Season 2 Episode 9

Joey and the Musical

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2005 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Joey and Candice and how Joey loves that his interior decorator is his girlfriend. Joey is allowed to knock down his wall with his axe but he accidentally smashes the coffee table. Alex tells Gina about something her therapy suggested... writing down all your anger to someone on a piece of paper but you never actually send it. Alex has written loads of letters, even to Lebron James... Alex: Well win a championship and act like that! Joey comes in and teases Alex about her look. Gina tells Alex to write a letter to Joey. Joey has lunch with Candice and her grandmother. Candice's grandmother doesn't take well to Joey. Joey learns that Candice and her grandmother are involved in the Citizen Home musical. Joey sees this as the opportunity to impress Candice's grandmother. Zach decides to help him. Alex's letter starts with 'Dear Dimples'- Alex imagines that would be her nickname for Joey and she would be 'button'. Michael reads the letter but the laptop is taken by Joey. Joey misunderstands the whole thing and thinks that Alex is writing to her ex husband Eric. Alex and Eric are 'going through' their property. Zach is a MONSTER at the Citizen Home rehearsal and he ends up having an argument with Joey and leaves. Bobbie comes along and tells Joey that her mother needs a part in the musical. Joey cannot handle his position as the leader/choreographer of the musical and so asks Zach back to it. Before the actual performance, Joey sets up Alex and Eric, still thinking that Alex wrote to Eric. The actual performance- one of the old people drops out because of their hip. Now Candice's grandmother doesn't have a partner to sing with. So Joey takes the part and performs!
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