Season 2 Episode 16

Joey and the Party for Alex

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

Episode Recap

Alex turns up at Joey's doorstep at 3:42 in the middle of the night. Joey asks if she wants to have sex, but she's there because she turns 30 in two minutes. Then Joey thinks she wants him to make her pregnant, so he asks her in. But Alex is desperate about becoming 30, and had such a disappointing life. She made a list when she was 12 of all the things she was going to do before she turned 30, and she hasn't done any of them. She's freaking out about the list, and Joey calms her down by saying that they are going to do one of the things on her list in the two minutes they have left before she becomes 30. The list: Have four kids. Be happily married. Call Nick Sullivan, and tell him that he hurt me. He was her junior high boyfriend who dumped her for the "slut" Shea Hamilton right before homecoming. Alex is preoccupied with talking about Nick, and how she thinks he still lives in Pasadena. While Joey likes the name Shea Hamilton, and wonders about whether she's a blond or a brunette. Alex is desperate and cries out in order to get Joey to give her the phone. She calls Nick in the middle of the night, and his son answers the phone. She's got only 15 seconds left until she's 30, so she gives the son a message for his father, Nick. "Please tell him that Alex Garrett thinks he's a chump because he hurt me and that I hope he got herpes from Shea Hamilton." Pause. "That's right, I hope he got herpes from mommy". Joey is happy, because she made it within the time she had left. Now she can cross that one of her list. Then Joey is the first one to congratulate her with turning 30 years old. She thanks him for the help, and when Joey wants to make birthday-food she turns him down. She's got Dean sleeping in her bed at home. Joey's sad, but tries to keep smiling and sends her back to him. Then Joey takes a second look at Alex' list. From the list: Loose 60 pounds. Joey: "Maybe we give Nick Sullivan a break"

Joey, Michael and Zach are out partying, and Michael tells them that he is thinking about becoming a DJ. He tries to talk like a DJ, and Zach turns to Joey and asks: "Why don't we know another third guy?". Joey tells Michael that a guys night out is just what he needs, because this whole thing with Alex is messing with him. He is waiting for things to fall apart with her and Dean, but it's not happening. Just then Alex and Dean walks in, and Joey hopes they don't see them. Then Zach comes back with drinks and jells hallo to Alex and Dean, and makes them come over to their table. They don't stay for long because Dean is going out of town, and can't even celebrate Alex' birthday. Joey hates seeing them together. "He's obviously into her right, but then she comes over to my house last night at 3 in the morning". Michael: "But Joey, she came to you. That's what we DJ's call "snisificant". The DJ: "No, we don't". Joey: "Her coming to me was a bad thing. When a girl comes to your house in the middle of the night to talk, that means she sees you as a buddy". Zach gives Joey the idea to do something special for her birthday, since Dean is out of town. Then she might start to look at Joey in another way.

Joey is planning and shopping for his special night with Alex, and he runs into Marci. "A crazy girl" Michael made him go on a double date with. She knocks on his door, and he reluctantly opens after she's seen him through the window. After a while Joey has to use force to get her out. Then Joey tells Michael that he should go away when he asks Alex over, and Michael points out that if he wants the place for himself - his mom and Jimmy have been outside all day planning what plants to smoke. Joey: "If they find that little one in the back, may be that's a good time to tell him that he's your dad". Gina and Jimmy have decided to take their relationship to the next level – getting matching tattoos. Gina is getting hers right where Jimmy belongs – between her heart and her boob. Jimmy wishes he could get one in his eye so it would hurt extra bad. Then Jimmy and Gina starts making out right in front of Joey and Michael.

Joey is making his place look special for Alex, when Marci is at the window again. Joey: "Can we do this later?". Marci: "I'll be around". Joey calls Alex and asks her to come over. To Joey's surprise it knocks on the front door. He opens the door and says: Hey gorgeous, that was quick… And there's Dean. He sees the candles and wonders what Joey has planned. Joey says that he's just treating himself right. Dean understands there must be more, and Joey says he's got a girl named Marci coming over. And there suddenly is "crazy" Marci. Dean: "She must be crazy in the bedroom". Joey: "She's crazy in every room". Dean is leaving for Alex' place, and asks both Marci and Joey to come to Alex' birthday party tomorrow. Marci: We were planning to go to my parents, but ok. Then Alex arrives and she's happy to see Dean – a great surprise. They leave, and Joey is left with Marci. Marci begs him to take her to his bedroom.

Joey tells Zach about his ruined plan yesterday, and how Dean now is having a party for Alex. Joey's gift is The Pips coverband, because Alex had "singing with the Pips" on her list. Michael: "So she wants to be like Gladys Knight. It's cool, that was on of my dreams too". Zach: "Seriously Joey, how would you feel about a Russian third? Because I know a dude". Michael: "Speaking of music for Alex' party. How do you feel about "Sexy Beats"?". Joey: "You're not DJing the party". Michael: Well I know I'm not, but DJ Tribby-Izzy is". Joey: "Ok Zach, call the Russian. Set up a meeting".

Jimmy and Gina are arguing about their tattoos. Gina wanted him to get her name, and he could use Chinese letters. Jimmy doesn't want any more Chinese letters, because he thinks he will look more and more like a takeout menu. Gina takes this as a sign that he doesn't want to commit to her.

Michael thinks he's the DJ at Alex' party, but Joey doesn't plug him in. Michael is in Joey's apartment with the turntables and the speakers are at Alex' apartment, so Michael thinks that everything is going according to plan. Joey talks to Alex, and tells her that she looks beautiful, and she says that she glad to have a buddy like him. Then Dean comes along and calls Joey his buddy too. Dean tells Joey that he's in love with Alex – he missed her after only 2 minutes. He tells Joey that he's going to do something about it. Dean shows Joey a ring, and tells Joey that he's going to propose to Alex tonight. Joey is sad, and goes back to his own apartment. Michael is in Joey's apartment digging along to his music, not knowing that he's not plugged in at the party. Jimmy walks in and asks Joey what's wrong. Jimmy jells, and gets Joey to tell him about Alex and Dean. Even though Jimmy is not quite sure who these people are, he tells Joey to go for it. Jimmy went for it with Gina even though he knew it would hurt Joey – the greatest guy in the world. Jimmy says Dean is a monster, so Joey should go for it with Alex – the rest will sort itself out. Jimmy: "You want this girl – do what you gotta do". Joey then goes to find Alex, and takes her away from Dean when he's at his knees and Alex has her eyes closed. Joey takes her to his apartment, and kisses her. She says that he can't do this now since she's with Dean. She runs out. In the garden Dean proposes, and Michael has found out that his turntable isn't plugged in. Alex says to Michael that he can plug it in his ass, and she says to Dean that she can't deal with it right now. When Alex comes into her own apartment the Pips coverband is there. It's too much, and she jells that the party is over. Then Michael has gotten plugged in, and he starts up by saying: "It's time to party".

Alex is up on the roof, and Joey finally finds her there. Dean has gone home. Alex: "You kissed me". Joey: "I did do that". Alex: "Why?". Joey: "I don't know". Alex: "Joey…". Joey: "I did it because Dean said he was going to propose to you. And I didn't want that to happen without…". Alex: "Without what?". Joey: "Without you knowing that I wanted to kiss you". Joey tells Alex that he has been thinking about her for a while. Alex doesn't know what to do. She likes Dean, but Joey is Joey. It was just so hard getting over him the first time. Joey says that she can take it easy, she doesn't need to do anything.

Jimmy has gotten a tattoo that says: "I love Gina", and Gina has gotten a tattoo that says: "I hate Jimmy". But that doesn't matter because Jimmy loves that.