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  • So it's not as popular and nice as Friends, but...

    "Joey" is still a decent show where it starts where Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc, "Friends") in "Friends" left off. So Phoebe went with her husband Mike Hannigan, Monica went with husband and best friend Chandler Bing, and Ross went with spouse Rachel Greene...what happened to Joey?!?!?!

    This show is honestly one of the best.
  • OK it wasn\'t as good as Friends but so what? It had a lot to live up to! It\'s still a good series.

    I think Joey is a great series I can\'t believe they are going to axe it, although, having said that, it was easy to predict that it would disappear quickly. I think people had made their minds up before it even started. It was quite a task to try and follow \"Friends\", i think thats the only real issue with the whole series it will always be remembered as \"The show that wasn\'t as good as friends\". It seems to be getting common that the public are very quick to make their minds up about something without giving it a fair go, your all getting very predictable!

    I can bet they will repeat this series and people will watch it and realise it was actually quite good!

  • Joey had an amazing first season. The episodes were well-made. The characters were deep. The jokes were tasteful. Then season two hit and Joey died slowly and painfully

    Season 1 was amazing. While it was nothing on Friends, it was something that could be built upon.

    Then season 2 came, and many problems came in. The introduction of Zach started Joey's downhill run. The episodes were still holding up, but you could see that Joey was starting to die out. The next hit came with Alex's and Joey's confusion over their relationship, which totally killed both their characters. Micheal became more and more Joey-like, also killing his character. Next, Jimmy came in, which was an attempt to revive the show. Far from reviving it, Adam Goldberg and Jimmy totally buried the show. This was coupled with NBC's massive confusion with the show, was it gonna be axed or wasn't? Oh, and then on top of everything else, Alex went and became a sex-crazy sl*t. How did that happen? I don't know because NBC apparently decided not to air the show in some countries anymore! They showed a lackluster series finale in some places of the world, and not in some others. To put it gently: Season 2 SUCKED and totally buried what a show that had the potential to become almost as good as Friends! I'm giving this show a 5.0, because both season one rocked and season two sucked. A nice balance.
  • In my top five shows of all time!

    This is (was) by far one of the best shows on the air before it was pulled. Matt LeBlanc is an acting genius and continued to prove it with his performances on Joey. Everyone knew he was good from friends, and this show gave his character a little more development, looking at what happened to Joey when the friends went their ways after ten years together in Manhattan. The show is full of references to some of the most classic of friends episodes, such as when Joey recalls telling Rachel he loved her, but she was having Ross\'s baby and they ended up together, or that the group once thought he and Chandler were a couple. I am very disappointed that this show has been pulled off the air, because it had a level of comedy in it that has been missing from TV for a long time.
  • This is a show starring Joey from Friends.

    Joey is on his own in this show. He has his sister Gina and Nephew Michael for company and they all live together. A lot of the storylines for Joey are lots of the same from friends. He is still looking to become an actor but with his agent around he doesn't usually have much luck. I think he's grown up a bit though. He does try and take care of Michael and advise him about things in his own special Joey way. There is also their neighbour Alex who pops in and out. There are still lots of laughs in this spinoff series to Friends.
  • I liked Joey,

    I think people should have gave Joey a bigger chance I think it was a great show, not as good as friends, but then again Friends was a great show with charectors who clicked together, and if you take one of those charectors awayand put him on his own, like they did Joey, then you won't get the same thing like you did before, so I really think people should have gave Joey a chance, it was a great show
  • joey was a diapointment.

    joey was a big disapointment when i look back on it. any miled succes that the show had was probably because of a built in audience from friends. anyone who was a huge fan of friends was expecting great things. this show really makes it known that all the charecters from friends wouldent work unless they were all there together. personally i was verry disapointed about joey, but i kept watching because i had high hopes for it. i think that they shouls of just left. thank god that this show dident tarnish the reputation of friends. all in all it would of been better to just not of tried to create a spin off, but i can see how they would think it would work. i am glad now that its over and done and not playing re-runs at least not any chanels that i have seen arent.
  • What an absolute shame.

    Tell me this, in a world when you can see the character Joey Tribianni seven times a day on some days in some TV markets, what can you do to make people watch him without his very funny, attractive, and most important, familiar friends?

    The only thing you can do is hope all the other elements are equal to the smash hit original and hope it finds a crowd.

    It's a shame that this show wasn't given more of a chance.

    I always enjoyed it.
  • Matt was better in Friends.

    Honestly this show is no where near good. I liked Matt better in Friends then in Joey. Joey is supposed to e a run off of Friends but its not. Matt needs the gang from Friends to shine. I dont know why they dont just cancel this show all it gets is bad ratings.
  • The show follows the life of Italian 'Friend' Joey Tribiani as he ventures to sunny LA in hopes of furthering his carreer, along the way he catches up with family, makes new friends and brings out the best of his character

    I really dont get why people dogged joey so much!! I liked the show and above all else i was very greatful the creators of friends reprised joey's character....i think fans of friends should have given it a better chance, as a friend fan myself i think joey was fantastic but i guess just my word isnt enough! if it were the show would still be on, no doubt! then again, NBC isnt what it used to be - now i am wondering, however, if it ever was! Friend and Will & Grace were all i watched as far as i can tell. There might have been a few more - who knows
  • NBC you Suck you hear me

    nbc see has gone to far this time for canceling this show i can understand not have good ratings but briging one episode of a 3 month wait on a new day its not going to be great ratings nbc cancelled the best spin off series to one of the greates televisions series well nbc you suck
  • I liked Friends (I mean, I only know one person who didn\'t) but this is a shame.

    Joey is a better character than this series makes him out to be. The supporting cast are pretty awful, and while Matt Leblanc never made any claims to be a great actor, he\'s better than this. The scriptwriters have no new ideas, and without a good set of supporting characters this was never going to work. Whoever thought of making Joey the most intelligent character in his own series was a fool, and not a likeable one like Joey was
  • One of Matt's most brillaint performances.

    When I heard that the producers of "Friends" were going to make another show I was thrilled, since I really liked that series, considering it one of the most humorous ever.
    In this series, "Joey", Matt LeBlanc gives one of his best performances ever, better than in "Friends" if you ask me, where he was kind of playing second fiddle.
    He and his fellow characters (especially Mathew and Gina) are a barrel of laughs, each having personalities that complete each other.
    The plots are well build, the only thing I don't like being the wat the Alex-Joey relation is treated.
    Season 2 was great, Zack really spruceing up the atmospehre. All in all, a good show and worthy "son" of "Friends"
  • This show was about a young man who moved from new york with his best friends to california to live with his family

    THis show was about joey who when all his friends left new york he then left to go to california to see if his career would get any better and to see and get a new life and that is why he headed there to be with his family and hopefully get his career going
  • A great show that never should have gone off air.

    Joey was a great show that provided laughs and humor during every show. Sometimes spin-offs just are not the same as the original show, but this show was just as funny. And it did not only have humor. Joey had a little bit of mild drama, just like Friends. This show tried to re-create a Ross-Rachael relationship, but unfortunately did not have enough time develop this relationship between Joey and Alex. I was very disappointed to find out Joey was going off the air, especially NBC has not many other comedy shows that were successful. With the ending of Will and Grace, NBC has lost their comedy Thursday, which has shrunk from 2 hours to 1 hour of comedy. Overall, Joey was a great show waiting to happen, but was not given the time to be the best it could have been.
  • Not bad but certainly not good

    Maybe one of the reasons I don\'t rate this show very highly is because it always seems to in the shadow of Friends. It is like Friends but in a parallel world, the jokes are similar but somehow worse, the whole set up is similar but again it does not work. On the plus side though they have tried to develop Joey a bit, if they had kept him how he was in the last couple of series of Friends the show would have failed in a month. As the series went on the story moved away from him being sad because he was not in New York to him enjoying life in LA, I liked that. All in all I believe that Joey is a pretty mediocre show. If it had not followed Friends and if it had just been aired as a completely new show with 4 unknown actors, it would have almost definitely been a flop.

    Anthony Reardon
  • Friends was a great show but the best character in the show was easily Joey thats what I was stoked to hear that he got a spinoff and that the character would continue. I've seen every episode in the series and I'm quite pissed that its been cancelled.

    since they cancelled it after only 1 and 1/2 seasons it probably wont have a dvd come out which is very much bullsh*t...the show was great and I wanted to see how it would have gone with Alex and Joey and the Zach character was hilarious with all the big stars who supposedly hate him and such. This very much sucks and NBC execs couldnt care less what I think and I know it but Joey didnt deserve the axe like alot of other shows.
  • It is still on air in Norway! :)

    I am so glad I live in Norway, because every tuesday they send a new episode of joey! today (may 30th) they are sending season 2 episode 18! how great is that?! I got so dissapointed when I found out that they were going to cancel it in the US, but when I found out TV2 (norwegian channel) continued airing it, I could\'t be happier! I just love Joey! But I wonder.. Why can\'t some other network in the US send it now in the mid-season? It is a great show! To good to cancel!! And I am sure it will get a lot of viewers! so I say bring it back!!

  • \"Joey\" it`s one of the really funny tv show at this moment. If you haven`t seen it yet I`m gonna ask you \"Well...what you`re waiting for?\"; I`m sure you won`t be disappointed at all!!! \"Joey\" really deserve watching because it`s so original, it mak

    I liked \"Joey\" since I saw it for the first time some months ago. It had that something which captivated me and made me watch it every weekend. I think it`s the most funny tv show I`ve ever seen and definetely worths seeing. \"Joey\" it`s not only funny, but interesting too. I`m never bored when I watch \"Joey\" because everytime comes with something new which makes me not moving away from the Tv. My favoutite character it`s Alex even if she`s not the main character because she acts very good. I like \"Joey\" a lot and I hope there will be many more episodes. \"Joey\" rocks!!
  • How bad is this?

    After friends, Matt should have just quit while he was ahead. The reason that he is the only character from friends that hasnt done anything in hollywood is because he is the only one who cant act. He was good on frieds but what were they thinking when they gave him his own show? It might have just been bareable if the show itself was actually any good but it really isnt. I am glad to hear that it is being axed because this is the most unfunny sitcom that I have ever watched and I deffinately wont miss it when its gone.
  • I liked friends and I love the show Joey. It was fresh and funny and it was left with a couple of cliffhangers. I need answers!!!!! lol PLEASE bring \"JOEY\" back. Thanks and God bless!

    Joey is a fresh and funny show with the funniest friend on it. It is cool meeting his sister and seeing how he mingles with her. I wish they would bring Chandler or Ross on the show for a visit, or even better, move to California also. lol The show was never boring because he is striving to have an acting career and juggle his love life. I like his nephew room mate. I am so disappointed that Joey might be cancelled. Please consider returning the show to NBC. It doesn\'t matter to me which night it is on, I\'ll still watch it.

    Thanks for listening to me.

  • Joey is a great show, seeing as it's a spinoff of Friends.

    Joey is a great show, seeing as it's a spinoff of Friends.
    Now Joey is definately not as good as Friends, but what is, nothing! Friends is a classic, the best show ever.
    But counting out the fact that it's a Friends spinoff, Joey is a brilliant show.
    Matt LeBlanc is great as Joey Tribbiani, but in Friends he was brilliant. Joey has a great cast, including LeBlanc, but the rest of the cast are also great actors who help make the show such a gem.
    Joey is one of the best shows and I can't believe any television station would want to cancel it. Joey is definately a show that deserves to be on tv. People should give it a chance instead of just judging it because its a spinoff of the greatest tv show in history.
  • Are you telling me you Cancelled Joey WTF is the matter with you NBC takes their best show and cancel it omg this really pisses me off everytime there is a good show they decicide to end it this Sucks i love this show almost as much as friends

    I don\'t get it everyone liked it and it was a spin off that actually successful so here is a bright idea lets take a show that everyone likes and lets end it just to piss people this show had everything comedy,drama,it was a unique show a love story but SOB NBC decides o we don\'t want to make people happy anymore
  • Poor Joey, He never had a chance. He shoots himself right in the foot

    Joey started out with NBC giving it the old Friends timeslot, it has a nice notion of passing the torch even if Joey would never replace Friends. However, Fox decided to move The O.C. to Thurs/8pm to try to capture the timeslot ruled by NBC for most of the 90's, and it worked to some degree. Fox even created a second drama to follow, North Shore (which I'm glad is gone). I picked The O.C. over Joey, didn't you? When I did manage to see Joey, it was ok. If not for one bad decision, who knows what would have happened. I think Joey could have run for 3 or 4 seaons. If they had worked some of the kinks out over this time it might have approached 6+ seasons.
  • I miss Joey!

    I saw a taping of one of the last episodes that has never or will never be aired. It was a lot of fun, and I'm really going to miss Joey. I think the expectations were way too high because of it being a spin-off of friends. How could they put the last show that aired against American Idol (which I watched Joey, of course), and say that the ratings were too low and not air any of the last taped episodes? That just doesn't make any sense, first they switch the night so that nobody knows when it's on, then air against American Idol. Anyway, I will miss Joey. I wish Matt and the rest of the cast the best of luck, they are all very talented.
  • Funny, I think people still would watch it if given a chance.

    Joey is good old humor show with Matt LeBlanc as good old Joey. In the world there are so many Friends fans (im one of them) that I think Joey would have good audiance if given second chance. Show is very funny, not Friends but still better then nothing, I really like Matt and I really would like to see more of Joey, beacuse it makes me simel more. I eaven heard that Matt had to have some other job besides acting beacuse they didnet pay him enough in Joey. Lets hope Joey will be back and better then ever.
  • It never had a chance

    Although the official word on the show's cancellation is yet to be made, with episodes not being aired and cast members leaving, I can only expect the inevitable.

    But why did it get cancelled, were the storylines bad? No! Were the characters terrible? No!

    The truth is that the show was going to end quickly before it even had a chance to start. This was due to all those `Friends` fans who were slating the show before it even had a chance to air. Maybe if they hadn't been so stubborn, it would have lasted
  • I know Joey has gone downhill but Friends fans wouldn\'t find that a problem

    I don\'t know about other people but i find \'Joey\' a great spin-off for \'Friends\'.Personally, I loved \'Friends\' so much and really couldn\'t wait for \'Joey\' to come out.And when it did, I was ecstatic.It was great!So many nice memories came back.But for NBC to axed it off?Come on NBC, give \'Joey\' a break!!It\'s bad enough you aired it alongside \'American Idol\',a voting competition! I personally missed \'Joey\' so give it a chance.And I gladly say that fan of \'Friends\' are really missing it. Joey is really funny and so are Micheal,Gina and Alex.All in all a great cast,a great series and really lovable as well as memorable. So hurry up with Joey already!!
  • Joey is one of the best shows, but something is missing

    Back in friends, my favorite character was Joey, because his personality is almost the same as mine. I think that Matt Le Blanc is an excellent actor and he really likes the character. Now that friends is over, Joey is alone in California and lives with his sister and nephew and he is triying to move on with his life now that he is not with his friends in New York.

    This show has the same charisma and fun of friends. but i think that Joey got separated a lot from his friends when he move out to California, i mean, he barely says something of his friends in the show, actually he doens t even call them to New York or get a call from then. maybe if Joey reunites with all or one of his friend in a reunion episode, the show will rise again, like in the beggining of the series.
  • This show is so fabulous! All of the charaters are sexy, even Micheal! Everything that happens is funny to me whether it is intensional or not. If this show does not finish out its second season and come out on DVD I am going to be really upset.<

    I disagree with all of the negative feedback. This show is a refreasher from all of the boring-same-old shows.
    I am geting really tired of realty tv. I LOVE sitcoms.
    There are no other funny shows out there; I do not understand why this one is lacking in air-time.
    All you need is more publicity and a 3rd season!!! PLEASE!!!
    I was hooked on this show from day 1, I never for a minute thought it was a flop.
    I was a big Friends fan, and now it is great to see something different. There are many things here that are similar; large character base, funny, funny, funny,, good loking characters, but I am glad this show is not all mushy the way Friends became w/ Racheal & Ross/ Rachael & Joey/ Monica and Chandler, blah blah blah.
    I love the fact that Joey is faling in love w/ Alex. I think it is great that he found someone he can truly share life with and be absolutly halarious the entire time!!
    This is an amazing sitcom, do not stop now!!
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