Season 2 Episode 16

Joey and the Party for Alex

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • Just loved this one!

    Joey cannot stand it anymore seeing Dean and Alex together that happy. So he takes his chance surprising her for birthday while Dean beeing on a business trip. But Dean suddenly appears in effort to throw her a surprise party. Dean tells joey he is going to pop the question, but Joey kisses Alex just before Dean proposes to her. Alex is completely confused and going real crazy (so sweet though). Michael is really funny this time trying to DJ-ing Alex\'s birthday party....unplugged :-) Funny all over !! 20 minutes pure fun! I am going to miss this badly after this season!
  • Alex\'s 30th birthday, and Joey getting extremly jealous.

    This episode is my favorite episode of Joey so far, the writing has gotten better since Joey and the Snowball Fight.

    A frantic Alex comes to visit Joey at 3:42 in the morning because she is going to turn thirty in two minutes, and she wants to do atleast one thing on her, things to do before 30 list she wrote when she was 12 years old. The only thing she can do in time is, \"Call Rick Sullivan and tell him that he hurt me!\", in the phone call there is a hilarious gag which i\'m not gonna spoil.

    Joey throws Alex a birthday party thinking Dean, Alex\'s boyfriends is out of town, but he comes back and makes Joey very upset and jealous. Dean tells Joey he is going to ask Alex to marry him.

    When Joey finds out he takes Alex into his aprtment and kisses her, which confuses her and she says no when Dean proposes.

    Overall, if the show keeps having exellently funny and dramatic episodes like this and Joey and the Dad, Joey could be saved.
  • Joey finally reveals his feeling to alex

    this episode was aired in Latin america on may 9th. in this episode, Joey is trying to tell alex his feelings and to do that, he planned a party for alex, because alex is having 30. but, just when the things are going well, Dean shows uo and screw the plans for Joey. so Joey talk with Jimmy about it, and decides tell alex his feelings just before Dean proposes to alex. but in the end, Alex and Joey decide to be friends,because alex is very confused.

    this episode is very good, Joey tells his feeling to a girl for the second time, the first one was back in friends when he tells to Rachel that he love her. but in this case, Joey didn t tell alex that he loves her, because he is not. maybe for the season finale, Joey tells alex his true feelings or before to that. we just have to wait and see.
  • Alex finally turns 30, and Dean proposes to her.

    On Norwegian TV2 May 9th. It seems like they are going to continue sending all 22 episodes.

    Alex knocks on Joeys door at 3:42am, freaking out about becoming thirty years old in only two minutes. Joey helps her out doing at least one of the things she has on a list of things she is going to before she turns 30. Joey finds out that Alex sees him more as a buddy than a potential lover. Her boyfriend Dean is going to be out of town during her birthday, so Joey is planning a romantic dinner with her, but Dean changes his mind and throws a party for her (where Michael is the self-proclaimed DJ). Dean tells Joey about his plans to propose to Alex, so in a desperate manouver, Joey kisses Alex - making her confused so that she gives Dean a negative response when he 'pops the question'. It all ends on a roof, where they talk about who Alex should choose - Joey or Dean. For now, Joey is considered 'the buddy'.

    Meanwhile, Gina and Jimmy are arguing about if they should have matching tatoos. Joey is also being stalked by a psychotic female character named 'Marci', someone he appearantly double-dated with in the past.