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  • This follow-up to Friends is a hilarious show that no one can appreciate because it's not exactly like Friends.

    This follow-up to Friends is a hilarious show that no one can appreciate because it's not exactly like Friends. I think that's crazy. Joey should be appreciated for what it is...a comedy show. And it is funny. Towards the end of the season the plot lines started to deepen and emotions started to play a part. For all the Friends lovers (myself included) watching Joey's character development has been amazing. And he still references his old friends. Keep it running and keep it popular...his old Friends will come back to visit for sure. David Schwimmer has already come back to direct.
  • I thought this show was going to be just like friends but it wasn't. Joey need to put up or something.

    I thought this show was going to be just like friends but it wasn't. Joey need to put up or something. He need to bring one of his friends on the show to make it better, like Matthew Perry, I dont think he's doing anything big! But everybody loves Joey!
  • Joey show is my new best buddy!

    JOey and the gang every week nonstop action! Its an awesome show that i can watch again and again and again and again. It would be better with Chandler and Monica but hey you cant complain eh? Well i cant wait till season two and I hope they dont cancel it.
  • It's an okay show

    I think that joey is okay, but I miss the gang. I think Joey does too. It's not the same as Friends. When I watch Joey I aspect some of the old friends come in to say something funny. I really miss Friends. The only thing that I can do now is what reruns.
  • This show is about Joey moving from New York to LA to live with Gina and Michael. Joey has an agent named Bobby and she finds shows for Joey to audition. Eventually, Joey ends up working in a soap opera for a while.

    Joey is a funny show. He always make me laugh. His sister, Gina, is cool. Michael is a nice guy and Alex is funny. Joey's agent is alright. I think his ex-Friends co-stars should make an appearnce during the next season. I really enjoy it! Good show!
  • Joey is funny. But lacks something.

    I personally loved "Friends" and I was very skeptical about the spinoff "Joey" --- The first few episodes really did not appeal to me at all, but later on it got better. I like the direction of this show and it seems like it will be a hit for at least 2 seasons or so. Give it a shot.
  • The follow-up to "Friends" may need to prove itself in the next season if it intends to stay in the race.

    "Joey" is one of those shows that had an initial backlash to it-- it was the show that NBC forced you to accept as the "Friends" replacement. Because of this, the show really never developed a large audience.

    The writing on it was a bit on the "Huh?" side for the first half of the season, but it really began to develop in the latter half. The cliff-hanger was very good and set the tone for the next season.

    The show may need some fine-tuning in order to reach a larger audience, however, but it does have promise if the producers and writers play their cards right.
  • A disappointing effort, but still worth a look

    I'm a huge fan of Friends, so I was pretty excited when I heard Joey was being made. However, what I am seeing is very average comedy that does not even slightly resemble the quality of the writing on Friends. I don't know what's happened, but something has to be done quickly, because the novelty will only keep this show going for a short while.

    Joey is being made out to be too stupid; we should be able to see other aspects of his character if he's the leading role. His sister irritated me at first, but she's grown on me. Alex is sweet, but she needs to be investigated more and played with more as a character. Michael is the only well defined character, but there's still plenty to be done with him.
    And what's with the theme tune? Please change the title music, it's very annoying.

    I think if some more care is taken into the writing of this show, and if more public feedback is used, it could be a lot better.
  • Well joey, i really loved friends but joey has been a disappointment.

    Joey, needs help i mean come on, can this be any less funnier, micheal, joey smart newphew not funny, Gina can be amusing but still not a fan.

    His agent, i am undecided on her, she can be likable but not by chance. Still she did get him a series.
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