Season 2 Episode 4

Joey and the Stuntman

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2005 on NBC

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  • This was a very entertaining episode.

    The more I watch this show, the more I like it. What made this episode above average was the lovely Paula Cale. Although known more as a dramatic actor, this episode displayed her comedic abilities as well. Hopefully, Paula's character of Abby will have a recurring status, because she adds to the good chemistry of the show.
  • This episode was great and the comedy was well-written. This season continues to be better than last season.

    This episode was great and the comedy was well-written. This season continues to be better than last season. Joey's character has seemed to transition well from New York City to L.A. Paula Cale's character added great interaction with Joey. Dan Cortese's guest star was great and hilarious. This episode was gret and adds to the depth of the characters on the show.
  • Joey has a stuntman following him and do crazy stuff for him.

    Well, I think this episode is a turning point. Now with this episode, 'Joey' reached and SURPASSED 'Friends' quality. I liked this show from the beginning very much. Even better than Friends. (And I saw some Friends Episodes like 2000 Times (I know you don't believe me, but I watched every night until i fell asleep and so if you count the first seasons you see episodes pretty often).... Well but 'Joey' is in my opinion the better show. A little more for adults. And by the way: In this Show Joey has a stuntman follow him around to learn how he moves and all.. but he sends him on errands, lets him cross the freeway with a skateboard (the last one you don't actually see). It's a very good episode but I don't get why there are people HERE on this site who are constantly badmouthing this show.. Do It once. O.K. Now we know that you don't like it.. but it get't boring..
    And you never really explained why it's "sooo bad". Maybe you could do that for us according to the facts. Because from where I am sitting it's a great show with a great ensemble cast like: Drea DeMatteo who is a very good Actress and we don't have to talk about Matt LeBlanc.. he can play stupid like noone else..

    Sorry that it good personal for everyone else, but there is a guy who gave this episode 0,2 points and is constantly badmounthing this show..

    Stephan, Austria (But I am ofcourse watching the episdodes in english)

  • Nice episode with some suprises

    Joey comes to the set and meets Chuck, his stuntman. Joey thinks he can do everything with him so he takes him home and does some tests to see how he should react to things like falling from the stairs and hitting fake bottles over each others heads.

    In this episode, Michael has a date with Joey's script supervisor. Joey doesn't like that girl at all. She's been following him for quite a while making sure he memorizes all of his lines.

    Joey sends the script lady home after a date she has had with Michael because they get into a fight. At the end of the episode, Joey gives his stuntman alcohol, he doesn't react well on that and jumps off the roof... His arm is broken. Joey has to do his own stunt now...

    It's a very nice episode because it has also a few parts where Joey has to handle with some serious problems. Still it was very funny.
  • I was disappointed to see that two of the reviews for this episode were bad ones. I have to agree that Joey does not stand in line with friends but its great as it is

    The episode has two twists. Joey's stuntman and the other Joey's script writer. While the stuntman part was the comic relief of the episode, the script writer added some family issues to the episode. Joey sends his stuntman through a whole lots of Joey tactics and I thought it was funny that bobby called and advised him against doing so. I still remember is Joey and the Assistant where both Bobby and Joey make their assistants do all kinds of weird things. The second part of the storyline was Joey’s script writer Abby, who Joey hates but learns to accept her for the sake of his nephew. I have to urge those giving Joey bad reviews to try and realize that Friends dealt with six zany characters. Joey has only one of them. So cut the series some slack.
  • NBC needs to look at the ratings for this dog. Poor last week. Sponsors will bolt. NBC lost a billion in revenue when the sponsors did not like what they saw at the UPFRONTS last May. They should have put this mutt to sleep. Matt you\'re way over the hill

    The story line is very clumsy and the acting stiff...jerky. \"Joey\" isn\'t the teenie bopper hunk that he was in Freinds. The poor ratings of this second season show, in a critical time slot, lead me to believe that Zucker and Reilly will be under pressure to move on at mid season. This is especially true knowing that their new show presentations at the Upfronts, held last May, resulted in part for a billion dollar revenue loss by the potential sponsors. The sponsors, were at best, lukewarm to the new and midseason shows. Because of that I assume NBC doesn\'t have much in their mid-season stable.
    Guest star appearances only go so far in fixing damage, that in the case of this show, is below the water line. Excuse me while I head for the lifeboats!
  • Please put this show out of its misery.

    I don't normally voice my negative criticisms in public, but this spectacle is just too painful to suffer in silence. I understand that NBC wants to ride the ratings coattails of Friends, but there's simply no justification, fiscal or otherwise, for a program this inept. I hope everyone involved in the production of this show enjoys the paycheck because an embarrassment like this can haunt a career forever.

    I don't blame the actors. There's simply nothing to work with here.