Season 2 Episode 9

Joey and the Musical

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2005 on NBC

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  • A great episode. As usually Joey is funny in his dumb way and tries so much to help his friends and family in every possible way. I can't wait until the next episode is aired ;)

    My first review here so I'm just gonna do a description:
    Joey is trying to be good with his girlfriend's grandmother (Gloria) because they are very attached to each-other. Gloria is starring at a musical play at a Older Citizens home center but the directer there quits so Zach convinces Joey that they should direct this play together. They start directing the musical but in fact it's Zach directing it and he is very strict about it. He starts screaming at the old actors which in the beginning aren't good at all. Then he does a good job directing them and the musical starts to look better and better. In the other side Joey's girlfriend is happy that Joey is doing this for her grandmother. But her grandmother is lazy and doesnt rehearse that much and Zach is angry at her and "fires" her. Joey get's angry at Zach and tells him that Gloria is the reason they are directing this musical. Zach get's angry and takes the bus home. Joey knows nothing about directing so he screws up and the actors turn against him. Joey is playing with his dolls home when Zach comes and apologieses to him and asks him if he can get back to directing the musical. Joey replies: "you better come back, I don't know what the hell I'm doin". So Zach comes back and directs the play and then during the play Wolter, a guy that has a part solo with Gloria, gets sick so Joey does the part instead of him and Gloria kisses him in the end of the play and the episode ends with that.
    I have to mention 2 side stories that happen during this time: one is that Alex writes letter (which she never sends) about everything bad she wants to say to the people she has problems with like to her father, brother, husband, Lebron James etc. About Lebron James she says: "Well win a championship then act like that". Gina tells her that she should write a letter like that to Joey and she does and then Michael reads it and Joey comes in the mean time and reads the letter and he thinks that Alex wrote that for her husband and talks to him and arranges everything so that they get back together but that doesnt happen.
    The second one is that Bobbie's mother is in this retirement center and she is asking Bobbie to get her in the play and she asks joey to do her that favour. Bobbie seems to really be scared of her tinny mother and angry look.
    I really liked the episode and I hope it continues like this. I would love it if they invite the other "friends" at least as guests sometimes or like for example Joey to go to NY for a weekend or whatever. Let's hope.