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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 09, 2004 on NBC
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Joey arrives in L.A. after his new agent offers him his choice of parts on two TV shows, and befriends his neighbor, Alex . His nephew, Michael, wants to move in with him at his new apartment, but Joey fears that this will upset his sister, Gina.moreless

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  • A really amazing pilot and this is really more funny than Friends.

    I just started watching this now cuz my friends told me that it was funny and i love comedy and wanted to see joey from friends again and we saw him and he was funnier than ever i thought this was much better than friends i almost laughed in the whole episode the characters are likable and the chemistry between joey and alex is undeniable i hope they end up together before the show ended because if they didnt i would be really pissed and i cant believe that they canceled this i really hate NBC because they canceled Heroes and now Joey and many other good show at least they didnt cancel chuck officially but gave it a fifth and final season of only 13 episode but still they gave it some time to end properly.moreless
  • An fine pilot. Some great characters are introduced and I look forward to seeing them develop. Maybe not the best Friends spin-off they could have made but certainly worth watching as a sitcom of its own.moreless

    Joey is still the Joey who we have learned to know from Friends (no one else could get Dallas confused with L.A.). However, now he is far away from his friends and has to learn to survive on his own. Perhaps there are some fatherly feelings rising in him due to Michael and it will be interesting to see whether this new characteristic develops further in the future.

    We meet Joey's sister Gina, who is very much like Joey in many ways: she is not very intellectual, she flirts with guys who happen to walk past and she seems like someone who prefers short-term relationships.

    Michael is something new again, contrasting very strongly with Joey and Gina. He brings a brain into the show, which otherwise could end up being totally mindless. It also brings a good source of conflict in order to create humour.

    Alex seems like an ordinary neighbour girl, she was almost too ordinary in this episode. She does not have many qualities of a comical character.

    Personally I did not like the character of Bobbie. She was too strange, too exaggerated and therefore not funny, at least not to me.

    The storyline in the episode was a basic one for a pilot: setting up everything for the following episodes, introducing the environment to the audience. I think it is quite nice to have Joey in the same situation as the audience in the sense that everything is new to him as well, not only to the audience.

    This episode was not at all bad for a pilot but I can understand why many people dislike it; it is not very good if you see it as a Friends spin-off. However, as a sitcom on its own, it interests me and it seems funny so I'm looking forward to more character development and funny storylines.moreless
  • making a spin-off of friends, you know it;s doomed, and not only that it sucks

    how awful of an idea is it too make a spin-off of friends with one of the friends is the worst idea becuase people liked friends, and thier all together, no one is gona like this show. come on. if they were gona make a spin-off they should have done it with the other charecters, like janice, or gunther, becuase this would remind them of the friends we miss. this show is NOT gona last long. i feel really bad for matt le blanc becuase this will ruined his career, BADLY, i'm definantly not gona watch this seiries, and no one should. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah balh blahmoreless
  • Funny

    Joey thinks at the beginning that he is in L.A but he is not. In which then Joey finds out he is in Dallas. Joey arrives in L.A. after his new agent offers him his choice of parts on two TV shows, and befriends his neighbor, Alex . His nephew, Michael, wants to move in with him at his new apartment, but Joey fears that this will upset his sister, Gina.moreless
  • Funny, and an awesome Pilot episode

    Before Joey arrives in L.A. he thinks he is in L.A buy Joey is actually in Dallas. After his new agent offers him his choice of parts on two TV shows, and befriends his neighbor, Alex . His nephew, Michael, wants to move in with him at his new apartment, but Joey fears that this will upset his sister, Gina.
Wayne Wilderson

Wayne Wilderson

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Jason Huber

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Matthew Mullany

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • It is revealed that Michael is 20 years old. Gina tells him that she had him when she was 22, though Joey later reveals that Gina was 16 when she gave birth to Michael. That makes Gina 36 years old.

    • Job Revelations:

      Michael is a rocket scientist, having graduated from Caltech.
      Gina is a hairdresser, which she only started doing because she was exposed as the Southland's most dangerous dental technician.
      Alex is a corporate lawyer.

    • Joey's Magna Doodle wasn't up in this episode because the movers hadn't arrived.

    • Music:
      "Hooray For Hollywood" by Johnny Mercer

    • Goof: In the scene where Joey and Gina are on Joey's new apartment terrace, looking at the Hollywood sign, the strings dangling from Gina's chest keep going into her sweater and dangling out of it.

    • Goof: In the scene after the introduction, when Joey and Gina are at the airport, Joey's bag strap at one point is under his collar, then when the shot changes his collar is under his strap. This mistake keeps happening during this whole airport scene.

    • It's revealed that Alex's full name is Alexis Julia Garrett.

    • Goof: When sitting by the pool, Gina's feet are black (because she was walking without any slippers). However, a second later her feet are already clean.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Joeyism: (Anytime Joey misunderstands the meaning of a word, phrase, event etc...)

      Joey: Oh... Oh, you're married?
      Alex: You didn't know? Didn't you see the ring?
      Joey: Yeah, yeah I saw a ring... but its not on your left hand, so...
      Alex: Yeah, it is (holds up her left hand)
      (Joey looks at both hands.)
      Joey: If you say so.

    • Morganstern Moment: (Anytime Bobbie engages in erratic, strange, or insulting speeches.)

      Joey: Look, I know we blew it by turning down that Nurses thing, but I gotta believe there is something bigger for me right around the corner.
      Bobbie: Listen, you are living in a dream world.
      Joey: Excuse me?
      Bobbie: That Nurses show is huge. Everyone involved with it is going to become insanely rich, and its going to haunt you for the rest of your life. But my job is to keep up your morale.
      Joey: I do feel better...
      Bobbie: Look... I'm a straight shooter. But I'll tell you something else about me. I am the BEST! There is nothing I wouldn't do for you! I would throw on a meat skirt and wrestle a lion! I would pull off my own ear and eat them!
      Joey: That's... gross!
      Bobbie I am gonna get you through this. I tell ya next year, I am gonna find you a show that'll blow this Nurses thing right outta the... Oh what the hell am I saying!? Nothin's gonna top that!
      (They converse with Joey saying he needs something now, and Bobbie saying she has nothing. He insists, and she says they need a host for a new entertainment news show.)
      Bobbie: Its not really 'acting', but it may work since you have such a tremendous head.
      Joey: I do?
      Bobbie: Oh come on, we don't have time for this!
      Joey: Thanks Bobbie, thank you.
      Bobbie (laughing): Looks like you have a big barrel on your shoulders!

    • Joeyism: (Anytime Joey misunderstands the meaning of a word, phrase, event etc...)

      Joey: I'm actually a very serious actor... Romeo, oh Romeo, where for art thou Romeo!? That was Romeo.
      Alex: Actually that was Juliet.
      Joey: What?
      Alex: Yeah well, Romeo doesn't start a speech saying Romeo, oh Romeo.
      (Joey pauses to think, then realizing what it means.)
      Joey: I've done that for like a million auditions!

    • Gina: What's the matter?
      Joey: I just... I can't believe I'm here you know? It doesn't... it doesn't feel real. (Gina and Joey hug, and he pauses as he feels her breasts pressed up against him.) And neither do those!

    • Joey: I love it out here. Sunny and 72 degrees everyday... I wonder what it's like in New York...
      Gina: 71.
      Joey: Poor bastards!

    • Gina: You are not gonna believe this! The director thought I was an actress!
      Joey: Sure... That's because you got big fake boobs and you're crazy...

    • Joey: Why do you wanna live with me?
      Michael: Well, this may not be the biggest selling point, but I have no money for rent.

    • Gina: Michael, where's the lasagna?
      Michael: Oh, I left it in the car...
      Gina: I'll get it, I'll get it. Look at that, so much going on up here that he can't remember lasagna...
      Joey (to Michael): Boy, we are different, you and me.

    • Joey: I still think of you as a little kid... So much for this wings I picked up on the airplane...
      Michael: Oh no, I'll still take them.
      Joey (mumbling): I was just gonna show them to you...

    • Joey (about the appartment): I love it!
      Gina: Good, cause if you didn't, I was gonna lie and tell you Tom Cruise used to live here.
      Joey: Tom Cruise lived here?
      Gina: Sure he did, honey...

    • Joey: I've already been a brain surgeon... I don't think my fans will buy me as a nurse.
      Gina: Well, they bought you as a brain surgeon...

    • Joey: You look different...
      Gina: Oh, I forgot. You haven't seen them! (takes her coat off to show her breasts) What do you think? They're new! I went up three cup sizes! The doctor was reluctant... Touch them!
      Joey: No, no... Let's get my bag. I'll feel you up in the car, I promise...

    • Michael: I'm 20 years old, man. I shouldn't be living with my mom. Everyone at school makes fun of me. And it's not like these are the cool kids. They're not quarterbacks. Engineers!

    • Michael: Actually right now we're designing a mock-up for an escape module for the International Space Station (ISS).
      Joey: (sarcastically) Ha, what are you, a rocket scientist?
      Michael: Yes...

    • Cab Driver: Where am I takin' ya?
      Joey: Uh, I got it here some place. It's my sister's place. She was supposed to pick me up, but she's kinda not all there ya know? (forgets about his note)
      Cab Driver: The address?
      Joey: Right! Right, right.
      Cab Driver: So, you here visiting family?
      Joey: Well, no I'm an actor. I've been in New York, but I got offered work in LA and I think it's time for me to take my shot. Kinda scary. I mean, I left my whole life behind but I think it's a smart move. Ya know, if you wanna make it as an actor, you gotta move to LA, to Hollywood.
      Cab Driver: So what are you doing here in Dallas?
      Joey: (he realizes) I did have a layover in Dallas…

    • (Joey is watching a report on a show he turned down)
      Nancy: Well, wherever he is, I'm sure Joey Tribaney is kicking himself.
      Joey: Tribbiani! Joey Tribbiani is kicking himself!

    • Gina: This is the best part. Sit here and lean back.
      Joey: Is that the middle of the HOLLYWOOD sign?
      Gina: That's the OLLYWOO sign.
      Joey: I can see the OLLYWOO sign! And into that woman's bathroom. And now she sees me looking. Hi, neighbor!

    • Michael: (just discovered Gina was 16 when she had him) How did I not figure that out? I took calculus when I was eight!

    • Joey: I'm gay for David Cassidy!

    • Joey: My show is dead! It's not even gonna air!
      Gina: Oh my God! Did they say why?
      Joey: People thought it was disgusting. Jeez, you defecate on one corpse...

    • Joey: Welcome to Hollywood Minute. I am name.

    • Gina: You and Chandler should have moved down a long while ago. Very vibrant gay scene!
      Joey: Chandler and I are not a gay couple!!

    • Joey: (talking to Gina about his new agent) This lady is a shark! And that means she's a good agent, not an actual shark.

  • NOTES (16)

    • Ethan Erikson (Sam) was previously on Friends as Dirk in The One with the Soap Opera Party.

    • This is the only episode not presented in HDTV.

    • Jennifer Coolidge (Bobbie) also appeared in the season 10 episode of Friends, The One With Ross's Tan. However, she played a different character.

    • Matt LeBlanc (Joey) had to lose 30 pounds by the shooting of the pilot, because the NBC executives wanted him to look nice for the show.

    • This episode was included on the Emmy Awards 'For Your Consideration' DVD for this season.

    • This episode was nominated for a Excellence in Production Design Award for Television - Multi-Camera Television Series.

    • Drea DeMatteo receives the "And" credit.

    • Joey lives in "Monroe Manor".

    • All episode titles begin with the words "Joey and the..."

    • David Crane and Marta Kauffman (the creators of Friends) didn't join the crew of Joey, but they still receive credit for creating the character of Joey. However, executive producer and director Kevin S. Bright and many of the producers and writers (including Joey's creators Shana Goldberg-Meehan and Scott Silveri), are part of the crew.

    • Joey is filmed on the same sound stage on which they filmed Friends - Soundstage 24 at Warner Brothers studios in Burbank, CA.

    • John Shaffner, a production designer for this show was nominated for an Art Directors Guild award Excellence in Production Design Award for his work in the pilot episode. However, he didn't get the award.

    • This episode is also known as The One Where Joey Gets Cancelled.

    • In the original version of the pilot, the Access Hollywood segment featured Pat O'Brien. After the pilot was filmed, O'Brien left Access Hollywood, so the scene was reshot with Nancy O'Dell. Also, the name of the nurses show was originally "R.N." but was changed to "Nurses" for this episode. "Nurses" was the name of an actual NBC sitcom that aired from 1991 to 1994, although it wasn't about male nurses.

    • The theme song is "Sunny Hours" by Long Beach Dub All-Stars featuring of Black Eyed Peas.

    • Ashley Scott was originally cast as Alex, but was recast after test audiences didn't see much chemistry with Matt LeBlanc.


    • Joey mentions understanding wanting things to stay the same. He was happy in New York, but everyone got married, had kids, and moved on.

      Joey is referring to the final episodes of Friends. During those episodes, Joey complained about everything changing. Phoebe got married to Mike while Chandler and Monica bought a house, and then adopted twins. Between the end of Friends and the beginning of Joey, he moved to L.A.

    • When Joey is auditioning for the entertainment news show, he mentions Jennifer Lopez.

      Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo) is a famous actress, singer, dancer and fashion designer. She is best known for her breakout role in the movie Selena and her numerous best selling albums.

    • Gina says that she thought Joey and Chandler should have moved down a long time ago, to which Joey yells 'We are not a gay couple!'

      This is are reference to the character of Chandler Bing, who was one of Joey's best friends on Friends. Chandler was played by Matthew Perry.

    • It is mentioned repeatedly that Joey was on Days of Our Lives. At various points on Friends, Joey played the role of Dr. Drake Ramoray. Between the end of Friends and the start of Joey, Joey left Days of Our Lives (it is later revealed that he was killed off again) and made the move to Hollywood.

      Day of Our Lives is a long running soap opera, as well as one of the most popular. The soap has aired nearly every weekday since 1965. There have been over 11,000 episodes.

    • Michael says that they are making a new Indiana Jones movie, perhaps Joey would like to turn that down.

      Indiana Jones is the title character in a series of hit movies done by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. They are about a teacher and archeologist (Harrison Ford) and the adventures he gets into while hunting down artifacts. There were 3 movies at the time of this show and a fourth (the one Michael mentions) had just been announced. That movie ended up being Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.

    • Joey said that Gina would hold him down and make him say that he was gay for David Cassidy.

      David Cassidy is a famous actor/singer best known for his role in the Partridge Family.

    • Joey does a small portion of Juliet's monologue from Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is one of the world's most famous pieces of romantic literature, written by William Shakespeare. In addition to being in collected works of Shakespeare, it has been made into feature movies as well.

    • Tom Cruise

      Tom Cruise was born July 3, 1962. He is an American actor and film producer.