Season 1 Episode 7

Joey and the Husband

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2004 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Joey is talking to Eric in the hot tub, he freaks out when he drops his army man and it falls in. However, in the previous hot tub scene, Alex fished it out of the pool and Joey was fine with it.

    • On Joey's Magna Doodle: A dragon.

    • Joey shows Alex's husband an issue of Soap Opera Digest from 1997 with him on the cover. But Joey had been fired from Days of Our Lives in early '96. They didn't rehire him until 2001. There wasn't a single episode of Friends in 1997 where Joey appeared on a soap opera.

  • Quotes

    • Gina: It's just that when we were looking at that place today, I realized that I don't want to start my own business.
      Michael: You don't?
      Gina: No. It sounds like a lot of work. I mean, don't you realize this is the first time since you were born that I haven't had a ton of responsibility? And don't get me wrong, raising you was the best thing I ever did, but... it was work.
      Michael: I thought you said I was a really easy kid.
      Gina: Honey, the therapist told me to tell you that.

    • Joey: Hey, Gina, look, I know what it's like to start something new. When I moved out here from New York...
      Gina: Oh, I cannot hear this again. People move all the time. Get over it!

    • Alex: I see how nice you are to everyone in the building and to your nephew, and you gave your sister money to start her own business...
      Joey: How'd you know that?
      Alex: The walls are thin, and I'm a little nosy.

    • Joey: So where's this Viktor guy you keep complaining about?
      Gina: Around lunchtime he either goes to the gun shop next door or the strip club on the corner.
      Joey: Nice neighborhood, by the way.

    • Alex: Listen, about Eric, there's one tiny problem. I mentioned my new pal Joey to him, and I got the impression that he was a bit threatened.
      Joey: Come on. By me?
      Alex: Yeah, well, I told him about the two of us hanging out and I guess he thinks it's weird, his wife doing stuff with a single guy.
      Joey: That's ridiculous! I've always had women friends, and there's nothing sexual about it. I love the way women think, I love the way they laugh, I love the... I love their soft hands, I love the small of their back, the curve of their... Oh, I see why he'd be upset.

    • Michael: Are you still having problems with your boss?
      Gina: Yeah. Viktor's such a creep. He's always standing over me and criticizing me, telling me what to do. Like Mom with a mustache.
      Joey: Have you seen Mom lately?

    • Eric: So, there's some kind of problem with the fireplace?
      Joey: Yeah, the flue seems to be all blocked up, I was hoping to light a fire.
      Eric: It's 80 degrees out.
      Joey: Ah, well I'm always chilly, I have very, very, very low body fat.
      Eric: Yeah, well me too. Actually, I'm about 11%. What about you?
      Joey: Zero.

    • Michael: Oh yeah. (imitating Gina) "Michael, don't sit so close to the TV. You'll go blind".
      Joey: Yeah, or uh, "Hey Joey, get your hand outta your pants!"
      Michael: Or "Michael, tell Joey to get his hand outta his pants!"

    • Joey: Oh, look at this poor guy. (he's talking about a car full of parking tickets and covered in dust) It's got like 10 tickets and a boot.
      Gina: I've seen this car. It's been here for like a month. Who leaves their car like this?
      Joey: Well, whoever he is... he's a big fan of mine. He's got a stack of my headshots on the front seat.
      Gina: Joey, when you bought your new car, you did return the rental, right?
      (Joey stops and takes out a car remote. He turns it on and the lights turn on)
      Joey: Nope!

    • Michael: Why do you work at a job that makes you crazy, mom?
      Joey: Easy, college. In a real world work isn't always a picnic.
      Gina: Oh please! You make pretend for a living.
      Joey: I have done my time in the trenches.
      Gina: Oh yeah? Doing what?
      Joey: Digging! What other job do you do in a trench?

    • Joey: Oh hey, I went by your mother's salon today. I met her boss.
      Michael: Pretty horrible, huh?
      Joey: Yeah. The guy's like a Russian Joseph Stalin.

    • Eric: Okay. All right. I see what's going on here. You're gay.
      Joey: What? No! But if I was, I'd be attracted to myself!

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  • Allusions

    • Gina asks if Michael and Joey inviting her over was so important it couldn't wait for JAG to finish.

      JAG (which stands for Judge Advocate General) was a popular series about a former Navy pilot and his position with JAG. The show ran 10 years.