Season 2 Episode 22

Joey and the Wedding

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • Joey show was a nice and funny show but could not find its way to be like friends.

    As we all know joey show was a funny and kind of cute show because we all loved the character joey from friends.
    When it started everybody was excited and happy that something is gonna remind us the memory of friends. But then it started to be boring and have only some small laughters.
    Joey show was canceled due to the problems he had, but somewhere in the world they continued his show and broadcast it to the end! at least to where he played. I dunno why it is becoming a habit for Americans to cancel or give a break to their shows!!!!!! but i still liked the show!
  • missing joey

    i just finished watching joey season 2 today and erm it feels strange to see it ended and im so happy that i got both of the series on dvd, which i can watch again and again. i would loved to see of what happend with alex n joey if there was a 3rd series but at the end of the day it ended. so im going to miss it a lot, and if u didnt like joey then i say why watch it at first place?? to those who enjoyed joey like me im going to miss it also :D