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  • I know Joey has gone downhill but Friends fans wouldn\'t find that a problem

    I don\'t know about other people but i find \'Joey\' a great spin-off for \'Friends\'.Personally, I loved \'Friends\' so much and really couldn\'t wait for \'Joey\' to come out.And when it did, I was ecstatic.It was great!So many nice memories came back.But for NBC to axed it off?Come on NBC, give \'Joey\' a break!!It\'s bad enough you aired it alongside \'American Idol\',a voting competition! I personally missed \'Joey\' so give it a chance.And I gladly say that fan of \'Friends\' are really missing it. Joey is really funny and so are Micheal,Gina and Alex.All in all a great cast,a great series and really lovable as well as memorable. So hurry up with Joey already!!
  • Joey is one of the best shows, but something is missing

    Back in friends, my favorite character was Joey, because his personality is almost the same as mine. I think that Matt Le Blanc is an excellent actor and he really likes the character. Now that friends is over, Joey is alone in California and lives with his sister and nephew and he is triying to move on with his life now that he is not with his friends in New York.

    This show has the same charisma and fun of friends. but i think that Joey got separated a lot from his friends when he move out to California, i mean, he barely says something of his friends in the show, actually he doens t even call them to New York or get a call from then. maybe if Joey reunites with all or one of his friend in a reunion episode, the show will rise again, like in the beggining of the series.
  • This show is so fabulous! All of the charaters are sexy, even Micheal! Everything that happens is funny to me whether it is intensional or not. If this show does not finish out its second season and come out on DVD I am going to be really upset.<

    I disagree with all of the negative feedback. This show is a refreasher from all of the boring-same-old shows.
    I am geting really tired of realty tv. I LOVE sitcoms.
    There are no other funny shows out there; I do not understand why this one is lacking in air-time.
    All you need is more publicity and a 3rd season!!! PLEASE!!!
    I was hooked on this show from day 1, I never for a minute thought it was a flop.
    I was a big Friends fan, and now it is great to see something different. There are many things here that are similar; large character base, funny, funny, funny,, good loking characters, but I am glad this show is not all mushy the way Friends became w/ Racheal & Ross/ Rachael & Joey/ Monica and Chandler, blah blah blah.
    I love the fact that Joey is faling in love w/ Alex. I think it is great that he found someone he can truly share life with and be absolutly halarious the entire time!!
    This is an amazing sitcom, do not stop now!!
  • Good but not good

    Joey was a good program when its first started it was good for all the friends fans that wanted more out of friends, but quick after the first 10 eps it started to get borrin and not funny.

    The first eps were funny and had all the helarious funny stuff from friends, it also had all the stupidity of joey. But soon the jokes stared to get bad and not funny and joey just want joey and more.

    It may ahve been better if they made up some new stuff insted of just using the same old metereal as before.

    Good but then not!
  • A very bad comedy spin-off of friends.

    Joey is the one person that I would not have wanted to see have his own show. So, who do they give the show to? Yep, that right ... Joey. I wish these people would call me before they make decisions like this. I gave the show a .5 just out of respect for the other actors and guest stars. This is not one of my favorite shows and i truly hope that they are finally done with it. I would rather next year that they just showed re runs of My Name Is Earl and The Office before the new episode. At least something funny would be going on.
  • joey totally lost it

    i think this show is totally lost of time for both the actors and the viewers, i think its a bad idea to creat this show becouse joey chatracter doesnt have the power to be the main chracter of a show.
    when the chracter played in the world hit F.R.I.E.N.D.S it was awesome but with the support of the other characters in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
    actually i liked joey show in the first season but in the second season with new charcter which i think its totally stuped i begun to get bored from it and to hate it, i think if the neighbor charcter was a bigger character the show maybe still aired till today

  • It's definitely a great show but it gets better as we go! (nice rhyme ah..?)

    It's definitely a great show but it gets better as we go!
    (nice rhyme ah..?)Hey Matt If you are reading this text, i want you to know that we really love what you are doin and we will always be with you...(and i'm "be-halfin" people's words) h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h (my english are bad) d d d d
  • its real funny (of course)

    I love this show I mean I wouldnt have watched it if it didnt have Joey in it. I first saw him in Friends and I would pretty much watch anything he did. He is so funny , and this show Joey is really funny too. not just because of Joey the whole cast is funny! I like his nephew alot. [ his funniness of course ] but those are my two favorite [ Joey and his nephew{ forgot his name }] but as I said before I like the whole cast! / / / / / / / /
  • If you are familiar with the series "Friends," then you are familiar with Matt LeBlanc's character "Joey." This series is a continuation in which Joey moves to Hollywood to further his acting career. He is reunited with his sister, Gina, and her son(his

    This is one child that should have been strangled in it's infancy. This show is bad on a level that is unfathomable. I liked "Friends" and I thought it was a funny show. But you can't help but notice that over the course of the series Joey got progressively dumber, to the point that he was actually SMARTER in the first season than he was in the 10th(and final) season. Poor Matt Leblanc. Wow man, was the acting scene that bad for you that you felt THIS was your best option? In Matt's shoes, I would have slit my wrists before appearing in this garbage-a** show. Whatever sliver of hope he ever had for a post-Friends career is buried, along with his dignity.
  • This show is about a man in his 30's who's life isn't complested resolved, but when hhis friends have everything figured out, he realises he has to go to L.A. where his sister and nephe live, to persue his acting career.

    Matt Le Blanc became very famous when "Friends" was realised and even more as the show grew up, but this does't have to mean that he should still interprete the same old character after this one was over. "Joey"is the continuation of "Friends" and it mot as funny as this was. It is something to see when nothing is on T.v.. This soap won't make Matt or any other actor who work with him more popular. I belive this is a step backwards in their carriers. I can't understand why he is not tired after ten years of playing the same person. Did he actually thought that if "Friends" was a huge success, "Joey" would too?

    This show is hilarious. The girls are hot and the guys are funny as every...What more can you want? It is a huge hit that is EXTREMELY under appreciated. NBC is retarded cuz there are still a bunch of Friends\' fans out there that still love this show. Bring it back rite now!
  • Very good movie!!

    I really trust that the tv show JOEY will be back on air soon! And i hope Matt Le Blanc figured out his personal problems,and we must keep the fate that the show will go on ,and we will expect,the new series of that really great tv show.Please let the show go on!:(
  • What a great Season premiere! Now it BLOWS!

    I msu admit that I watched season one because I am a huge "Friends" fan, but I also think that the show got better and better. I really think that the season premiere was extremely funny and I just hope that the show will continue down that road because that is awesome! I laughed so hard and "Joey" suddenly seemed like a show that I would watch because of the show and not because of Matt LeBlanc's past in friends.
    I think that the season premiere seemed original and all the charaters got to show a very funny side! The Joey Show has become a "must-see-show"!

    NEW: What happened?! It became an embarrasment!
  • What are you thinking NBC?

    How in the heck are you people thinking? You put the show on, you take it off. Then you bring it back on again, then take it off after one show. No wonder there is not alot of people watching. We can't keep up of what night is on, or if its on at all!!! Give the show a chance!!!! You had worse TV shows on and run longer than Joey. All I got to say is give it a chance. Let it run for a season on the same night and the same time. Then sit back and look at the outcome!!!
  • I think they should keep this show on the air. It was funny and crazy in the Joey world. It gives the friends cult something to look forward to since the death of friends.

    I think they should keep this show on the air. It was funny and crazy in the Joey world. It gives the friends cult something to look forward to since the death of friends.

    Very good show, should keep it on the air. Very funny, and cool. Always makes me laugh.
  • Another LeBlanc's Misfire

    At the beginning "Joey" was great. The fifth episode was hilarious. I was sure it was going to be a great "Friends'" spin-off. Sadly, spin-offs are not Matt LeBlanc's strenghts. As it happened with "Top Of The Heap" and "Vinnie & Bobby" ("Married... With Children" spin-offs), JOEY is going down as well. It survived through the first season, problably because the producers added a new character every now and then. It had a good-few-eps-at-the-beginning boost as well. As I mentioned it before, I was confident of "Joey's" success. Unfortunately, season two has nothing to offer so far and it seems it will not offer anything at all, since its probable cancellation.
  • A terrible love child formed from the best sitcom in history.

    I don’t see how it’s possible to create a show so terrible from one that was so good. Joey holds no comparisons between it’s predecessor Friends and never will. Joey’s character in Friends was one-dimensional; basically he liked food and girls. In the spin-off the writers decide not to expand on his character but just add a batch of new ones each duller than the last. I don’t see who thought that this would be any good; it is not worthy of being called a Friends spin-off. Hopefully this show will be gone soon and everyone will forget about Joey. I would hate for this show to ruin the reputation of the ever brilliant Friends.
  • I absolutely love this show. I just don´t get why it´s ratings are so bad. I think it´s one of the best shows right now.

    It´s not friends. It´s more comedy and less soap opera, so some people migth be disappointed.
    But Joey is a great show though. Good writing, great characters and an outstanding matt leblanc should make this show a hit.
    But it seems like the burden of friends is just to big... Sad!
  • What is up with nbc? Pulling out one half of best tv entertaiment in tv at the moment. Joey is one show that's actually worth watching and no it's gone.. again.. and who knows how long this time, if it comes back ever. Bring it back!

    Todays tv is offering two shows that are worth to watch, other one being Joey and other 24. Thank god 24 is still up and running.. Althou it seems next season is going to be last but still. Joey on the other hand got cut off in the middle of the season! I know the ratings haven't been good, but this series still had fans and it had fans all over globe. It would have been atleast polite to let Joey finish second season and then make the judgement call, but no. Instead they show crappy reality-tv series, wanna-be-a-popstar-junk, atleast 10 different soap operas and all kinda other artistic and sophisticated drama/comedy thats supposed to be funny plus don't even get me started on the 4 different all-the-same csi and cop/law-series.
    There's 168 hours in week and no place for 25 minutes of Joey??
  • Nooo, I want Joey back! Its absolutely unbelievable that NBC took Joey off the screen again. 20 minutes of Joey always cheer me up. No matter what, no other show can do this to me.

    Nooo, I want Joey back!
    Its absolutely unbelievable that NBC took Joey off the screen again. 20 minutes of Joey always cheer me up. No matter what, no other show can do this to me. I also dont understand why NBC put Joey against these other shows that run at 8 p.m. Tuesdays... ok, i dont understand much of us television. But i really liked Joey and i would never watch american idol or cis. So you people are pretty confusing. nbc, jut put joey back, no matter what time. I know that this show has a lot of fans worldwide, not like the others running at that same time...
    well, i guess i cant change the world. i just want these 20 minutes back, in which i could completely shut down my mind and laugh about stupid jokes :)
  • Gone.

    Tuesday's "Snowball" ratings must have been horrendous. Joey has disappeared out of Tivo for next two Tuesdays, its trumpeted new night, and has been replaced by Most Outrageous Moments - same idea: one new, one repeat, 7-8 CT.

    This short of notice, this embarrassing cut - gotta be gone.

    Too bad, it had its flaws but I still kind of liked it .....
  • Worse then Friends.

    Joey is anouther example of NBC's cowardness of not ending their popular shows or making a sequil to it to keep their viewers. The show is not funny at all. All the actors including Joey is Medeocre at best. Just change the channel when Joey comes on; its terrible.

    Just to point it out Joey is terrible; im not the only one relaize that because I have friend who loved (Friends) which hate Joey which is getting crushed by American Idol in rating.
  • Give it a second chance

    I now find my perivous review totatly wrong, once I saw it on DVD, I started to love it! Watching it the second time really changed my mind! This show is underappreciated, and deserves not to be cancled (I know hasen't yet, but there are rumors). Just give it a second chance!
    This is my previous review:

    When friends eneded I was a bit upset, but always looked on the bright side because Joey's back and you never know that some old friends may appear in it. Unfortantly, this programm just dosen't keep me watching. Joey, Ginger, and Micheal are all fine but they need to expand the charchters, or Joey will have no one to bounce back of other people, which made friends so good. The only times I watch it if, David Shwimmer dircted it, or an old face from the past returns. For them to make me keeping watching they could make Janice move next door. That would be great, Janice as a main charchter. Then Joey would be better.
  • Joey has a Magna Doodle!

    i just atarted watching JOEY on a regular basis and i cant get enough! joey is great. even though i miss the other 5 friends. one thing i love about this show is that he has a MAGNA DOODLE! i think it was a great idea to bring the magna doodle to JOEY.
  • good good i like this show this is the best show i ever see continue in this show you are a very smart actor.good luck in ur future work i hope you will always let us enjoy your films that we used to see from you good luck bye s.

    good good i like this show this is the best show i ever see continue in this show you are a very smart actor.good luck in ur future work i hope you will always let us enjoy your films that we used to see from you good luck bye s.
  • Joey without the other Friends is like eating pizza with only tomato-sauce: it tastes OK, but you really miss the other 5 toppings.

    Maybe it was possible to surgically remove one of the Friends, but five of them was too rigorous to save the patient...

    As is the fate of a spin-off Joey will be compared to Friends, no doubt about that. Being compared to one of the greatest comedies of all time is not something I would like to do, because you'll always end up losing. Enter Joey...

    Joey revolves around one of the Friends characters. As you might have suspected it is Joey Tribiani, the sex-addicted airhead of Friends. After the drastic changes in the 10th season of Friends, Joey decides to make it on his own and moves to Hollywood to get his acting career really going. He hooks up with his sexy and slutty sister Gina, her geekish son Michael, his neurotic neighbour Alex and his brutal agent Bobbie.

    The series follow Joey's exploitations with his family and friends, his many girlfriends and his acting career. The humour is much like Friends, but the characters come nowhere close and don't fill the Ross-Chandler-Phoebe-Monica-Rachel-void. Joey wasn't a character on its own, the six Friends where one entity. Remove one, or in this case 5, and the entity dies.

    On the other hand, in the first seasons of Friends there wasn't that much chemistry either. There might still be some hope for the lone Joey after all. If the characters get more interesting and the humour a little sharper we might see Joey past its season 2.

  • NBC's "Joey" I have to admit seems to be doing better in it's second season. Matt LeBlanc always seems to put his all into every episode of this show. Drea de Matteo is hilarious as Gina. Her spunk and flair keeps the show a luke warm hit with promise.

    NBC's "Joey" I have to admit seems to be doing better in it's second season. Matt LeBlanc always seems to put his all into every episode of this show. Drea de Matteo is hilarious as Gina. Her spunk and flair keeps the show a luke warm hit with promise for the future.
  • It's actually kinda sad watching Joey, the show just doesn't have that edge it needs to succeed like friends did. And Joey himself as a charecter has seemed to changed quite a lot, and hes not our favorite goofball that we used to love and enjoy.

    When Friends ended many fans were very sad and depressed. While I on the other hand was prasing the fact that Friends ended because it had gone downhill IMO since season 5. Well of course the producers and everyone at NBC didn't want there highly watched show to end completly.

    So they decided to make a spinoff series on Joeys charecter heading to Hollywood. The idea was ok at the time, and it might just have worked. However once the show aired it was clear that there was just little to no hope for this show.

    First of all Joey doesn't act the same way he did on friends, the rest of the cast are extremly boring and the writting is horrible. Heck even the jokes are stale. This is one show that either needs to be cancelled soon, or get an extreme makeover and throw in another friends charecter to give the show more edge. Overall its pretty week, and needs help fast!
  • What a dull show with such a dull character from a brilliant series. Kudos to Jennifer Coolidge 4 giving us a ray of hope!!!

    Well apparently Joey cant hold his own show, is this true? Yes as every scene from this excruciating painful series reminds us of what we miss about all of the other friends. I never realised how boring Joey was unless he was in the company of chandler or pining over Rachel, or maybe were just a bit picky(Dont think so!!)The only ray of light comes from Bobbie, played fantastically by jennifer coolidge!! And whoever thinks well see a friend on Joey any time soon should think again after theyve watched it, im sure courtney cox wouldnt waste her talents with this and from the looks of the ratings she wont have to! Joey is heading to the spinoff graveyard were it will be looked upon by such classic spinoffs as Frasier!(i think thats it!)
  • Something different.

    Joey may have gotten bad reviews from critics and fans alike but it is still a decent show. People still try to find the humor that they love about Friends that they end up hating it. I agree that there are some flaws but it’s still enjoyable. Some of the jokes and punch lines could have been delivered much better but its funny none the less. If you just want to watch something to go with your bowl of popcorn and a can of soda, Joey is it.
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