Season 1 Episode 14

Joey and the Premiere

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 2005 on NBC



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    • Bobbie: (laughing) Oh, God.
      Martin: Hey, could you keep it down?
      Bobbie: I am not gonna keep it down. That's my client. He's the funniest thing in this.

    • Alex: We just went shopping for our outfits for the premiere. We're so excited.
      Gina: You gotta see these dresses me and Alex got. (pulls her dress out of the bag) Tell him what you said about mine.
      Alex: I said "That is the sluttiest thing I've ever seen."
      Gina: And, out came the credit card!

    • Michael: I got my tux. How are you doing on the tickets?
      Joey: Uh, not so good. I was gonna call my boss a while ago, but I started playing Tetris and I couldn't put it down. Ooh, check it out though. I got to level two.
      Michael: Well, that's not very good.
      Joey: Yeah, I don't understand the game.

    • Joey: I don't know how to pick up Brent Spiner!

    • Lauren: I can't give you any extra tickets but I can consider your food request.
      Joey: A fried shark?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Brent Spiner tells Bobbie that she knows he doesn't like to talk about Data. Then she calls him Mr. Roboto.

      Mr. Roboto is a 1983 song by Styx that reached number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. A lyric in the song is 'Domo arigato misuta Robotto' which translates to 'Thank you very much Mr. Roboto'.

    • Brent Spiner says that he was too busy hitting on Klingon extras. When the girl walks away from Michael, he says that she was like a Deltan and a Betazoid all roled into one.
      Michael also asks Brent what the Ferengi were like.

      These are all aliens from the Star Trek franchise. Klingons are the warrior race with the forehead ridges, considered one of the most popular aliens in the series. Deltans are bald and emit pheremones that make them irresistible to humans. Betazoids are a race of empathic and telepathic people who look similar to humans.
      The Ferengi are a race of merchants distinguished by their large ears and sharp teeth.

    • It is mentioned that Brent Spiner was in Independance Day.

      Independance Day was a hit film starring Will Smith about an alien invasion of Earth. Brent Spiner played a scientist in the film.

    • Bobbie says that if Michael wants to talk about R2-D2 then she wants to hear 'blippety blop squark'.

      R2-D2 is one of the famous robotic characters from the Star Wars series of movies. He was played by Kenny Baker, and the character is known for his high pitched warbles and squawks.

    • Michael is overjoyed to meet Brent Spiner, who played Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

      Star Trek: The Next Generation is a massively popular sci-fi show set in the Star Trek universe created by Gene Roddenberry. Brent Spiner played Data for 7 seasons and during 4 feature films. It is considered the most popular of all the Star Trek franchises.

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