Season 1 Episode 5

Joey and the Perfect Storm

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2004 on NBC

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  • Funny

    There's a vacant apartment in the complex, and Joey and Michael try to hide it from Gina, fearing that she'll want to move in to be closer to them. Joey and Michael tell Harward to be quiet about the apartment and not tell Gina about it. Harward wanted Gina to stay their, but if he told her him and Joey wouldn't watch Die Hard anymore. Also, Joey is understudying in three plays at once.
  • Arguably the best episode of the first season.

    Directed by an old Friend, David Shwimmer, this episode, in ym opinion was the best of the season. CLips from the episode were even used for its nomination at the peoples choice awards. This episode has it all, and though I hate to compare the show to it predeccessor, it feel like a Friends episode from their peak years, rpobably season 8. This episode is filled with laughs from his begining try outs, to the end in which he finally memorizes the Shakespearan play but says the words in the wrong production. Without a doubt classic and just pure genious.
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