Season 1 Episode 2

Joey and the Student

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 2004 on NBC

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  • Funny

    Joey and Michael want to go a bar so both can do something together and for Michael to learn something from Joey. Gina is having trouble letting Michael live his own life, Joey and Gina try to teach him how to pick up women. Joey is irritated by the notes his super leaves him.
  • Characters are revealed, but can they change?

    A funny episode with good laughs from Gina, Joey, and even a little from Micheal. I found Alex to be just an annoying subplot getting in the way of Joey's teachings, and can only hope she changes. Micheal was better than in the pilot, but it was because of the situation and his supporting characters. He, on his own, is a character who can't bring any laughs unless thoroughly supported. I'd like to see the writers do sommething more with his character than simply make him the geek with no life outside school. Overall, a great episode. Loved the ending segment during the end credits. Very funny.

    OVERALL: 8.5.
  • Now that the characters were introduced, the show moves on better and this episode explores the characters, and also enters a new actress.

    The characters that were introduced are now developing... Michael shows just how much smart hhe is, while Joey is having fun in the jacuzzi (tipical Joey). A new actress is introduced to play the role of Alex and I believe she is much better than the previous one. She is so grown up, but so afraid of Gina. Meanwhile, this is the first episode (of many many episodes) in which Jennifer Coolidge does not appear. It's a bad thing because her character is actually really great.

    Rating: 7.5/10
  • Missed the girl from episode one...

    Compared to the first episode i guess it was a little toned down. The Joey charactor in FRIENDS was much better. I also missed the actress you aired as Alex, in the pilot episode. What do you mean there was no chemistry she was perfect. too bad she was replaced. I loved the part where both Joey and Gina are helping Micheal out with the correct pickup line to use. had me in stiches. I would have to say to any friends fan... Joey is the show for you cos i am sure he is the one you guys would have been watching on FRIENDS.
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