Season 2 Episode 4

Joey and the Stuntman

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2005 on NBC

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  • Joey has a stuntman following him and do crazy stuff for him.

    Well, I think this episode is a turning point. Now with this episode, 'Joey' reached and SURPASSED 'Friends' quality. I liked this show from the beginning very much. Even better than Friends. (And I saw some Friends Episodes like 2000 Times (I know you don't believe me, but I watched every night until i fell asleep and so if you count the first seasons you see episodes pretty often).... Well but 'Joey' is in my opinion the better show. A little more for adults. And by the way: In this Show Joey has a stuntman follow him around to learn how he moves and all.. but he sends him on errands, lets him cross the freeway with a skateboard (the last one you don't actually see). It's a very good episode but I don't get why there are people HERE on this site who are constantly badmouthing this show.. Do It once. O.K. Now we know that you don't like it.. but it get't boring..
    And you never really explained why it's "sooo bad". Maybe you could do that for us according to the facts. Because from where I am sitting it's a great show with a great ensemble cast like: Drea DeMatteo who is a very good Actress and we don't have to talk about Matt LeBlanc.. he can play stupid like noone else..

    Sorry that it good personal for everyone else, but there is a guy who gave this episode 0,2 points and is constantly badmounthing this show..

    Stephan, Austria (But I am ofcourse watching the episdodes in english)