Season 2 Episode 7

Joey and the Poker

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2005 on NBC

Episode Recap

Joey needs an interior designer for his new house. He decides to pick out a contestant from a beauty pageant he sees on television. Zach bursts in asking for 2000 dollars for kids who are gonna die and Joey calls it 'The Joey Tribbiani Center For Touchin Young Boys!'.

Alex is obviously jealous of Candice, the contestant, and to distract Joey, Alex teaches Joey Texas hold em. She keeps making up different rules like Chandler did in 'Friends' when he taught Joey cups.

Thinking he's great, Joey goes on Celebrity Poker Showdown and makes a fool of himself. He ends up in a headlock from Coolio! Alex blames herself but Gina and Zach come to the rescue and pretend that they were the ones that taught Alex the rules.

The subplot for this episode is about Abby and Michael. Michael has sex with her in the end. Joey calls Michael a Tribbiani!