Season 2 Episode 8

Joey and the Sex Tape

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2005 on NBC

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  • In this episode, Joey is blakmailed by an ex-girlfriend, who threatens to show an old sex tape unless he apologizes to her during her interview in Ellen's show. Meanwhile, Alex and Gina discover that Bobby is turning 40 in two days, and she hasn't told an

    I don\'t know why this episode is getting such good ratings. For me, altogether with \"Joey and the House\", it\'s one of the silliest episodes of the show so far. First of all, Joey\'s 80\'s character is completely ridiculous, exagerated, and the \"weird\" hairs don\'t work for me, at least they don\'t if they are not helped by anything funny.
    Second of all, the action is slow, the plot is uninspired, it doesn\'t add anything to any of the characters and the secondary story (that one with Bobby celebrating her 40th birthday) is just as silly as the main one.
    Just an example of what this episode offers: at the beginning of the episode, Joey is thinking about how he will enter Ellen\'s plateau. When he finally has to do it, he just falls down to the floor. Well, that\'s a good joke... if you are 5 years old or younger, I mean!