Season 2 Episode 16

Joey and the Party for Alex

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • Joey finally reveals his feeling to alex

    this episode was aired in Latin america on may 9th. in this episode, Joey is trying to tell alex his feelings and to do that, he planned a party for alex, because alex is having 30. but, just when the things are going well, Dean shows uo and screw the plans for Joey. so Joey talk with Jimmy about it, and decides tell alex his feelings just before Dean proposes to alex. but in the end, Alex and Joey decide to be friends,because alex is very confused.

    this episode is very good, Joey tells his feeling to a girl for the second time, the first one was back in friends when he tells to Rachel that he love her. but in this case, Joey didn t tell alex that he loves her, because he is not. maybe for the season finale, Joey tells alex his true feelings or before to that. we just have to wait and see.