Season 1 Episode 16

Joey and the Tonight Show

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2005 on NBC

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  • A highly recommended episode to watch. Very funny.

    Joey is on the set of Deep Powder and Bobbie pays him a visit. She tells him that he's going to be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Joey of course is thrilled.

    Joey, Gina and Michael are on the highway driving to The Tonight Show. There seems to be a lot of traffic. A truck cuts them off and Gina and Joey tell Michael (who is driving) to give him the finger. He thinks that's stupid. They eventually talk him into it and then gets worried when the traffic slows down and the truck stops right next to them. They are now stuck in the traffic jam. Gina goes to find out what's happening. She comes back and tells them a truck jack-kniffed and spilled stuff all over the road and will take about an hour to clean up. She also says she just met the cutest guy who drives an El Camino.

    Gina wants to take a photo of Michael and the first guy he ever gave the finger to. She notices his number plate says "Judo Man".

    Joey tries to think of ways to get to the Tonight Show fast. He wonders if the helicopter above would come down and pick him up. Then he tries to get a lady to loan him her horse and a family wouldn't loan him their big dog. He then gets the perfect idea. He needs a motorcycle. He calls Alex to get him a motorcycle.

    Gina meets another guy in a Mercedes but then is torn between which man she should stay with. The El Camino guy or Mercedes guy.

    Michael is panicking about the Judo Man guys because they've been staring at him for over an hour. He can't take it anymore and demands to be hit in the face.

    Alex arrives riding a pink motorcycle. She tells them how hard it was to get it and that she's been yelled and honked at. Joey hops on and arrives at the Tonight Show in time.

    -This was a pretty funny episode. Lots of funny quotes. I especially liked the Michael/Judo Man scenes and the various ideas of Joey's to get to The Tonight Show. Alex pulling up on the pink motorcycle was the best part of the whole episode, it was hilarious. A highly recommended episode to watch.
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