Season 1 Episode 5

Joey and the Perfect Storm

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2004 on NBC
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Joey and the Perfect Storm
There's a vacant apartment in the complex, and Joey and Michael try to hide it from Gina, fearing that she'll want to move in to be closer to them. Also, Joey is understudying in three plays at once.

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  • Funny

    There's a vacant apartment in the complex, and Joey and Michael try to hide it from Gina, fearing that she'll want to move in to be closer to them. Joey and Michael tell Harward to be quiet about the apartment and not tell Gina about it. Harward wanted Gina to stay their, but if he told her him and Joey wouldn't watch Die Hard anymore. Also, Joey is understudying in three plays at once.moreless
  • Arguably the best episode of the first season.

    Directed by an old Friend, David Shwimmer, this episode, in ym opinion was the best of the season. CLips from the episode were even used for its nomination at the peoples choice awards. This episode has it all, and though I hate to compare the show to it predeccessor, it feel like a Friends episode from their peak years, rpobably season 8. This episode is filled with laughs from his begining try outs, to the end in which he finally memorizes the Shakespearan play but says the words in the wrong production. Without a doubt classic and just pure genious.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The title of the episode is Joey and the Perfect Storm.

      The term 'a perfect storm' refers to when an unlikely series of events line up to make a conditional event come true. In this case, all three actors had to be unable to play the lead roles all at once, causing Joey to have to go from understudy to star.

    • On Joey's Magna Doodle: a snail, saying "Weee" as it rides on a turtle's back.

    • Goof: During the end credits, the amount of milk in Michael's glass keeps changing.

    • A lot of people wrote in to note that Joey says he's never lived alone before, pointing out that he moved out of Chandler's place during season 2. What they don't note is that he's had stretches where he was alone that happened off camera. I'm guessing he just meant that he's never lived alone for an extended period of time.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Joey: Hey, did you rent the apartment yet?
      Alex: I did, finally. Actually, to a really nice girl who just moved here from New York.
      Joey: Uh-oh. I hope it's not someone I slept with and never called back.
      Alex: I doubt it. I mean, what are the odds?
      Joey: Actually, quite high, yeah.

    • Bobbie: You'll think of something to say. You're a big, bright guy.
      Joey: Yeah, yeah, I get that a lot.
      Bobbie: Really?!

    • Bobbie: All right, let's see if we can juggle these. All three plays are at the same time?
      Joey: Uh, no, no, no. One starts a little earlier. Oh, and one I'm not in until the second act.
      Bobbie: Great! So, you can do both of those. And for the third, maybe we can get the actor to go on.
      Joey: How am I going to do that?
      Bobbie: Well, I'd offer to call any threaten to ruin his career, but it couldn't get much worse. He's doing a play!

    • Joey: You're coming to see my play tonight, right?
      Gina: Mess up the chance to see you in make-up and tights? That's gonna be my Christmas card...

    • Joey: Alright let's do a little role play, ok? I'll be Gina and you come and ask me for the rent.
      Alex: OK. Gina...
      Joey: Bite me blondie!
      Alex: That felt so real. Ok, you know what, you're right. This can't happen. She's crazy.
      Joey: Whoa whoa Alex, we can talk about her like that, but you can't. That's my sister.
      Michael: Yeah, and that's my mother.
      Alex: Oh my God, I'm so sorry.
      Joey: Ah, we're just messing with you.

    • Alex: Do you know what's been happening to the 'For Rent' signs I've been putting up?
      Joey: Yeah yeah, we've been taking them down and tearing them up.

    • Joey: I'll just wait for my chance and then go out there and be the best Richard III there ever was.
      Michael: Well actually, Sir Lawrence Olivier set a pretty high standard for that one.
      Joey: Oh. Maybe I should put 'Sir' in front of my name.

    • Joey: Well, I liked understudying so much I took another job. I- I over-understudied!
      Gina: Why would you do that?
      Joey: Well I figured if I understudied in more than one thing, it's increase my odds of getting on stage.
      Gina: You know, you think just enough to really screw things up for yourself.

    • Joey: It's like everything's lining up to screw me! It's the understudy perfect storm!

    • Michael: ...God, she hates being alone, and now I'm not there to do yard work anymore or move furniture around.
      Joey: Whoa whoa whoa, you move furniture?
      Michael: It's mostly wicker.

    • Bobbie: Joey! Thank you for coming in! Listen, the reason that I called...
      Joey: (interrupts her) No, no, no... You didn't call me, I called you.
      Bobbie: Oh good! I was just about to make something up.

    • Joey: Look, Bobbie, I've got a real problem and I need your help. I took an under-study role in this play...
      Bobbie: (interrupts him) Oh no! I hate plays!
      Joey: That's not the problem.
      Bobbie: Oh, it gets worse?
      Joey: I signed up to an under-study in three different plays and they all want me to go on tonight.
      Bobbie: Whaaat? Oh, why can't you just have a coke problem like everyone else?

    • Joey: You wanna have another pizza tonight, just you and me?
      Howard: That was the best night ever! We watched Die Hard and then you showed me your Days Of Our Lives cast photo and pointed out everyone you slept with.
      Joey: Uh huh. Well, we can do that again if you don't mention the empty apartment to Gina.
      Howard: Really?
      Joey: Yeah, but this time we can Die Harder.
      Howard: Ahh, the same thing happens only this time they're on a plane!

    • Howard: Hey guys. Hey Gina!
      Gina: Hey Howie.
      Howard: Hey, did you notice anything different about me?
      Gina: Did you get shorter?
      Howard: No, I've been working out! I have a Bowflex. Good things are happening to my body almost daily!
      Gina: I can make good things happen to your body almost daily, too. (leaves)
      Howard: I wanna marry her!

    • Gina: (shouting to outside the apartment complex) I didn't hit your car! You would know if I hit your car! (to Joey) I just totally hit that guy's car. What's going on with you guys?

    • Gina: Why would you even want to do Shakespeare?
      Joey: Well, this could be a great opportunity for me, you know? Really turn things around. Get people to look at me as a serious actor. Plus I get to wear a crown!

    • Gina: All hail King Meatball.

  • NOTES (2)


    • When Joey goes to convince the sick actor to go on, the actor says that he doesn't like baseball but he thinks A-Rod is yummy.

      A-Rod is the nickname of Alex Rodriguez, the third baseman for the New York Yankees. He is considered one of the greatest players of the game, and in 2007 he broke the record as the highest paid baseball player by signing a 10 year contract for 275 million dollars.

    • Howard mentions watching Days of Our Lives with Joey.

      Joey played the character of Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives throughout various episodes of Friends.

      Days of Our Lives is one of the most successful and longest running soap operas on TV. The show has been on nearly every week since 1965, and there have been over 11,000 episodes.

    • Michael explains to Joey that being an understudy could be just one step away from fame. He then tells how Lou Gehrig substituted for Wally Pip and became one of the greatest players in baseball history.

      Lou Gehrig is considered to be one baseball's finest players. He substituted for Wally Pip, who is now best known as the person who began Lou Gehrig's run, and thereafter played in 2130 consecutive games. He retired from baseball when he became stricken with ALS (a fatal nerve disease that is also now known as Lou Gehrig's disease) and died 2 years later on June 2nd of 1941.

    • One of the plays Joey is studying for is Richard III by William Shakespeare.

      Shakespeare, also known as The Bard, was an English poet and playwright who lived more than 400 years ago. He is considered to be the greatest English language writer, though his plays have been translated into every language in the world. Among his famous works are Romeo and Juliet, Richard III, and Hamlet just to name a few. His works are performed more than any other playwright.

      Richard III is a play about a wicked, deformed king and his conquests both on the battle field and in the bedroom.

    • Michael says that Lawrence Olivier set a high standard for the role of Richard III.

      Lawrence Olivier is prolific Oscar winning actor. Richard III was just one of many roles that he played in works by Shakespeare. He died on July 11th of 1989.

    • Joey and Howard talk about watching Die Hard a few times during the episode.

      Die Hard is a smash hit action series starring Bruce Willis, about a cop who constantly finds himself in large scale situations. It has spanned four high grossing films.

    • The actor Joey tries to convince to go on, despite his being sick, asks if it's some sort of All About Eve situation.

      All About Eve is a 1951 movie about a young starlet who tries to insinuate herself into the life of an aging star and her close circle of friends in the theater world.

    • Joey and the Perfect Storm

      The Perfect Storm is a film starring George Clooney.