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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 09, 2004 on NBC

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  • A really amazing pilot and this is really more funny than Friends.


    I just started watching this now cuz my friends told me that it was funny and i love comedy and wanted to see joey from friends again and we saw him and he was funnier than ever i thought this was much better than friends i almost laughed in the whole episode the characters are likable and the chemistry between joey and alex is undeniable i hope they end up together before the show ended because if they didnt i would be really pissed and i cant believe that they canceled this i really hate NBC because they canceled Heroes and now Joey and many other good show at least they didnt cancel chuck officially but gave it a fifth and final season of only 13 episode but still they gave it some time to end properly.

  • An fine pilot. Some great characters are introduced and I look forward to seeing them develop. Maybe not the best Friends spin-off they could have made but certainly worth watching as a sitcom of its own.

    Joey is still the Joey who we have learned to know from Friends (no one else could get Dallas confused with L.A.). However, now he is far away from his friends and has to learn to survive on his own. Perhaps there are some fatherly feelings rising in him due to Michael and it will be interesting to see whether this new characteristic develops further in the future.
    We meet Joey's sister Gina, who is very much like Joey in many ways: she is not very intellectual, she flirts with guys who happen to walk past and she seems like someone who prefers short-term relationships.
    Michael is something new again, contrasting very strongly with Joey and Gina. He brings a brain into the show, which otherwise could end up being totally mindless. It also brings a good source of conflict in order to create humour.
    Alex seems like an ordinary neighbour girl, she was almost too ordinary in this episode. She does not have many qualities of a comical character.
    Personally I did not like the character of Bobbie. She was too strange, too exaggerated and therefore not funny, at least not to me.
    The storyline in the episode was a basic one for a pilot: setting up everything for the following episodes, introducing the environment to the audience. I think it is quite nice to have Joey in the same situation as the audience in the sense that everything is new to him as well, not only to the audience.
    This episode was not at all bad for a pilot but I can understand why many people dislike it; it is not very good if you see it as a Friends spin-off. However, as a sitcom on its own, it interests me and it seems funny so I'm looking forward to more character development and funny storylines.
  • making a spin-off of friends, you know it;s doomed, and not only that it sucks

    how awful of an idea is it too make a spin-off of friends with one of the friends is the worst idea becuase people liked friends, and thier all together, no one is gona like this show. come on. if they were gona make a spin-off they should have done it with the other charecters, like janice, or gunther, becuase this would remind them of the friends we miss. this show is NOT gona last long. i feel really bad for matt le blanc becuase this will ruined his career, BADLY, i'm definantly not gona watch this seiries, and no one should. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah balh blah
  • Funny

    Joey thinks at the beginning that he is in L.A but he is not. In which then Joey finds out he is in Dallas. Joey arrives in L.A. after his new agent offers him his choice of parts on two TV shows, and befriends his neighbor, Alex . His nephew, Michael, wants to move in with him at his new apartment, but Joey fears that this will upset his sister, Gina.
  • Funny, and an awesome Pilot episode

    Before Joey arrives in L.A. he thinks he is in L.A buy Joey is actually in Dallas. After his new agent offers him his choice of parts on two TV shows, and befriends his neighbor, Alex . His nephew, Michael, wants to move in with him at his new apartment, but Joey fears that this will upset his sister, Gina.
  • A good continuation of Friends... Joey is still Joey, but you feel something missing. We got used to seeing Joey with Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, and Phoebe that this feels weird with out them. It’s a good show and it shouldn’t take long for us to get

    A good continuation of Friends... Joey is still Joey, but you feel something missing. We got used to seeing Joey with Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, and Phoebe that this feels weird with out them. It’s a good show and it shouldn’t take long for us to get used to it.
  • Joey Rulezzz And Joey is the best op the episodes and he is the best of Friends too... Joey the best Joey Is The Very Best

    Joey Rulezzz And Joey is the best op the episodes and he is the best of Friends too...
    Joey the best
    Joey Is The Very Best
    Joey Rulezzz And Joey is the best op the episodes and he is the best of Friends too...
    Joey the best
    Joey Is The Very Best
    Joey Rulezzz And Joey is the best op the episodes and he is the best of Friends too...
    Joey the best
    Joey Is The Very Best
  • Where is everyone else? I want Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross and Chandler back.

    This episode was no way neear as good as Friends and it is clear that Joey is an ensemble character, needing the others to support him and make him funny.
    I know it isn't fair to compare a new show to something which is as great and successful as Friends but I am going to anyway.
    Joey just doesn't seem comfortable and the new actors just seem awkward acting next to such a huge star.
    I think that they should have spent more time developing the new characters rather than making Joey more dumb than ever and just plunging on with the story.
  • The "Friends" spin-off you just can't afford not to miss....

    When NBC announced a spin-off show to the highly successful "Friends", I thought we'd see more of the crazy antics from Joey we'd come to love, the same stellar writing and dialogue, and occassional cameos from the cast of Friends during sweeps.

    What I did not expect, was "Joey"

    From what I've heard, even star Matt LeBlanc isn't happy with the writing. And from watching the pilot, I can see why. The jokes are few and far between. The dialogue is mediocre at best, and tragic in places. And it's not Matt's fault entirely - his delivery isn't half bad. It's that the writing stinks.

    This is truly the "Friends" spin-off you just can't afford not to miss.... watching may be hazardous to your health. Sight effects include glassy eyes, mind-numbing bordeom, drooling, and increased risk of brain hemmorage.
  • "For the last time, Chandler and I are not a gay couple!"

    And so begins the laughs. The pilot was pretty much what you expect from a pilot. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. It was so so. It sets the series up rather nicely, and jumps straight into it, like how Joey is immeadiatly auditioning for shows. It was rather fast paced, which can be nice for a change. But as I was watching the pilot, I started thinking about how they can keep the series moving at as quick a pace where there are lots of possible episode plots all jammed into one. I think the writers were brought to a halt at this aswell, for the series slowed down and started dragging on an idea, such as the production of an episode for Joey's show,"Deep Powder," taking quite a few episodes.

    I felt that Joey was just like we've seen and laughed at him so many times before. Bobbie was also an excellent character. It seemed that both Joey and Bobbie's charaters were fully developed, and even like Jennifer Coolidge had played Bobbie in another long running series. Well done to both her and Matt. As much as I instantly fell in love with Bobbie's character, I disliked Alex and Micheal. Both characters brought little or no laughs to the show, and both characters were drastically underdeveloped, and the actors did a horrible job as them. They both seemed new to the role, and very ameature. However, as the series progressed, I was very pleased to see both evenbtually grow comfortable in their roles, and actually add to the shows laughter. As for Drea's Gina, in this episode, and for the next couple, I couldn't decide wheather I liked her or nto, she was just sort of bland. Though, her character was the only one to have really matured in this episode by finally letting Micheal go, she contradicts her change in the following episodes. I like the character of Gina, and find her relativaly funny, and Drea's acting was great on her part, but I simply find her character was too consistent, being shown as tough kind of person. Though, the writers did an especially good job with her character's development, as through the end of the season, she showed her emotions and her care, while stilly keeping up her established personna. However, I can only wonder as to what lengths the writers can take her until her true character has been completely revealed, and then just have her as a regular who can only become involved in plots for the audiences comedic relief. By then, I don't believe it'll be possible to have a good episode that has a plot focused on her.

    Overall, I enjoyed the episode, but only so far.
    RATING: 8
  • charming!

    well well, joey moves to LA, gets a crazy neighbour just to live with his nephew and his oversexed sister...

    I kinda liked the introduction into a new comedy show with old friends and new characters to be curious about. Joey has to get used to his new surroundings and does it with well his charming stupidity and crazy ideas.

    When Michael starts to want to move in the tagline is perfect: Joey, womenizer meets Mike, bookworm. We will (and most of us already have) see, how this relationship will continue and if Joey can teach Michael some of his tricks...
  • Joey tries a role out for a cop show and succeeds. The show doesn't though. The first episode in the Friends spin-off.

    I know for sure I liked Joey better on Friends when he was the quintessial poster boy for well, there\'s no delicate word for it, stupidity.

    In Joey, the spin-off he seems much smarter than he was in Friends. You\'ll hear him throughout the season using words he wouldn\'t have known what they meant in Friends. But I guess this is \"character development\" which seems more positive and kinder than \"out of character.\" After all since Joey was the most underdeveloped character (in the last episode he was still single) I guess he had to develop and learn some new words in the bargain.

    The failure of Joey\'s new cop show is funny and during filming of the show you\'ll see rather a lot of (fake) blood which I found funny but somebody else might not. Stupid, maybe, but funny. Now at least that\'s in Joey order.

    Still, this did not live up to Friends, which I guess would be hard to. Would recommend watching Becker, which surprisingly is even better than Friends. Like Friends it had its run (Becker was on for 6 seasons) and now all\'s that\'s left of it are the reruns.
  • Joey come to live in LA...

    Ok, it's funny, but not the kind of humour we used to know in friends, the thing is: Joey hasn't changed, but five people are missing, I hope one of them will be a guest in the future, to remind us Friends, which is, without any doubt, not the same level of series....
  • Joey moves to Hollywood in order to establish his career, but he never changes... he is still the old Joey and now with new friends - his siter Gina, nephew Michael and agent Bobby.

    This was axtually a very good start for Joey. The episode was about 27 minute long. Joey's arrival in the wrong town is just the real Joey. In L.A., Joey meets his siter Gina, who is as stupid as him, with just a little bit more brains; his nephew Michael is a totally different human than they are - smart and geeky, which does not do good on his love life; and his new agent Bobby who is really funny and original. Seems that she's just continuing the work of Joey's previous agent Estelle ("Friends"). Also, Joey meets his neigbour, but the actress that played her left the show after this episode, so a a new character was introduced in episode two.

    This episode was a good beginning for a "Friends" spin-off. Joey continues being dumb, but is just a little bit more grown. He has his crazy sister and boring nephew, his funny agent... It's a good beginning.

    Rating: 8/10
  • JOey is the best extetion to friends... I miss the Chandler Joey teamup but Joey rocks ALONE

    I am quite a fan of comedy and I was wondering what Joey could provide on his own. I loved him on FRIENDS but I was a little skeptical when I read about JOEY. I watched the first episode and realized that a whole lot of Trivianis (Hope I spelled the name right) is better than one. It starts with a classical Joey stunt, imagine ending up in the wrong state. Only Joey can pull off something like that. His neighbor is pretty cute too, noticed that she didn’t seam to like wearing a bra… Love the family Sister and Nephew are great. Sis is a little too serious. Other classic stunts were I am downloading the second episode and I will download as many as I can if I can. So wait for my next review.
  • Slow start

    Well i can see why people don't like joey, the problem is unlike friends there are only 4 main chacter unlike friends where there are 6 chacter which mean there's more focus on Joey & his sister and her kid. i personally don't like that actress who played joey sister couldn't there find someone who can actually bring something intresting to sitcom. that the only bad thing i can say about the sitcom.

    Joey dumbness is always amusing to see getting off at Dallas air-port was amusing, meeting her sister who had boob-job was stupid,that feel flat. Joey newphew seem intresting chacter, i hope there build up his chacter a bit. he the smart-one out the three.

    The super (Alex) , i like that women, it was funny when Joey found out she was married, i have hope for them yet but she not bad -looking which is a plus. i also hope there make her chacter a lot more intresting.i think this series has a lot promise there just need good writers and it will be a hit.

    i think opening sequence to Joey is a lot better then friends, i really like that mind u the friends one was classic.
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