Season 1 Episode 20

Joey and the Neighbor

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2005 on NBC

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  • Joey meets his match

    The last few episoides of Joey weren't good but this episoide was really amusing, for once, Joey wasn't as good with the ladies as he thought, i really like the story-line of the neighbour being easy-going and the fact that she didn't like all the fuss about dating and she didn't like actors , it was funny when she ask him out not the other way around. i like the fact that Joey still going out with her, i actually thought he was going ruin it when back-up girlfriend came but i really didn't see that she would of been fine but what goes around comes around and Joey going have to deal with it. This is one most intresting situations joey has got himself into. i'm constantly amazed the amount female trouble he gets himself into.

    Alex, we have been waiting all season for Alex and her husband to break-up, it was quite obvious i mean he always on business so how can there marriage work, it needs to be strong and amount of times he was away still if it wasn't for Joey & Gina telling Alex to get stuff off her chest it wouldn't of happend. i felt bad so i am actually looking forward to next week episoide to see what happends.