Season 2 Episode 21

Joey and the Holding Hands

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • This episode actually aired on May 30th here in Latin America. It´s not a fake episode.

    It was actually fun to watch Joey and Alex "exchanging" their roles: Alex only wants to have sex while Joey wants to take their relationship to another level.

    Inspired by Gina and Jimmy, Joey wishes to have a "magic moment" with Alex. On the other hand, Alex is only interested in going to bed with Joey.

    In the meantime, Michael meets a girl on the Internet and starts chating with her. He does all the crazy things she asks for while Joey tries to convince him that she may not be "what" he expects. Michael keeps ignoring Joey and wants to meet her in Vegas. Oh..and the girl´s nickname is SexySteve, by the way...