Season 2 Episode 14

Joey and the Snowball Fight

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 2006 on NBC
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Joey and the Snowball Fight
Joey is starting to act weird around Alex, because she is still going out with Dean. His action figure also arrives, it has a few flaws though. Gina thinks that she's pregnant.

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  • Joey gets an action figure and Gina thinks shes pregant

    I have one majojr problem with this episode.

    the character Jimmy is played by the same actor who played Eddie on Friends, Eddie lived with Chandler when joey moved out and they met on several occasions. I understand that it is a different show, but Joey is the same person, could they not find any other actors who could play this part, are there really no other people left in Hollywood that they have to use the same actors to play different characters?

    And on that note the scene where JOey eats off the floor is from Friends also.

    Come on people!moreless
  • Did they think no one was going to notice that Alex isn't there?

    Seriously, did NBC think that no one would actually notice that ALEX DOESN'T APPEAR in this episode? You never see her together with joey, its always her back. Seeing as she jumped ship and moved on to another series, why don't they just write her out? That would be the intelligent thing to do, not keep her around with weird long shots and 'back of the head' type crap. This is just indicative of the sinking ship that Joey is becoming. Even the freakin' cast is bailing on it. What's next, Matt LeBlanc quits? The studio wouldn't care, they'd just get someone else to portray the role that Matt has been doing the past TWELVE yearsmoreless
  • A fine example of what Joey shoud be!

    This is the best episode ever. I think that Joey is making a progress and that from now on we will se a great show that can get close to Friends (not too close). We can see that a lot of ideas are copied from Friend like the scene where Joey takes out a fork and starts eating off the floor which is copied from Friends - The one with the cheesecake but i don't think that it will bother anyone because those how watch Joey are Friend lovers like me.

    What i am trying to say is that Joey is getting beater and the proof is this episode but it will never be like Friends!!!moreless
  • Joey is starting to act weird around Alex, because she is still going out with Dean. His action figure also arrives, it has a few flaws though. Gina thinks that she's pregnant.moreless

    Finally Joey returned and yet again it failed to live upto the expectations ! The comedy was ok at best. I really hate Jimmy and just fail to understand the relationship between him and Jina. How can they just start kissing all of a sudden. Don't find it humorous at all. The sequence of the action figure was real funny though. Hope things work out between Joey and Alex. The writers seem to be taking stuff from friends now. The scene where Joey takes out a fork and starts eating off the floor is copied from Friends - The one with the cheesecake.moreless
  • Joey presents us one of the best episodes so far.

    Joey is back after a really long time. Joey is still in to Alex, but has some serious competition by his dude buddy. Well that’s just Joey, but I think he either has to move on or stand up. Well he tries, but he can’t stand it.

    The action figure think was funny and had a surprisingly socio-critical approach. I liked that. I liked less the final version of the doll.

    I liked too, that Joey doesn’t understand the book “Brokeback Mountain”.

    The argument between Alex and Joey about the snow and the dinner was excellent, I always hoped for such scenes in Joey, but missed them for almost the whole season two till now.

    The fact that everybody thinks that Gina is pregnant is funny too. But why would she consider changing her life now, after we know what kind of party girl she was when she was pregnant with Michael? She hasn’t changed that much.

    Finally a great episode of Joey. I think we deserved it.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Joey said that he went with the woman's legs on the doll because the feet were closest to his actual size. This is a reference to the 8th season Friends opener The One After 'I Do'. During that episode Joey had to wear sneakers because they didn't have any dress shoes in his size because he 'has surprisingly small feet'.

    • On Joey's Magna Doodle: A profile view of an elephant inside of a boa constrictor.

    • The scene where Joey takes out a fork and starts eating off the floor is copied from the Friends episode The One With the Cheesecake.

    • Goof: In this episode, Joey reads Brokeback Mountain, but the book is really big, looking like the book has hundreds of pages. However, Brokeback Mountain is actually only a short story.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • (Joey's getting an action figure; however, the manufacturer screws up, and he gets to choose between having a female body, or a black body.)
      Joey: Okay, so, I guess there's no time for them to switch the dolls around, so I have to choose which one of these I wanna be.
      Zach: Oh, that's easy, you'd definitely rather be black than a girl.
      Joey: Yeah, maybe.
      Alex: What, Is there something wrong with being a woman?
      Joey: What? No, no -
      Zach: So, what, are you saying you'd rather have a sex change operation than look like me?
      Joey: Operation? What are you talking about? No matter what I do, I'm just gonna have a smooth bump in the front!
      Alex: Well, whichever you choose, your doll is gonna make less money than he would as a white man!
      Joey: What? What are you talking about? My doll's not gonna have a job!
      Zach: Because of people like you!
      (Alex and Zach storm out.)

    • (Gina, Michael and Joey are sitting in a bar.)
      Michael: I don't understand. So, if you're having a kid with Jimmy, why are you avoiding him?
      Gina: Well, I haven't figured out how to tell him yet. I wanna do it right; I don't want to freak him out.
      (Jimmy enters.)
      Jimmy: Hey, guys, how you doing.
      Waitress: (To Gina) Your ginger ale.
      Jimmy: (Slams his hands into the table) OH MY GOD, YOU'RE PREGNANT! Are you serious? Oh my god, I can't take this, my life is over! (Walks out.)

    • Joey: I can't believe I blew my chance with her. How can she be with Dean, he doesn't deserve her. All he thinks about is sex, you know go from girl to girl to girl to girl. He's a total pig.
      Gina: You know you just described yourself, right?
      Joey: But he's old!

    • Joey: As soon as Dean is out of the picture I'm gonna swoop down like a... sex-vulture tracking down a blond chipmunk. I did it again, thats a great saying.

    • Gina: Just tell her you have feelings for her. Forget this stupid guy code.
      Joey: Oh, sure, lets just throw out the code! What's next? Hoes before bros, the guy who calls 'shotgun' sits in the back-seat, he who smelt it didn't dealt it. It would be chaos!

    • Joey: (reading the book Brokeback Mountain) I'm spotting so many typos! (crossing out word and writing over it) He kisses HER chest!

  • NOTES (2)

    • This was the only episode of Joey to air in 2006.

    • This was the final episode to air on NBC for the 2005-2006 season. The remaining episodes were intended to air in the summer but NBC didn't show them. Other networks continued on with the series until it reached the final episode, Joey and the Wedding. The show had previously been on hiatus in an attempt to rework the show and increase the 8 million viewer average. After the long hiatus it returned to even worse ratings (this episode had an average of 4 million viewers), and they pulled it from the schedule again for another reworking. Instead the show was cancelled.


    • Joey says that it is funny that Ken and Barbie split up right after his action figure showed up.

      Ken and Barbie are a hugely popular brand of action figure marketed by Mattel. Just before this episode, Mattel announced that in the new toy lines Ken and Barbie were to be single, ending their decades long history together.

    • The book that Joey reads (Brokeback Mountain) is about 2 bisexual cowboys that have a secret affair for years. The joke is that the typos that Joey marks aren't typos at all. For some reason, Joey can't believe that cowboys can be gay