Season 2 Episode 5

Joey and the House

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2005 on NBC

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  • Finally a decent episode

    After dishing out four bad episodes in a season that was supposed to be an improvement over the previous one, the team behind Joey has finally come up with a decent one. There are still weak points that have to be tweaked like the new guy, and some over acting by his Jennifer Coolidge. It's hard to understand why Joey is made so dumb now. Sure, in Friends he was slower than the others but he got there in the end. Here he's clueless all the time.
    Let's hope the writers can build on this episode to restore some respectability to this show.
  • A very good show, interesting and fun to watch.

    This episode was the best epidode of season 2.I was laughing my head off.It was totally awesome and funny.Joey looked really cute in it.
    The episode starts as Joey finds this big house and falls madly in love with it.The owner of the house wanted to sell the house to a couple with kids, so joey and Gina had to pretend that they are a couple and they bought a baby.The scenes about the baby are so hilarious.
    The scenes about Alex being frustrated as she is unable to tell joey about her feelings was funny.
    Overall the episode is just great.A witty,humorous and a comical episode.I really loved it.
  • Yeah, this show is good!

    This was a great episode, from the beginning it had me in stitches. Bobbie is such a great character, she is hilarious with her one-liners! My favourite part is when Alex helps Bobbie with a harassment case, then a psychiatrist comes in and tells Alex her anger for Joey is surfacing in the most inappropiate situations leading her to bully Michael. When she throws his food on the floor and in his face and screams had me in stitches. Also, Joey decides to buy a house now that he is bringing big bucks from the movie and realises that it was a set for pornography which turns out Michael and Bobbie are familiar with it as well! Funny.
  • Joey wants to buy a house, and he has his eyes set on one. It may have been used to film a porn video, but that doesn't seem to be a problem for him...

    Wow! This was by far the best episode of Joey that I\'ve ever seen. It was filled with both predictable and unpredictable humor, from the start right until the end credits. I saw it three times with my family, and laughed just as much every time. Hopefully, future episodes of Joey will continue to have the same magic.