Season 1 Episode 2

Joey and the Student

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 2004 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Time Index 21:12. Joey and Gina had left Michael at the bar and come back to the apartment. The scene took place in the evening but you can clearly see that it is daylight through the window in the background.

    • Gina mocks Joey by saying his pick up line, 'How you doin?' over and over. Joey then replies that it worked on all of her friends. However, it is revealed in season one episodes 8 and 9 (Joey and the Dream Girl Parts 1 and 2) that Joey was always awkward around Gina's best friend Donna (played by Kelly Preston) and that though he had a huge crush on her, he never slept with her.

    • Time Index 8:24 and a few seconds after. Joey can be seen playing with his Rock'em Sock'em Robots set. This is the same set that he and Phoebe played with on Friends. Many of the props from Friends (like the magna doodle) were brought along and worked into the setting to foster familiarity.

    • It is revealed that Joey was 11 the first time he went to a bar to pick up a girl.

    • Gina says that she made a bunch of keys after Joey turned down 'that hit show' because she thought he might kill himself. The show she is referring to is Nurses. It was learned in the Pilot episode that he turned the show down for a bloody cop drama. His show ended up getting cancelled and Nurses became a huge hit overnight.

    • On Joey's Magna Doodle: During the first half, a bird that looks like a phoenix rising from the fire/ashes. Near the end, a power lifter lifting a heavily weighted barbell.

    • Music:
      "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand

    • Goof: During the scene when Joey and Michael go to Gina's after she got them kicked out of the bar, the cork in the wine bottle appears and disappears from the bottle.

    • Gina is actually the first one in this show to use Joey's famous line 'How you doin?'.

  • Quotes

    • The Michael Effect: (Anytime Michael clams up or botches speaking in front of a woman.)

      (Joey introduces Alex to Michael.)
      Michael: Yeah, golly, yeah... Uh, huh-hi wow...
      Alex: (Alex looks down at their hands as Michael shakes hers.) That's... clammy...

    • Joeyism: (Anytime Joey misunderstands the meaning of a word, phrase, event etc...)

      Joey: Wet towels cannot be left in the courtyard. Uh, yeah they can, I did it! Underwear is not appropriate hot tub attire. Why not?
      Michael: Uh, maybe because when its wet its see through?
      Joey: Heh-hey how 'bout that!?

    • Joeyism: (Anytime Joey misunderstands the meaning of a word, phrase, event etc...)

      Joey quotes something from when he played a lawyer, an objection to a jury of peers that includes androids.)
      Alex: So the movie's in the future?
      Joey: No, no. This was like three years ago.
      Alex: Oh my...

    • Joey (about Michael): Can I tell you a secret? He's weird.
      Gina: Can I tell you a secret? I know!

    • Joeyism: (Anytime Joey misunderstands the meaning of a word, phrase, event etc...)

      Michael: The handwriting on this list looks a lot like the handwriting on the notes from the super. Check it out. Its the same, you know what that means?
      Joey: Alex and the super had the same handwriting teacher!
      Michael: Uh... Or?
      Joey: Uh... Alex is the super! Or! Alex and the super have a secret... (Michael interrupts him.)
      Michael: No, no. You had it.

    • Joey: I remember the first time I went to a bar and hit on girls...
      Michael: Were you my age?
      Joey: Close to it...
      Michael: What, like 18?
      Joey: 11...

    • Michael: Mom, maybe you shouldn't have a key. I mean, the whole reason for this move is so I can have some independence...
      Joey: Yeah, I don't know how comfortable I am with you just coming over whenever you want. I mean, what if I have a girl over?
      Michael: Yeah, what if I have a girl over?
      Joey: Will you stop being silly? We're trying to have a conversation...

    • Joey: I've never been the one to teach someone something. I was always the one who... Nope, never learned anything either.

    • Gina: I know you're going out, Michael. You got your shoulder pads on.
      Joey: (to Michael) You're not a woman from the 80's.
      Joey: You put them back in?
      Michael: Maybe someone here wants a woman from the 80's!

    • Joey: It's important to choose someone at the same level of hotness as yourself. You can go two points either way, but I wouldn't do much more than that... For example, I'm a 9, ok? So I can hit on a 7 or a hypothetical 11. Another option for me is a 4 and a 5. Three 3s. And I wouldn't recommend this, nine 1s.

    • Gina (to Michael): You abandoning me is my worst nightmare!
      Joey: Ha, then you haven't had my monkey dream.

    • Gina (about Joey teaching Michael how to meet women): That must be a pretty evolved course. "How you doin'?" "How you doin'?" "How you doin'?"
      Joey: Worked on everyone of your friends.

    • Joey: Bring her a slice and some porn.
      Gina: Joey, that's disgusting.
      Joey: Worked on all of your friends.

    • Alex: They call me the Note-zi!

    • Joey: Ok, the lawyer logic isn't gonna work with me, alright? Or any other kind of logic for that matter!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Gina told the bartender to look for a Tony Danzaesque older gentleman. Tony Danza is a famous actor, most notable for his role in Who's The Boss.

    • Gina calls Joey Nancy Drew. Nancy Drew is a reference to the lead character in the series authored by Carolyn Keene. The books are about a teenage detective, and have been made into numerous video games and a television show and movie as well.

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