Season 2 Episode 7

Joey and the Poker

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2005 on NBC

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  • A hilarious episode. One of the best so far. The sequence of the celebrity poker game, and the one at the end with Joey and Michael are both great and extremely funny. I'm happy Michael "has become a man" and a Tribbianni for that matter! It was about tim

    A hilarious episode. One of the best so far. The sequence of the celebrity poker game, and the one at the end with Joey and Michael are both great and extremely funny. I'm happy Michael "has become a man" and a Tribbianni for that matter! It was about time for Michael.
  • One of the best episodes so far!!!!

    There are some of the best moments from the start of the show!! Like the one in the poker table with Coolio, or at the end, when we see some \'Tribianism\' from Michael!! I think that Michael would be more fun if he was a little more like Joey! Super Pikiou Pikiou!!!
  • Hilarious !

    I keep on loving this show.. It seems to be getting better and more funny with every episode. At first, I didn't like characters like Michael at all, and even Gina annoyed me. But now I seem to have gotten to know them so well that I even like those two; Michael is a funny guy, Gina has a specific flare to her.. I I still LOVE Bobby: by far the best character of the show.

    This episode was again great; the new Poker rules were SO funny : a biting Queen ?? Come on ! Made me laugh a lot... The guest appearences during the TV Poker game were also quite funny. Only thing I did not really like was Michael becoming a 'man' .. He should have done that with Bobby!
  • Don't adjust your TV sets.

    I know, I know. This whole poker thing seems really similar from the Friends episode where Chandler made up a game, Cups, so Joey could win money from him.

    How this story line differs is the absurdity of the game. A shield card! I have to say I found the tidbits funny, it's just hard to believe that someone would think this was a fictitious game. But, after all, it's Joey.

    The magic moment, when you realize that this show has something worth watching: Alex lets Joey walk away to 'spend time' with another woman. A part of me wanted her to tell him how she felt, but she was worn out from the lies she told that she must have thought her meddling should stop.

    Bravo Alex! And bravo writers on making this suspiciously familiar episode one-of-a-kind.
  • This episode is aboslutly brilliant!

    Just watched this episode rerun on tv... and rememberd how much I laughed when I first saw it. So I saw it again and Joey playing No Limit Texas Hold'em is the best part of this whole show! This show never lived up to it's potential i.m.o but this episode is the one that is as close to the humor from friends as it gets. I have spent so much time watching Celeberty Poker Showdown and it's really cool withouth Joeys own set of rules... but what is poked without the hungry lady, the two jacks, and the earth quake rule!
  • a great episode, why I watch this show. a little mistake though...

    I found this episode very funny. I must admit that when I saw the first episodes of the show, I didn't like it that much. Gina and Bobbie really bugged me, and it irritated me, that there almost didn't meantion the friends... but I think that has really turned around, and the show has been very funny, and this episode is a good example on that - it was hilarious.

    I did think it reminded a little about Friends, were chandler made up Cup to make Joey win money, and that Joey can't hold the mask when he plays poker isn't korrekt. I mean, we saw in the first episode of friends that Joey COULD play regular poker - and very well, I think...

    But it was a very great episode, but maybe they should check Joey's history a little more (in this episode) because this is a spin off. But I know it's hard, and I didn't mean this review negatively, Cause I really Love this episode!
  • Alex tries to distract Joey from a model interior designer. Michael becomes a man and Joey humiliates himself on Celebrity Poker Showdown!

    I think this episode could stand as one of the best episodes of Joey season 2.

    Alex and Joey- get it on already! It was so funny when Alex was teaching Joey the rules like Chandler taught Joey with 'Cups'.

    Michael was so funny in this episode- he became a Tribianni after sleeping with Abby!

    And Bobbie was great too! 'Unless want to be punched or made out with, get out of my way!'

    A good Joey episode overall!
  • I want to classify this episode as Painful to watch as well as unoriginal. I guess I have to stick with one.

    While Alex is still having a secret crush on Joey, Joey hired a model with a degree in interior design to remodel his new house. Apart from that, Michael and her new girlfriend became activists for Mother Earth. Joey convinces Michael that he only doing it to get into her pants, which eventually he did.

    Alex tries to keep Joey from seeing the Interior Designer by making up the rules of Texas Hold'em to get him to stay.. (like Chandler making up the game of Cups to let him win).

    My gripes : Story plot for Alex is just way too pathetic, she has so many opportunities to tell Joey but she didn't.
    When they made Joey dim in FRIENDS, it was a sideline joke. Now that becomes the central theme of the show.
    Music, timing, and progress of the comedy is sometimes off. Eg, There was a scene about Joey getting shot by a fake gun...this scence was in between the poker scenes.

    -1.5 Bad storyplot for Alex
    -2.5 Joey's dimness is no longer appealing, infact it is annoying.
    -1 Bad timing and editing.