Season 1 Episode 21

Joey and the Spying

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2005 on NBC
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Joey and the Spying
As Eric moves out of their apartment and into one across the courtyard, Alex plants herself up in Joey's room with a pair of binoculars as Eric invites another woman over. After Alex goes to bed, Joey sees Eric kissing the other woman. Meanwhile, Joey's got problems of his own: even though he and Sara are allowed to see other people, he's not because he's too crazy about Sara. Trying to make her jealous, Joey discovers that she likes him as much as he likes her, and they decide not to see other people.moreless

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  • A recommended episode to watch. Lots of funny scenes.

    Joey is usually a one night stand kind of guy but it was nice to see him fight for a woman he really likes and is willing to go steady with. Sara and Joey make a cute couple.

    I think the funniest scenes of the episode was Alex and her spying. The way she just invites herself into Joey's room and when Joey thinks she has gone, she pops out from behind the curtain. It was also funny when she thought she was getting delirious and saw Chewbacca in the courtyard, but it was Michael going to a convention.

    It was sweet when Joey tucked Alex into his bed with Hugsy and told her he'd watch for her. And when he sees Eric kissing the cello girl, the look on his face, he knew Alex would be crushed. You can tell he really cares for Alex.moreless
  • Friends spin-off series featuring the further adventures of Joey Tribbiani as he attempts to make it as an actor in Los Angeles. Joey witnesses Alex's husband kissing another woman.

    Alex, i never would of thought her to be a stalker girlfriends, i'm kinda of disappointed, i thought she could just get on without him, she has been doing that for many months so i can't get why her chacter is like that. How comes she didn't go to work?, Joey didn't ask that question so we probably have to guess unless it was the weekend. second clifhanger in 2 week, Joey seeing Alex husband kiss that women was good clifhanger, i wonder what he's going to do in next episoide, whether he will tell alex or keep it a secret.

    Joey, well finally Joey is improving i really like the way they are taking this chacter by giving him a steady girlfriend but since i know joey relationship history isn't exactly good, i'm a bit concerned how long it will last?, i will be angry if in next episoide they break up, Joey is 35 years old, he definatly need to settle down, would be funny if Joey become dad, that would be good clifhanger for the season-finale, don't u think.

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Richard Ruccolo


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Rob Boltin

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    • Joey: I just had a really good conversation with Sara.
      Alex: I know, I read your lips. That was beautiful. I think I'm getting a little delirious. I saw Chewbacca walking through the Courtyard.
      Joey: That was Michael, honey. He's going to a convention. You've gotta get some sleep. Look, there is nothing going on over there. You get some rest. I'll watch until she leaves, okay?

    • Alex: (looking out the window) Ooh, here comes cello girl. Oh, no, she's a lot prettier than I thought she'd be.
      Joey: Let me take a look. (takes Alex's binoculars) Wow. That is not what I thought a cello was.

    • Joey: I'm just grabbing some food for Alex.
      Gina: She is in your bedroom already? Looking for erotic comfort?
      Joey: That's what I thought. No, she's up there spying on her husband.

    • Alex: This girl from his orchestra called and left a message that she was coming over to meet him today. She's a cellist.
      Joey: Hey, Alex, let's not bring race into this. Look, Alex, I think you're making a big deal out of nothing. And also, you don't want to start spying.
      Alex: Start spying? I've been doing this since seventh grade. My boyfriend cheated on me. Do you know any other twelve-year-old girls with German military binoculars?

    • Joey: Ooh, wow. Boy, if your meatloaf is as good as it looks, you might just be the perfect woman.
      Sara: Well, if you're willing to tell me that that's good meatloaf, you may be the perfect man.
      (they kiss)
      Sara: You know, I was thinking after we had our meatloaf, I could show you my bedroom.
      Joey: Ooh, maybe we just skip the meatloaf and head in there right now.
      Sara: Knowing how much food means to you, that's very flattering.

    • Sara: Wow, I love a bunch of these songs.
      Joey: I'm not surprised. I know you, Sara. So, what's for dinner?
      Sara: Well, I kept it nice and simple. I made a great salad.
      (Joey looks disappointed)
      Sara: I'm kidding. I made meatloaf. I know you, too.

    • Joey: Okay, which would you rather do: go to the movies with me, or make dinner for some boring dude?
      Gina: You're right! Michael, you're on your own. Me and Joey are going to the movies.
      Joey: No, no, Gina. Sara's still dating that Rick guy. It really bothers me.

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    • Alex says that she thought she saw Chewbacca walking through the courtyard, which turned out to be Michael on his way to a convention.

      Chewbacca is the Wookiee character from George Lucas' massively popular Star Wars series. Chewbacca was played by Peter Mayhew in 4 of the 6 films.

    • Michael says that he was right about the real Pirates of the Carribean, looking it up in an encyclopedia. Glen also points out that Michael said in real life if a mouse had a head and ears that big its neck would snap.

      Pirates of the Carribean is a ride that originated at four Disney theme parks. The ride was later made into a movie franchise starring Johnny Depp. The story spans three movies which have grossed almost 3 billion dollars. In addition, it has been made into countless novels, video games, and other merchandise.

      The mouse being referred to is Mickey Mouse, which is another Disney trademark. Mickey Mouse was the first character created by Walt Disney in 1928. He is widely recognized as the world's greatest cartoon character.

    • Glen says that he cannot spend another second with Mr. Wizard, referring to Michael.

      Mr. Wizard (Donald Herbert) was the beloved host of three children shows aimed at teaching kids science. He hosted Watch Mr. Wizard, Mr. Wizard's World, and Teacher to Teacher With Mr. Wizard. He passed away in 2007.

    • On the CD that Joey gives to Sara; he mentions that there are songs by Sinatra, Marvin Gaye, and a track by Jerky Boys.

      Sinatra refers to Frank Sinatra, who is a legenday singer and actor. He has had a long string of hits such as Strangers in the Night, My Way, and New York, New York. He also won two Oscars, and was a member of the famous Rat Pack. Sinatra passed away in 1998.

      Marvin Gaye is a famous Motown and soul singer best known for his hits How Sweet It Is, I Heard It Through the Grapevine, and Sexual Healing. He was ranked number 6 on the list of The Greatest Singers of All Time. He passed away in 1984.

      The Jerky Boys are a popular comedy duo best known for their prank calls and other skits in that related area. The Jerky Boys became a solo act in 2000, and is still active today. They have sold over 8 million albums since their debut in 1993.