Season 2 Episode 12

Joey and the Tijuana Trip

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 15, 2005 on NBC

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  • Joey is finally on top again before it's holiday break. I loved this episode.

    I really loved this episode. The basic storyline is that the guys are going to Mexico to have some fun with girls. So what to they first? They get drunk. But to everyone’s surprise only Michael get a beautiful girl. Joey and Zack get married instead! So they are completely freaking out about this, but Zack already starts to act, like they were a couple. That’s hilarious, but even better was the scene, when Alex fools Joey and Zack about the possibilities to get the marriage annulated. I almost fell of the couch during this scene, especially when they should have to kiss each other. I really would have liked to see that, but it’s some unimportant detail.
    The rest of the show is also cleverly written, because it brings some suspension to it, when the guys watch the marriage tape in the morning after with a strong hangover. The plot also starts the storyline for the next episode with the Christmas storyline.
    So we see Alex is finally moving on and tries to get some fun, without thinking of Joey.
    I really would like it, when Joey would be always that funny and exciting.