Season 1 Episode 24

Joey and the Moving In

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2005 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • On Joey's Magna Doodle: Two palm trees on a tiny island.

    • Time Index 32:09. As Gina is talking she crosses her legs. The camera angle changes in a split second and she is sitting without her legs crossed.

  • Quotes

    • Gina: Okay lady, we need to talk.
      Bobbie: Excuse me?
      Gina: I have sat around long enough now, hearing about how you paw and threaten my boy, it ends now!
      Bobbie: You are way off base. First of all, I'm a respectable woman, and I would never be sexually aggressive with a young man. And second, which one's mother are you?
      Gina: Michael's.
      Bobbie: He's the best one.
      Gina: Look, I know you're a bigshot, and probably think I should be afraid of you, but if you ever bother him again, I can not be responsible for what happens to you.
      (Bobbie does a taunting imitation)
      Gina: I'm not kidding around!
      Bobbie: Listen -
      Gina: No, you listen! This is not open for debate! You got that, you crazy-eyed lunatic pervert witch? You bother him again and I'll send you back to whatever fairytale you escaped from!
      Bobbie: (Angrily) Noone talks to me like that! (pause) Would you like a job?

    • Alex: On Monday I have to give a coworker his pants back
      Joey: I'll take that over what happened to me--my girlfriend left me without saying goodbye.
      Alex: I'm getting divorced.
      Joey: I'm never gonna have an adult relationship.
      Alex: I haven't had sex in three months.
      Joey: (pause) I got nothing that'll top that.

    • (Bobbie's office)
      Bobbie: (on phone) Yeah, you were right. Yes, that intervention was a real eye-opener. Yeah, I'm calling from the rehab right now. Mm-hmm. Yeah, I'll see you in 28 days. (hangs up the phone) Sucka! (takes out flask and drinks)

    • Alex: Oh, good. I've got a big problem. I invited Peter over and now he's in my bathtub naked.
      Joey: Wow, that was fast. I could learn a thing or two from Office Joey.
      Alex: No, this is all my fault. I think I may have led him on a little bit.
      Joey: Alex, don't blame yourself.
      Alex: I told him to take off all his clothes, get into my bathtub, and wait for a long night of passionate lovemaking.
      Joey: You may share some of the blame.

    • Gina: (looking in cabinet) Jeez, there's no alcohol. What happened here?
      Joey: You had a Cinco de Mayo party for one.
      Gina: Ah, si.

    • Joey: All right. I'm going to go check in with Sara. I, uh... I got her a little present to show her I'm excited about moving in. (grabs some towels off the counter)
      Gina: Oh, I see what you're doing. Got a little piece of jewelry hidden in there.
      Joey: No, no. The towels are the gift. It's a symbol.
      Gina: Of your cheapness?

    • Alex: Hey, guys. I just wanted you to check my outfit before my date.
      Gina: Wow, Alex. You look great!
      Alex: Really?
      Joey: Yeah. Office Joey's gonna be bragging to Office Michael tomorrow.

    • (on the "Deep Powder" set)
      Bodie: Dude! I don't know what's going on, but all these extras keep on hitting on me.
      Joey: Oh. I'm in a committed relationship now, so I've been referring them to you.

    • Sara: How you doing? Feeling any better?
      Joey: I'm great. Nothing cures a panic attack like a seventy five mile-per-hour drive home. I didn't know you were freaking about moving in.
      Sara: I wasn't freaking out until you were freaking out. What happened? You seemed so sure about it.
      Joey: I was acting!
      Sara: Wow. You're good.

    • Bobbie: I've been busy. Some crazy people at work think I have a drinking problem. I can't go to the bathroom without them staging an intervention. And it's killing me, 'cause that's where I do most of my drinking.

    • Gina: Hey. How'd it go with Sara? Did you tell her you love her?
      Joey: Uh huh. Then I asked her to move in!
      Gina: What?
      Michael: What?
      Joey: Surprised? Me too!

    • Alex: That kid Seth got into a fight?
      Michael: Yeah. Another person in line was also dressed as Princess Leia and he - like - considers that his thing.

  • Notes

    • For this entire season, the show won the 2005 BMI TV Music Award.

    • For this entire season, Matt LeBlanc (Joey) was nominated for the 2005 Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actor-Comedy.

    • Final appearances by:
      Madchen Amick who played Sara. She was in 5 episodes.
      Nat Faxon (Bodie), who was in 3 episodes.
      Colby Donaldson (Gunnar), who was in 3 episodes.

  • Allusions

    • Joey says that he has selections from Oprah's Book Club in his bedroom, and Alex asks if he has Waiting To Exhale.

      Oprah's Book Club was created by the talk show titan Oprah Winfrey. It was started in 1996 as a way to introduce viewers to new novels to read and discuss. It has become so popular that it often vaults the book to bestseller status. This is known as The Oprah Effect.

      Waiting To Exhale is a best selling novel by Terry McMillan. It focuses on the story of 4 friends and their lives and loves. It was also made into a hit movie starring Whitney Houston.

    • In the previous episode, Sara is offered a job in D.C. at Newsweek. When she leaves without telling Joey, he exclaims 'Stupid Newsweek! Time Magazine just got a new subscriber!'

      Newsweek is a news magazine published weekly. The periodical is second only to Time Magazine in circulation, having more than 4 million subscribers globally.

      Time Magazine has been published since 1923 and is the largest weekly news magazine in the U.S. Newsweek is its only major competition.

    • Howard mentions Win A Date With Tad Hamilton and The People's Choice Award it won for Best Picture.

      Win A Date With Tad Hamilton is a 2004 romantic comedy starring Kate Bosworth, Topher Grace, and Josh Duhamel. The movie was not nominated for a People's Choice award, nor did it win. It was nominated for 8 Teen Choice awards, but didn't win any of them either.

      The People's Choice Awards has been held annually since 1975. The nominees and winners are based on public opinion, researched through various means. Since 2005 (the year of this episode), the voting has been cross sampled online. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton was up for consideration that year, but was not nominated.

    • Joey says 'take that TV Guide' after pretending to freak out about telling Sara he loves her.

      TV Guide is a weekly magazine about television broadcasting which has been published since 1953. Aside from the TV listings, it also showcases celebrities, television news, gossip and reviews. Sometimes they also run horoscopes and crosswords puzzles when filler is needed.

    • Bobbie mistakes Joey for Tori Spelling on the phone, telling him that she got 'her' the cover of Bride magazine.

      Tori Spelling is an actess/writer who is most famous for her role on the original 90210. She is the daughter of the legendary producer Aaron Spelling. At the time of this episode she was still married to Charlie Shanian, whom she would not divorce until April of 2006.

      There is no actual Bride Magazine, but there is a Brides Magazine. It is published by Conde Nast Publications and is a help to brides everywhere.

    • Michael says that he and Seth were waiting in line for the new Star Wars movie. He also mentions that Seth got into a fight because another person in the line was dressed as Princess Leia.

      Star Wars in the massively popular franchise created by George Lucas. It spans movies, television, video games and books. At the time of this episode, the new movie was Revenge of the Sith.
      Princess Leia is one of the main characters in the series, played by Carrie Fisher.

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