Season 2 Episode 7

Joey and the Poker

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2005 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • On Joey's Magna Doodle: During the first half it is a picture of a house, a dog, and a cow. During the second half it is a picture of the king of hearts.

    • When Joey and Alex are playing poker, before she makes up new rules, Joey is doing really poorly and doesn't understand what he's doing wrong. However, in the Friends episode The One With All The Poker, Joey knows how to play well; not counting chocolate on the card that makes him cry.

    • When Dave Foley starts calling the celebrities, he starts with Alan Thicke, even though he usually names them in alphabetical order.

    • The main story line in this episode is almost identical to a story line in the Friends episode 6x06 (The One on the Last Night), where Chandler invented a card game called 'Cups' to trick Joey. In this episode, Alex reinvents the rules of Poker to trick Joey.

    • Goof: After Alex gets Joey to sit back down to play poker, Alex wipes the cards from the last hand away, except there aren't any cards there.

  • Quotes

    • Joey: Great. I loose. That's fun. I am going to go.
      Alex: No.No.No. Wow. You win.
      Joey: Why? I have a two and four, and you have two jacks.
      Alex: Yeah. But 2 Jacks is awful hand in Texas Holdem.
      Joey: What?
      Alex: Well. Come on. Two guys with mustaches, wearing festive clothing. That kind of thing is frown upon in Texas.
      Joey: It's a gay thing?

    • Joey: Why did you teach me the wrong rules?
      Alex: Well. It's too hard to explain.
      Joey: You know what else is hard to explain? Why I tried to take Louie Anderson's shirt off, because he had a 7 and a 2.

    • Gina: I can't believe you are doing this. Where are your morals?
      Alex: Oh Please. You stabbed your last boyfriend.

    • Gina: I warned you Alex. I knew this is going to happen.
      Alex: You knew Joey was going to go on celebrity poker, and get in a headlock put in by Coolio?

    • Joey: While you are talking to her, you may want play couple of hands of Texas Holdem. She stinks. (smells Gina) So do you.

    • Zach: Love between friends can be so painful Michael. That's why I haven't got it on with your mom.

    • Joey: It is natural for humans to eat meat. Okay, we eat the cows, the cows eat the grass, we mowwww the grass, which makes us hungry for more cows! It's the Circle of Life!

    • Alex: So, uh, you've been in a lot of beauty pageants?
      Candance: No, only one. A friend of mine wanted to try out and I tagged along; the next thing I know, I'm in the finals.
      Alex: Oh, yeah, been there. I went to my sister's audition for Miss Orange County, and one of the judge's noticed me, and the next thing ya know, I'm backstage operating the curtains. Sooo...two pretty good stories.

    • Joey: That's all four suits. Looks like we're about to have a Texas Earthquake! (shakes table) It's a Texas Gold Rush!

    • Dave Foley: Thanks to Joey Tribbiani, a lot of new murderers will be hitting the streets.

    • Alex: Joey, I've got to talk to you for a second OK?
      Bobbie: He's busy.
      Alex: No wait it's important!
      Bobbie: Honey, I've been drinking - unless you wanna be punched or made out with, get out of the way!

    • Joey: We could call it the 'Joey Tribbiani center for touchin' young boys!'.
      Joey: No we won't, no!

    • Joey: Did you...?

      Michael: We did.

      Joey: Was It?

      Michael: It was.

      Joey: Did she...?

      Michael: Does it matter? Oh, I just came up with a really good excuse to get out of that highway thing.

      Joey: Congratulations Michael. Last night you became a man. But just now, you became a Tribbiani.

    • Joey: Well families don't come from cleaning otters!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Zach mentions Growing Pains while taunting Alan Thicke.

      Growing Pains was a hit sitcom that ran from 1985 to 1992. It focused on a role reversal between the stay at home dad and the mother going to work. Alan Thicke played the father in that series.

    • The show Joey goes on is called Celebrity Poker Showdown. It is a real show on the Bravo network, and it is hosted by Dave Foley. The show did eight tournaments in five seasons before being cancelled.

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