serious moments in, than ever. I don’t like that. I don’t watch Joey because of some “family drama”; I watch it, because I want some fun!
    I have to admit the storyline is worked out properly and it was interesting to get to know who Michael’s dad is.
    But the way they did it, was just boring. They really could have done it with some more surprises instead of all the obvious way they did. Sure it was fun to see Michael and his father act simultaneously and Gina falling all over again for him. It was obvious after just a couple of minutes.
    The jokes with the chocolate milk weren’t that funny. Sure the first time I laughed too, but then. And the entire scene with Alex and Joey’s manager - no, I don’t think it’s any funny.
    And about Alex: I really like her. But what’s she doing now. She just has some old jokes fantasising about Joey. Nothing more! Always when she was involved before, things heated up, but now it’s just painful to see her around without any major role in the story.
    And Gina not being wild at Joey, then I just muss something in the show. It always was a running gag, but now. I really hope it’s getting better again.
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