Season 1 Episode 13

Joey and the Taste Test

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2005 on NBC
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Joey and the Taste Test
Joey's relationship with costar Katie has consequences that could get him fired from the show, unless he manages to talk her out of her dressing room. Joey and Lauren acknowledge their feelings for one another. After Gina teaches Alex how to make lasagna, Joey is forced to judge a taste test.moreless

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  • One of my favorite episodes this season.

    This is yet another great episode of Joey. There aren't too much of those in the season. I'm glad that Bobbie is in this episode. She always makes me laugh. The scene with her and Lauren confronting each other is just great! And the lasagne competition is also a very great plot. Gina shows her color, Alex releases her inner spirits more and Joey just stays the same around food.

    Rating: 8/10moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Gina says there's another kind of lasanga piece, because she lost her nail in there. Then she holds up her right hand. (To show the nail without the red nail polish.) A few seconds later, her right hand is visible again, but the nail is now red.

    • At the very beginning of the episode when Gina is taking her lasagna out of the oven, Drea de Matteo's tattoo is visible.

    • on Joey's Magna Doodle: Logo for Fox Motocross Gear

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Alex: Yeah well it ain't gonna go down like that, BIOOOOOOOOOOOOTCH!

    • Lauren: I'm having a hard time believing you broke up with her.
      Joey: Oh, are you talking about when we were just together on the side of the cabin, when I was helping her get that splinter out of her tongue?

    • Katie: I didn't like watching you be all flirty with Lauren.
      Joey: Come on, you know I only have eyes for my daughter.

    • Gina: OK! Lasagna! Looks good.
      Joey: Oooh... I cannot wait! Ha, Michael?
      Michael: (doesn't care much about it) Yeah... I still do not get excited about food, you know? If I could take a pill each day instead of eating I'd be happy.
      Joey: If they would make that I would get your food.
      Michael: OK, then I'd take your pill.
      Joey: (he's mad) You just try to take it.

    • Alex: Gina! This is incredible! You gotta teach me how to make this?
      (Alex starts eating like an animal and everyone is looking at her)
      Gina: Dear God! Look at her
      Michael: I know! It's disgusting!
      Joey: I love you!

    • Gina: I'm gonna go home and get started.
      Alex: Good! I'll go to the store to get my secret ingredient!
      Gina: Oh, that's OK! 'Cuz if my grandma didn't need it, and my mother didn't need it, I don't need it.
      Joey: You said the same thing about the therapy. I'm not sure you're right.

    • (Bobbie comes rushing in)
      Joey: Bobbie! Thank God!
      Bobbie: Sorry it took me so long. They've been reluctant to let me on since I've punched David Caruso.

    • Lauren: (referring to Bobbie) Hello Bobbie! For a second there I thought a bear got loose.
      Bobbie: (referring to Lauren) And I thought I dropped one of my earrings.

    • Joey: (referring to Bobbie and Lauren's talk) Do you two have some kind of a history?
      Lauren: We dated the same guy.
      Joey: That dude does not have a clear type.

    • Bobbie: So what's the problem?
      Joey: Katie still won't come out of her dressing room.
      Bobbie: Well, don't you worry... I know how to deal with crazy actors. You just smile and tell them what they want to hear.
      Joey: OK! You think that you can help me?
      Bobbie: (smiles at Joey) Absolutely!!

    • Bobbie: Great news!
      Joey: (interrupts Bobbie) She's coming out?
      Bobbie: No! I signed her as a client!
      Lauren: You did what?
      Bobbie: That's right! My client Katie demands that you fire Joey. If you fire my client Joey, I'll destroy you!
      Lauren: Isn't this a conflict of interest?
      Bobbie: (makes a funny face) Oh no! They'll send me to agent jail!

    • (Gina locked herself in the bathroom)
      Michael: So you gotta get her out of there! I can't do it!
      Joey: Oh, I've already talked one woman out of a locked room today. She can stay in there as far as I'm concerned.
      Michael: She's flushing the lasagna down the toilet!
      Joey: Gina, honey!

    • Gina: (warning Michael because he did not choose her lasagna) Sleep with one eye open Michael! One eye open!

    • Gina: So, whoever you pick is the real winner?
      Joey: Yes!
      Gina: And I can rub it in Alex's face?
      Alex: Yeah, but you won't get to 'cos it ain't gonna go down like that, biatch!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Bobbie says that they were reluctant to let her on the lot ever since she punched David Caruso.

      David Caruso is a prolific actor most notable for his roles in CSI: Miami and NYPD Blues.

    • Katie: Come on Carrie Bradshaw!

      This is a reference to the character Carrie Bradshaw from the popular comedy series Sex and the City starring Sarah Jessica Parker.