Season 2 Episode 8

Joey and the Sex Tape

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2005 on NBC

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  • Bobbie is having her insurance physical because she is turning 40 and one of Joey's old girlfriends threatens to release an old sex tape.

    I just have to mention the sex tape we get to see. Joey looks awesome in the 80's, the right hair and everything! And Bobbie says she had plans to celebrate her 40th birthday alone, but we know by now she's a little sneaky.

    I love Alex, she is the best character in Joey! In this episode Bobbie mistakes Alex for a guy, Jim Thompson. Oh, just have to see it to get it. Alex also has a crush on Dein Cain, superman in Lois&Clark.

    And Joey always has a way to get himself out of dilemmas. Whenever he gets into trouble it all works out better than it ever could have in real life. He's one lucky guy!
  • I liked this episode. It was funnier than the last few times, but more serious too. I think the show is getting better.

    Joey is now a big movie star. Well he doesn’t seem to work anymore, except of the promotion on this talk show we see him in, in this episode. Well there are a few things unclear to me. For example: Why doesn’t he live already in his new house? Well as we saw three episodes ago, thing didn’t went that well, but when he was serious about buying a house. The fact that at the first location, things weren’t going that well shouldn’t disturb a guy like Joey. OK, that was just a sideline, back to this episode.
    So Bobby is hilarious again. First she really hopes that she can enjoy the sex scandal of Joey. Although she’s afraid, he will take her down too. Second she orders Gina to play her and get a medical check up. So Gina finds out about the really bad physical condition and that Bobby is getting 40 in a few days, but to that later.
    Joey is really embarrassed by the tape and really wants to prevent it to get public. So he meets with the girl he’s with on the tape. She wants a public apologize for the things Joey told her before they had sex. He told her, that they are getting married just to get her. Well we all know, that you can’t joke about that, especially not with girls. She really thought back then, that they were getting married and organized everything with her family.
    We learn all that, when Joey shows the tape to his friends. The tape itself looks hilarious too, I mean look at them! The hair, the styling and their cloths. I know that back then, that was usual, but although I think it’s funny. So Joey has the will to apologize to the tape girl in national television. Ellen DeGeneres plays her part really nice. The show is filmed really well and Joey really tries to apologize, but as we now him, he isn’t that talented in such things. The whole thing is getting a really big joke and everybody thinks that Joey is just a funny guy. So Joey as to apologize to the “tape girl” after he messed up his apology. Well I only say about that, I went surprisingly well…
    Meanwhile Gina finds out about Bobby’s 40 Birthday, as I wrote above. Gina isn’t sure what she should do, because Bobby never mentioned it. Alex tells her, to order a bottle of wine to the restaurant Bobby told, she’s going to celebrate, but there isn’t any table reserved for her. So Alex and Gina think that Bobby has no friends she could celebrate with. So when they go to her apartment, they are surprised. There’s a big party going on. A party Bobby didn’t want to be public, because she “a-list”. But who’s there too? Joey! But Joey and a top secret party, how did that happen? We’ll never know.
    Sure this episode has its downs as well as any other, but this time, Joey was a lot more serious. I laughed as always, but the story was better, more meaningful, than in many other episodes. I think that isn’t bad for this show.
    But at the end I think that there’s a goof in this episode. When Joey turns on the video camera it looks like the buttons are just at the side of the lens, as it is today, but the picture should be 20 years old! Back then a video camera was bigger than a notebook is today and the buttons never could have been so close to the lens. It’s my opinion, but I’m not that sure, because I never had a video cam 20 years ago…
  • It was "awesome" man.. This episode was "awesome".. but where's Michael?

    This is what makes me happy.. I really feel that the show is getting better and better.. The storylines are getting more complex.. The only thing that sucked is that Michael was only in one scene? We needed more especially after last episode's ending, we need to see him living the bachelor life.. Can't wait for next week's ep..
  • Well, it's about time the old Joey past comes back to haunt him.

    Having read that this will 'most likely' be Joey's last season, I'm not going to bash it at all. (Not that I usually do, or that I had even planned to.) But apparently just airing the show would be cheaper than cancelling it.

    Anyways, it was fun to see Joey at his old ways. Trying to recover from an ex coming back into his life. This time she's come with a threat with a sex tape in which he tells her he loves her, and wants to marry just to get in bed with her. And then, he ditches her.

    So, in order to please her so she won't release this possibly career ruining tape, he goes on the Ellen show to apologize. Only Ellen wants details, and the audience enjoy the story step-by-step that the story becomes a bunch of punch lines. I mean sure he ends up hooking up with her later, but that's not the moral of the story.

    Of course, I care not of the morals, just the quality entertainment.
  • In this episode, Joey is blakmailed by an ex-girlfriend, who threatens to show an old sex tape unless he apologizes to her during her interview in Ellen's show. Meanwhile, Alex and Gina discover that Bobby is turning 40 in two days, and she hasn't told an

    I don\'t know why this episode is getting such good ratings. For me, altogether with \"Joey and the House\", it\'s one of the silliest episodes of the show so far. First of all, Joey\'s 80\'s character is completely ridiculous, exagerated, and the \"weird\" hairs don\'t work for me, at least they don\'t if they are not helped by anything funny.
    Second of all, the action is slow, the plot is uninspired, it doesn\'t add anything to any of the characters and the secondary story (that one with Bobby celebrating her 40th birthday) is just as silly as the main one.
    Just an example of what this episode offers: at the beginning of the episode, Joey is thinking about how he will enter Ellen\'s plateau. When he finally has to do it, he just falls down to the floor. Well, that\'s a good joke... if you are 5 years old or younger, I mean!
  • How far would you go to stop somebody from embrassing you?

    In season #1, Joey went on Jay Leno\\\'s talk show, and now in season #2 he goes on Ellen DeGeneres\\\' talk show. So if it lives to see season #3, who\\\'s talk show will he go on, so far it has been talk shows on NBC, so that really leaves Conan O\\\'Brein and Tony Danza\\\'s left. In Joey and the Sex Tape, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) is scheduled to appear on Ellen DeGeneres\\\' talk show, and then his agent Bobbie (Jennifer Coolidge) recives a package, containting a tape, and gaves it to Joey. It is a sex tape from the 80\\\'s between Joey and an old girlfriend, he asks her to marry him, and then leaves her. Thing is, looks like Joey has gotten over it, but not his old girlfriend, and now sdhe is thearning to release it, he shows the tape to Gina (Drea de Matteo), Alex (Andrea Anders) Michael (Paulo Costanzo), and his best friend Zach (Miguel A. Núñez Jr), so he agrees to see her, which he does. She tells him the only way she will not release the tape, if he apozolies to her on Ellen DeGeneres\\\' talk show, so also her family & friends can see it as well. Joey asks Zach to go with him to Ellen DeGeneres\\\' talk show, but then he tells him, that he used to be on Ellen\\\'s show, he had some lines, he just coudln\\\'t say, and that is what begin the rivalery (supposed) between them.