Season 1 Episode 22

Joey and the Temptation

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 05, 2005 on NBC

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  • come on joey, i can't beleve u turn her down

    i am kinda of getting bored with his permant girlfriend story-line, at the begaining it was cute but now it's just annoying, i'm glad he got one but i was kinda of hoping he ruin it when Carmon Electra came on his show and wanted to sleep with him. Just to add comedy another blonde women wants to join them , come on how likely is it that 2 women would want to share him?, seriously i know it's a comedy but i still don't see the big deal with Joey, he's a nice guy but apart from that i don't see much to him.

    so it's finally over for Alex with her marriage, got to see what happends next week , Gina drinking that much as still being able to be sober, most women would get really tipsy, sometimes i really think the comedy is really stupid, i would loved to see Gina drunk but no the writer didn't think about that. i'm sure someone will tell me Gina has been drinking for number of years so her body has develope a ammunity to the alchol, fine but think about what message it telling young girls 'it alright to drink a whole bottle of wine'. sorry got a bit side-tracked.

    We know their just few more episoide until the first season over so i really hope the season-finale is worth it.
  • What would Joey do If he were between commitment and having a good time with Carmen Electra?

    This episode is not just a filler, as it shows us a development in Joey's relationship with Sara, it lets the viewers know that Joey can have feelings for a woman apart from wanting to go to a bed with her. But even with those feelings he has lots of difficulties to stay in the celibacy side, as the one who wants to prevent him from doing that is Carmen Electra.
    Deep Powder is shown again, what is it, a monthly soap opera? I know that they are not supposed to be showing every time he has to be in the set. And what happened with Lucy Liu, one episode he was with her, and in the next, she had disappeared.
    The Bobbie - Michael relationship is shown again as something recurring in this season. Alex discuss with her husband as Joey tells her what he saw, causing a big fight between her and her husband.
    Summarizing, not a great episode, but not a filler, it shows a growth in Joey as anybody would expect happen.

    I am very sorry for my language but I have ESL.
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