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  • Joey was a funny show, with my favorite "Friends"-characters. But people expected too much, too early, and that killed it.

    Joey is one of the shows that was cancelled because of the hype. Friends was indeed a great show. One of the reasons for this was, that the show became better doing the years, until it found its right formular. But Joey didn't get the time to findt its formular. I think that the first season og Joey was fun and intertaining, but nothing more. The show had a problem with a lot of new characters, and suddenly we had to Joeys, the other one being Joeys sister. But the characters evolved, and became really great characters. I love the chemistry between Joey and Michael. The shows plot also became funnier, and the Joey character became more mature, which is great. Personally I think that the last 10 episodes of Joey is the best ones. The show really find a good formular, that could have evolved to something fantastic.
    I really miss it.
  • It's a shame it was canned but a brilliant funny family show! Amazing that they bagged the show after 2 seasons.

    What can we say about Joey Tribeani? The best and most retarded guy ever. The show WAS jam packed with fun and laughter both seasons through. Very cleverly planned comedy to it's best and a shame that it got canned so quickly. Hilarious scenes added oomph to this program and it was a shame to see it sag. Every episode the comedy just got better and we loved the way he charmed the ladies and got through life. Not just Joey but the rest of the characters really rocked in their own unique kind of way. Amazing and brilliant!
  • Joey couldn't quite make it on his own

    Friends being on of the most popular shows in the past ten years, Joey had quite some expectations on it. Expectations that the show couldn't live up to.
    Joey Tribbiani, a character from Friends, now was one his own. Joey moved from New York to Los Angeles, then he moves in with his nephew Michael, with daily visits from his sister Gina. The thing that distinguished Joey from Friends was a lower standard of the characters. None of Michael, Gina, Alex, Zach, Jimmy or Bobbie I could relate to. They were semi funny but you never really got a feel on them. Without Joey this show wouldn't have lasted long. Too bad that none of the other "Friends" made guest appearances.
  • Great show but didn't last like most good shows,get the axe to bad,sorry.I love Matt Leblanc good charater actor in my book.I'll get the DVD for sure this Spring.The show made me laugh quite a bit when Iwatched. Should of had more life.It does need more

    It's hate to watch TV these days because you'll never know when you're great tv show will get the axe from the NET of course I hate the fact most of the show you do like on gone.
    But there's some hope called DVD the complete season. I have several DVD's complete season of good shows that I loved over the years 'JOEY' is one of them.Now it's time for Matt Leblance to do something bold on the network now a show that will him a star again.For the network stop cancelling my great shows please.No more.
  • This show is awesome, its funny, and a great family show

    Joey is not Friends but is when Joey moves on with his life and takes his carrer to Los Angeles. From three of the executive producers behind the mega-successful hit series "Friends" comes the highly anticipated new comedy "Joey." Matt LeBlanc reprises his "Friends" role as charming and still-single Joey, who has struck out on his own and moved to Hollywood, hoping to truly make it as an actor.
  • It's no "Frasier," unfortunately.

    "Joey" was a noble effort, but unfortunately it had trouble keeping its head above water. The show had creative problems from the start, one of which was that it tried to pattern itself after that other very successful spin-off. However, Joey was never a character who could really carry an entire episode by himself, much less a whole series. He had two major character traits (stupidity and being horny), and it wasn't that noticable that he wasn't a well-rounded character on "Friends," but as a show's centerpiece, that fact was all too obvious. It's a miracle and a testament to the power of "Friends" that the show even got a second season, which turned out to be even worse than the first. In a desperate attempt to fix the creative problems of the first season, the writers threw in every cliche imaginable, which was quite pitiful. It was an effort, but not a well thought out one.
  • great show i like this tv. show very much i think it is the continue of friends it's a great like friend and very funny why it canceled ??????????????????? please continue it again

    great show
    i like this tv. show very much i think it is the continue of friends

    it's a great like friend and very funny why it canceled ?????????????????????????????????????????

    please continue it again

    great show
    i like this tv. show very much i think it is the continue of friends

    it's a great like friend and very funny why it canceled ?????????????????????????????????????????

    please continue it again

    great show
    i like this tv. show very much i think it is the continue of friends

    it's a great like friend and very funny why it canceled ?????????????????????????????????????????

    please continue it again

    great show
    i like this tv. show very much i think it is the continue of friends

    it's a great like friend and very funny why it canceled ?????????????????????????????????????????

    please continue it again
  • Friends.. the sequel... without Friends... :)

    Hey.. this show wasn't bad.. it was fun.. But it wasn't Friends.. It was Joey... and I think that somewhere, people forgot that.

    They expected the same dymanics as Friends and it just couldn't happen.

    I thought the cast was well rounded and Joey was still Joey, regardless of the entourage.

    But, you know.. Joey wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed in Friends, so, you couldn't expect his character to be a brain surgeon in the new show.

    Anyways, again, the supporting cast was well rounded, and I think that overall, if this show didn't survived, it might have been because the "Friends" crowd didn't feel it was "Friends"ly enough for them.

    I guess in a way, in LeBlanc had called his show.. Timmy or Johnny.. a new character, in the same situation as Joey, it might have done better, because it wouldn't have been attached to Friends, therefore, not such high expectations would have come out of it.

  • Funny and a great family show

    Joey says goodbye to a time when his friends were his family and welcomes the chance to turn his family into his friends. After reuniting with his high-strung sister Gina (Emmy winner Drea de Matteo, "The Sopranos"), a strong and sexy hairdresser, Joey moves in with her genius 20-year-old son, graduate student Michael (Paulo Costanzo, "Road Trip"), who literally is a rocket scientist. What Joey lacks in book smarts, however, he more than makes up for with his people skills, making him the best new friend his nephew could ask for.
  • This show was so hysterical why did they have to cancel it?. This was the next best show after Friends.

    This show Joey is the best show that they could come up with on the NBC network in the past one year. I love the characters and everything else. I just NBC would bring this show back. I'm going to miss this show. I wounder why they stoped this show?.
  • Chineese copy of friends.

    I like Friends very much. Then the show ends I hope that Joey will replace them somehow for a few years, but then I saw the first episodes I understood that it's the chip chineese version. I've already heard all jokes. Some of them I've seen in Friends. I thought that script writers need some time to make it much better, but they killed the show. Joey had a lot of fans before the first episode and lost them after the first episodes. I think Joey did the worst thing, he gave a hope. I was surprised that the show had second season.
  • How come they cancelled the show? The end got really really bad because of that.

    This was a really nice show, since I never really followed Friends, just watched in from time to time when it happened to be on when I turned on the TV, I didn't know Joey completely. I liked the other characters too, Gina, Michael, Alex and Zack for example. The jokes were always good and every episode really made me laugh, Joey is a great character, and was in Friends too and this show really was good. When Joey fell in love with Alex I was thrilled, this was like the perfect thing that could happen to the show. But then, all of a sudden, it just ended, it ended so quick you couldn't really grip the story. I think it was a bit unfair to the viewers to just cut the show like that, it should've been atleast a few more episodes so the end wouldn't be so sudden. Bring it back, and do it right.
  • Joey is a spin-off of the hit comedy Friends. Joey says goodbye to his friends and heads for family.

    Joey is a brilliant show not to be missed, however people still critise how terrible it is compaired to Friends...and yes i would agree it's not up to the same standards. But nevertheless Joey is a fantastic american sitcom. Joey is the same lovable character as he is in friends, no change there. But I think the reason most people dismiss Joey is because the other characters are completely different to anything we've seen in friends. Still Joey is a fantastic sitcom, A must-see for all friends fans!

  • Its missing something!!

    I have just watched the first episodes ..i promised myself i would not judge the show from the pilot! but *sigh
    as much as i love Joey, i keep saying where is the rest of the gang..otherwise this is not the Joey we know. Joey without friends is a no no! That was a good attempt from Matt le Blanc, but naaaah, its time for friends to end! joey or otherwise! let it be!
  • Joey is a spin off from the Friends franchise where Joey Tribbiani moves from New York to Hollywood in order to take his acting career up a level. With all his friends back in New York he has to renew his relationship with family members to survive.

    Joey definately has had its moments and these generally come when the Joey character acts more like he did in Friends rather than the more grown up man we have seen in Joey. I think this is mainly because we are not used to seeing him being more mature than other people around him e.g. his sister, so when (whether accidental or not) he doesn't understand or misreads a situation then this is when the show is at its best.

    I do think though that Joey was the best character that could of had a spin-off from Friends (with the exception of Chandler maybe?), so if this is the best that they have to offer then although it is good they will need to try to get to his Friends roots to bring out the best the show has to offer.
  • I love it!!! But 'Friends' are soooooo much better!!!

    I love Joey! And show and the character! But, always, when someone say Joey, the first thing that's on my mind is Joey in Friends! Maybe I have just use to it! But still, it's Joey, funny and sooooo interesting!!!! Matt LeBlanc did the great job!!!! He is soooo amazing and also hot actor!
  • Totally unwatchable.

    As part of friends Joey was good, but as a stand alone character? Forgettaboutit....

    Just like Seinfeld the supporting cast of an ensemble show can rarely succeed on their own. Its suprising this show even got a 2nd season at all. Jennifer Aniston made Friends what it was, without her it would have been a dud, same goes for Seinfeld - without Jerry none of the characters or actors could stand on their own.

    The Frasier spinoff of Cheers is a rare one that actually worked, mainly because Kelsy Grammer is such a strong actor. I dare to say Frasier was actually better than Cheers.

    LeBlanc was too much of a lightweight to carry his own show. If couple other members of Friend joined to form Friends 2, it might have worked. But this was total crap.
  • Bring the friends back now!!!

    He cannot succeed alone.. Nice Try for Joey Espisode. But how does the new girl even compare to rachel. The new girl is too whiney and we dun love her.. Only Rachel could pull that off..

    I missed those friend charactors. Chandler, Rachel, Monica and Ross. They are all a team. It is a package. That's the meaning of Friends. I have watched the whole 10 series three times over and it have never failed to touch me or make me a big man sob. And the antic are so amusing and heartwarming.. Please bring back the friends characters to your show or it really will go and die off.

    And Joey really overplayed the dumb part, really need Ross back.. His sister though is a great shoo in for the show..

    I got so many comments for the show. This is my 2 cents worth.
  • Spin-off my ass!

    A spin-off of the popular hit show "Friends". Joey goes to LA to pursuit his acting dreams. He ends up making us disappointed.

    Frankly, it's not *that* funny to ignore all the lame things like Drea de Matteo(Gina Tribbiani) terrible performance. Seriously, too lardy-dary to be enjoyable. The worst thing is - people love it! And they're actually crazy enough to compare this .. abysmal nightmare to "Friends". Good thing it got cancelled.

    Matt LeBlanc is a decent actor. He did well on Friends, he's good looking, but it's just too bad to notice his talent in this show. It was all too syntethic. Bring back the "Friends"!
  • Great comedy to watch, if you are a fan of Friends.

    This is show is based on the continuation of character Joey in Friends. All the classic ‘Joey’ attributes from the old character seems to follow in this show as well. Joey is ambitious and genuine. His good looks get him lucky with women. But he is not that intellectual at all. With all this combined, his act is hilarious. Other main two characters in this show are Joey’s Sister Gina and her son Michael. Even though she raised her son on her own, Gina is a woman with a big mouth. Gina’s characters act betweens the sister, mother and woman with high sexual feelings. On the hand Michael is kind of nerd with unusual skill level which is extremely rare in Tribianni family. Next important person is Joey’s neighbor Alex. Even though being prude, her relationship with Joey add up the romance needed for this show. All of these people extremely different from each other, but there care a lot for each other as well. Additionally the Joey’s work related matters are focused in the show most of times. Combination of all these people has made this show a success in addition to being descendant from the great show like Friends
  • It was a bit painful to watch

    I really didn't expect Joey to hold up as well as Friends, most spin off's don't last like the original. But, man- I wasn't prepared for how this show - just didn't work for me.

    JOEY was still himself , but without the other Friends, he had to much heavy lifting to do on his own. The casting is key in spinoffs. The other actors need to be equally or more funny than the star. And, they weren't on here. There was the blonde neighbor/lawyer who whined and complained about everything; Joey's trampy sister and her nerdy son. When I put it on paper, it even reads boring.
  • Sorry to say.

    I'm sorry to say this but this show was almost a complete waste of time. The cast wasn't bad, especially Matt and his nephew. They really had the right idea in trying to spin off the character of Joey but it was just a miss. There was something missing, the rest of the Friends cast! I thought that Matt could carry his own show without the rest of the Central Perk crew but it just ended up flopping. I gave it every chance and there were a few laughs over the episodes aired but it just didn't work.
  • The greatest

    i think joey was the greatest comedy show that their ever was i just dont get why they had to cancel it . but i dont even know if they canceled it or not because i just found out that it was canceled *crys*.
    IT was cool and funny just like friends and i thought that it was going to last for a long time but i guess not enough people watched it for it to be good enough for it to stay on.

    If anyon out there has not seen the show "Joey" then i think that you should find a way to see the episodes and watch them all!
    It was my favorite show....well after "Friends" Anyway!
  • Joey was sadly underappreciated. While nothing original, it still managed to be funny, have some heart, and allow us to still be connected to one of our "Friends".

    While Friends was/is one of my favorite shows, and even though Joey was completely different from it, I still enjoyed watching it. At his core, Joey was still the same womanizing idiot we all loved from New York but he was also a different person. He had to carry and be the anchor for the show. And this created a different atmosphere and feel for the show.

    Joey was nothing original, and it wasn't Friends but it was still entertaining. Would it have even been considered if the plot hadn't involved the character of Joey Tribbiani? Maybe not. But the fact that it was a Friends-spinoff, it got a bit of a push and when it didn't deliver the same ratings it was considered a flop. After that, NBC pretty much decided to end it.

    One thing that bothers me about their decision is that they based it on the ratings from the first new episode after the Olympics and, while the ratings were terrible, that can be blamed on the fact that it was barely promoted as being NEW and few people even knew that it was returning. After that, it was "Bye bye Joey." No closure, no airing of the few remaining episodes. Just gone.

    When will networks learn that leaving fans of shows with no resolution makes us more hesitant to get into something new??
  • Joey is about the character from friends who has moved on and is now living his life trying to fulfill his dreams of being a famous actor. This show is about his wacky life and what he does things his way to get what he wants.

    Joey Joey Joey an amazing series. Well who thought it wouldn’t be. its about the character from Friends who is the slacker. He has a layer back style of life and has big dreams for himself. In reality doesn’t this remind you of someone you know, the lazy slacker type that have big dreams that they want to accomplish. Well if you don’t I do, this season is like my friend because they follow the same principles of life. but yea Joey is hilarious due to Joey stupidity and this is what I think makes this show good, it lets you laugh for ages because this is Joey Tribbani and who doesn’t like laughing with or at him.
  • Joey - Friends = ?

    What the guys at NBC have done is take the most laugh-out-loud character from friends and tried to give him his own character. Lets not forget that in Friends he had 5 other main characters to fall back on and countless others. A lot of whats happened in Joey has been a reflection to what happened in the earlier seasons of Frasier. 1) A big move to a new city 2) Previously unseen family members crawl out of the woodwork 3) A new unavailable love interest.

    It is obvious to me that the writers have looked to Seattles finest for inspiration, but i don't think so far that they've looked hard enough. When Frasier left Boston he had a change of direction in career which gave us the often hilarious radio phone-ins, the double act with Ros and a score of other brilliant minor characters (Bulldog, Kenny etc.)

    Joey on the other hand has the same life more or less just without Chandler and the others. Sequences of Joey on set which once took about 5 minutes of a Friends episodes these now are the basis for whole episodes. His contemporaries extend to his sister, nephew and neighbour and occasionally his agent(played by a horrifically over-the-top Jennifer Coolidge) this means he is continually conversing with the same few characters which can draw repetition.

    I only refer to Frasier so much as it it the benchmark for all spin-offs as it became arguably better than the original show Cheers. And for Joey to carry on it needs to flesh out its characters and its story.

    However i find no fault in the enthusiastic acting from the regular cast. Joey is the same lovable fool and Drea Di Matteo is brilliant in her role as Gina. Although i criticised the show quite heavily i enjoy every episode and really wish that Joey will be around for a long while. I just know how fickle audiences are and don't want joey to fall into the category of shows that could have done great but got cancelled.
  • Friends Spin-off, Joey goes to Hollywood where his sister and his nephew reside.

    When i first heard that Joey (my favourite Friends character) is making his own show I got so excited. When I finally sat down and watched the first season, i still was in shock of how successful and brilliant Matt Leblanc can be. I think if any other member from Friends attempted to do a spinn-off it won't be as successful and funny as Joey. The visuals in this series also makes it really fun to watch cause it looks alot more modern than the set-up and furniture in Friends. Great show and is a must-see!! can't wait for season 3!
  • Joey isn't exactly as he was on Friends but that's mostly due to that he is surrounded by other characters.

    His acting career is working out better in California than it did most of the time in New York and he seems to get along well with his sister Gina and her son Michael. Most of the time anyway, like you normally would with your relatives. I'm not saying that Gina and Michael are normal now. Michael is a very smart young man, about 20 years old, who goes to school to learn science. Gina has him when she was very young and who the father is remains a mystery until the second season. Joey also make friends with Alex, the neighbour, and their relationship is the main reason I tune in on some of the episodes. :D
  • Got better every episode

    Joey was a great show people just gave it a hard time because they expected it to be the new friends, which by the way it could have become. Of course you couldn't expect it to have all the old characters, like some people obviously did, people should have just tried to see how funny Joey himself and on his own is.

    I had a good laugh with every episode and definitly enjoyed it while it lasted. Too bad others couldn't embrace this great show it could have been the new friends, speaking of success, if people gave it a real chance.

    IMHO the show got better with every episode, although the first episode already had me laughing.
    Joey: "They canceled my show! People thought it was disgusting. Jeez, you defecate on one corpse..."
  • Joey is great, it's just 5x less great than Friends.

    Joey played by Matt LeBlanc still plays teh same Joey from the hit NBC series Friends. In this show, Joey moves to California, living with his sister and nephew trying to become a famous actor. Which is kind of ironic since Matt LeBlanc is already an A-Class actor. We can all agree that friends was much cooler because Joey only had one fo them but it is a great TV series that needed fine-tuning and could have done better. One great thing about this show is you still get the Joey humor, but you lose 5 other types of humor.
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