Season 1 Episode 21

Joey and the Spying

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2005 on NBC

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  • A recommended episode to watch. Lots of funny scenes.

    Joey is usually a one night stand kind of guy but it was nice to see him fight for a woman he really likes and is willing to go steady with. Sara and Joey make a cute couple.

    I think the funniest scenes of the episode was Alex and her spying. The way she just invites herself into Joey's room and when Joey thinks she has gone, she pops out from behind the curtain. It was also funny when she thought she was getting delirious and saw Chewbacca in the courtyard, but it was Michael going to a convention.

    It was sweet when Joey tucked Alex into his bed with Hugsy and told her he'd watch for her. And when he sees Eric kissing the cello girl, the look on his face, he knew Alex would be crushed. You can tell he really cares for Alex.
  • Friends spin-off series featuring the further adventures of Joey Tribbiani as he attempts to make it as an actor in Los Angeles. Joey witnesses Alex's husband kissing another woman.

    Alex, i never would of thought her to be a stalker girlfriends, i'm kinda of disappointed, i thought she could just get on without him, she has been doing that for many months so i can't get why her chacter is like that. How comes she didn't go to work?, Joey didn't ask that question so we probably have to guess unless it was the weekend. second clifhanger in 2 week, Joey seeing Alex husband kiss that women was good clifhanger, i wonder what he's going to do in next episoide, whether he will tell alex or keep it a secret.

    Joey, well finally Joey is improving i really like the way they are taking this chacter by giving him a steady girlfriend but since i know joey relationship history isn't exactly good, i'm a bit concerned how long it will last?, i will be angry if in next episoide they break up, Joey is 35 years old, he definatly need to settle down, would be funny if Joey become dad, that would be good clifhanger for the season-finale, don't u think.