Season 1 Episode 3

Joey and the Party

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2004 on NBC

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  • funny, a great episode

    Having trouble meeting people in L.A., Joey throws a party to get to know some of his neighbors, and also to see about playing some basketball with Jake and his friends. The one he'd like to get to know, Jake, is more interested in Gina. Alex pretends to be Michael's girlfriend so that he can one-up his friend.
  • This episode continues to develop the characters. Joey wants new friends, Michael shows just how much desperate he is when Alex plays his girl in order to beat Michael's geeky-friend Seth, and the character of Howard isintroduced. A good installment.

    After two great introduction episodes, this episode continues the work.

    We get to see Joey try to make friends with Jake, his neighbour, and he even throws a party for him in order to meet him better. Then later, when Gina gets with Jake, they beat over who's going to impress him.

    Michael wants to impress his friend Seth by asking Alex to be his girlfriend-for-the-night, and ends up even more geekier than I thought he would be.

    We're introduced to a recurring character Howard, Joey's boring neighbour.

    It ends up being a really good episode.

    The only bad thing about this episode is the absence of Bobbie, although she does not fill in any storyline. She's just really funny and it would be great having her over in all episodes.
  • Parties, new friends, and character developments!

    This episode introduces Howard, a recurring character who provides laughter through his worship of Joey or disgusting behaviors. He obviously has no meaning other than to be an extra character to make situations hilarious by his stupid antics and simply provide us with a cheap laugh. Though repetitive, it works on me.

    As for Micheal, his competing against Seth, in a way, developes his character by showing him as someone who can be sneaky.

    OVERALL: 8.5