Season 2 Episode 7

Joey and the Poker

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2005 on NBC

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  • a great episode, why I watch this show. a little mistake though...

    I found this episode very funny. I must admit that when I saw the first episodes of the show, I didn't like it that much. Gina and Bobbie really bugged me, and it irritated me, that there almost didn't meantion the friends... but I think that has really turned around, and the show has been very funny, and this episode is a good example on that - it was hilarious.

    I did think it reminded a little about Friends, were chandler made up Cup to make Joey win money, and that Joey can't hold the mask when he plays poker isn't korrekt. I mean, we saw in the first episode of friends that Joey COULD play regular poker - and very well, I think...

    But it was a very great episode, but maybe they should check Joey's history a little more (in this episode) because this is a spin off. But I know it's hard, and I didn't mean this review negatively, Cause I really Love this episode!