Season 2 Episode 5

Joey and the House

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2005 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • On Joey's Magna Doodle: A picture of a house.

    • Zach mentions that Dr. Carter from ER 'killed' the animatronic baby twice. Dr. Carter was played by Noah Wyle, who Alex had previously mentioned that she fantasized about in the season 1 episode Joey and the Valentine's Date.

    • It is revealed that Bobbie was once named Roberta Faye Munsie.

  • Quotes

    • (Joey and Gina are pretending to be married to get Joey the house; they also have remote-controlled robot baby acting as their son.)
      Margaret: Hello, I'm Margaret Bly.
      Gina: I'm Gina Tribbiani, and this is my husband Joey, and this is our son, um...
      Joey: Heimlich.
      (Margaret leaves to put the dog out.)
      Gina: Heimlich? Nice name.
      Joey: I'm sorry, did I pick a weird name for the robot baby I had with my sister?

    • (Joey is using an animatronic baby/"robot baby", remote-controlled by Zach looking through a window, as his baby son; the house owner wants to sell it to a married couple with a baby. All of a sudden, the baby's head starts violently swinging back and forth.)
      Joey: Oh! Uh, let me just, uh, have a moment alone with my son, yeah.
      (Joey walks up to the window)
      Joey: HEY, MORON!
      (We see Zach playing with the controls, laughing, then stopping the shaking)
      Joey: Ahh, oh boy, he loves the sound of my voice.

    • Susan: People who used to rent this house last, used it to shoot pornographic films.
      Joey: (re-enters the scene) I feel like I know this place. As if I've been here before. Again and again and again.
      Michael: (re-enters the scene) Have I been here before?

    • Joey: It's the perfect combination of elegance with a disgusting past. It's me.

    • Joey: I am getting paid so well on this movie. I've figured why not start investing. I've already thrown so much money down the toilet.
      Alex: Doing what?
      Michael: Throwing money into a toilet.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Joey says that Gina ran out on the ice pregnant during a Rangers game.

      The New York Rangers has been a member of the NHL since 1926. They have won the Stanley cup numerous times.

    • Zach says that the animatronic baby was used on ER, and that Dr. Carter killed it twice.

      ER is a massively popular show about the County General Hospital ER and its staff and patients. Dr. Carter is one of its original stars and was played by Noah Wyle.

    • When Joey is watching TV on the landing for the second time you can hear the theme music from Sanford and Son.

      Sanford and Son was a popular 70s show about a grumpy old junk dealer and his frustrated son and their misadventures.

    • When Joey stops on the landing and turns on the TV, you can hear The A-Team theme music. Joey then says 'You pity that fool Mr. T!'

      The A-Team was a popular 80s action series about 4 ex-military men and the odd jobs they did to help people. Mr. T was one of the stars, and he is well known for his saying 'I pity the fool that messes with me!'

    • In this episode, it is mentioned that Bobbie has slept with Phil Collins. Collins (Philip David Charles Collins) is a popular English pop and rock star, who has won Grammy and Academy awards.

    • When Joey was playing a game with Michael, he yelled 'Boom goes the dynamite!' This refers to a term used by an inexperienced news anchor Dale Hansen when he did the sports cast for the Ball State student TV program in early 2005. The term caught on quickly in national sports programs.