Season 1 Episode 24

Joey and the Moving In

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2005 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Gina: Okay lady, we need to talk.
      Bobbie: Excuse me?
      Gina: I have sat around long enough now, hearing about how you paw and threaten my boy, it ends now!
      Bobbie: You are way off base. First of all, I'm a respectable woman, and I would never be sexually aggressive with a young man. And second, which one's mother are you?
      Gina: Michael's.
      Bobbie: He's the best one.
      Gina: Look, I know you're a bigshot, and probably think I should be afraid of you, but if you ever bother him again, I can not be responsible for what happens to you.
      (Bobbie does a taunting imitation)
      Gina: I'm not kidding around!
      Bobbie: Listen -
      Gina: No, you listen! This is not open for debate! You got that, you crazy-eyed lunatic pervert witch? You bother him again and I'll send you back to whatever fairytale you escaped from!
      Bobbie: (Angrily) Noone talks to me like that! (pause) Would you like a job?