Season 2 Episode 4

Joey and the Stuntman

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2005 on NBC

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  • NBC needs to look at the ratings for this dog. Poor last week. Sponsors will bolt. NBC lost a billion in revenue when the sponsors did not like what they saw at the UPFRONTS last May. They should have put this mutt to sleep. Matt you\'re way over the hill

    The story line is very clumsy and the acting stiff...jerky. \"Joey\" isn\'t the teenie bopper hunk that he was in Freinds. The poor ratings of this second season show, in a critical time slot, lead me to believe that Zucker and Reilly will be under pressure to move on at mid season. This is especially true knowing that their new show presentations at the Upfronts, held last May, resulted in part for a billion dollar revenue loss by the potential sponsors. The sponsors, were at best, lukewarm to the new and midseason shows. Because of that I assume NBC doesn\'t have much in their mid-season stable.
    Guest star appearances only go so far in fixing damage, that in the case of this show, is below the water line. Excuse me while I head for the lifeboats!