Season 2 Episode 7

Joey and the Poker

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2005 on NBC

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  • I want to classify this episode as Painful to watch as well as unoriginal. I guess I have to stick with one.

    While Alex is still having a secret crush on Joey, Joey hired a model with a degree in interior design to remodel his new house. Apart from that, Michael and her new girlfriend became activists for Mother Earth. Joey convinces Michael that he only doing it to get into her pants, which eventually he did.

    Alex tries to keep Joey from seeing the Interior Designer by making up the rules of Texas Hold'em to get him to stay.. (like Chandler making up the game of Cups to let him win).

    My gripes : Story plot for Alex is just way too pathetic, she has so many opportunities to tell Joey but she didn't.
    When they made Joey dim in FRIENDS, it was a sideline joke. Now that becomes the central theme of the show.
    Music, timing, and progress of the comedy is sometimes off. Eg, There was a scene about Joey getting shot by a fake gun...this scence was in between the poker scenes.

    -1.5 Bad storyplot for Alex
    -2.5 Joey's dimness is no longer appealing, infact it is annoying.
    -1 Bad timing and editing.